Tuesday, October 2, 2012

32 Weeks (9/28/12)

How far along? 32 weeks

Size of baby: 16.7 inches and 4 pounds. About the size a bok choy. A what?! My other phone app says a large jicama. What the f is a bok choy or jicama??

Bok Choy                                      Jicama
Weight gain: No doc appt this week but my scale says 24 pounds, after dinner. Let's blame it on dinner and that I have not gained 3 pounds in a week. Surely my scale can't be right...
Maternity clothes: Duh. I have retired the t-shirts and officially wearing all maternity shirts or bigger sizes in regular shirts. The above shirt is non maternity, H&M. Pants are either maternity or comfy sweat pants.  
Stretch marks: Not any new ones
Sleep: Not the greatest due to allergies over the weekend and the past 2 nights I have just woken up to go to the bathroom and then my mind starts racing and I can't fall back asleep for a good hour. Guess that's my body preparing for baby. My butt keeps cramping at night too. If I didn't know better, I would think I was carrying this baby in my butt. It's gotten bigger, gotten stretch marks and is more uncomfortable then my belly at night. I also got a killer charlie horse yesterday morning. I bite my lips so I don't start cussing and shake my leg to try and get rid of it. Those suckers are painful!!!
Symptoms: Had a headache for the first time in awhile this morning but nothing to bad.  Officially have the Linea Nigra going down my belly.
Best moment this week: Starting my list for the hospital and just constantly thinking how soon we are going to meet our baby girl.
Movement: Yes. either she doesn't wake me up or she is a good sleeper because I never feel her during the night unless I get up and then she'll move around a little once I lay back down. It's usually after breakfast before she really starts moving around. Let's hope she keeps this up! I have only had 1 instance where she has been in my ribs. For the most part, she is still kicking and moving up high. She occasionally has the hiccups (like right now).
Food cravings: Fruit. I switched it up and got strawberries this week instead of grapes. Almost ate the whole thing of them today. Still enjoying my apples and caramel as well.
Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson
What I miss: Nothing. I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks with her safe and warm in my belly. I just pray that she keeps growing and staying healthy.
Milestones: We are officially in October which means Collins will be debuting next month!!! Woo hoo!! Bring on November!

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