Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Months

* I want to post this before we leave for Georgia tomorrow but my picture editor won't work. I'll have to update with pic and monthly bullets later.*

Here we are again, another month down. I can hardly believe that it's been 10 months and her first birthday is right around the corner. Someone hold me..or give me my baby back to hold!

According to our scale, she weighs 19lbs. It only goes by .5lb increments so she could be a little more or a little less. No way was I going to try and wrestle her to measure her. We'll just have to wait till her 1 year appt. to get another length on her. Short is what I think she is. Poor girl has no chance of being tall.

We officially have a full time walker. She'll sometimes crawl when she has her footed jammies on and the wood floor is too slippery but other then that, she's a walker. She can get herself to a standing position in the middle of the room now so no need to crawl over to something to get stood up. She still trips on her own feet and doesn't watch where she is walking so she falls down quite a bit. She pops right back up though. It's still so weird to see her walking.

She's getting her 3rd bottom tooth. I am surprised she is getting it before any top teeth but I'm sure their not far behind. Brushing her teeth and taking tylenol are a nightly routine. She rarely needs medicine during the day but since she already sucks at sleeping, it's not a risk I am willing to take.

She is completely on table foods and eats 3 meals and 1-2 snacks (depending on her morning nap and if she acts hungry for a morning snack). With more table foods came less nursing. She's down to nursing 4-5 times, 1 of those being in the middle of the night. She'll nurse pretty soon after she wakes up, before afternoon nap, sometimes before dinner, before bed and once, sometimes twice, in the middle of the night. I know that still seems like a lot but she only nurses for about 5-10 min. so their more snacks. I want to start weaning her but I need to talk to our pediatrician on if I can switch her to cows milk. I still have frozen milk so maybe mix the 2 for a bit to get her used to cow's milk. Any recommendations??

She's still slacking on the sleeping through the night. She's asleep by 7:45pm and up for the day at 7am, waking anywhere from 11pm to 5am.  And when she wakes before midnight, I can almost guarantee she'll be up a second time. Doesn't make this mama very happy. She just needs me for whatever reason in the middle of the night though. She doesn't eat much so I know it's for comfort but the girl will NOT put herself back to sleep. Nap times and bedtime, she falls asleep on her own just fine, but in the middle of the night, we can let her cry for 2 hours and she won't give up. It's easier to just go in there for 10 min then listen to her cry. She'll have to figure it out on her own after I wean her. And because I want to remember it, whenever I am nursing her, she always wants me to hold her foot. It's so random but I laugh every time. She'll move my hand down and stick her foot in it. And then just chills. She'll keep doing it if I let go of her foot too.

You would think the girl would sleep through the night as active as she is during the day. She is non stop when she is awake. If she sees stairs without a gate, you better believe she is going straight for them. We're working on going down the stairs on her belly and she's starting to get the hang of it. If she's going up the stairs or has something she isn't supposed to have, she'll just go that much faster when you go after her. Her favorite thing is to be outside or looking out the windows. She loves her baby dolls and can give them kisses and love (hugs) when you tell her to, getting into cabinets and drawers and playing with dog toys. She's been waving for a few months but she really gets her wrist going now. Patty cake is her favorite song but she likes me to hum twinkle twinkle little star before she goes to sleep. I'll put her up on my shoulder after I feed her and she'll start humming if I don't. 

I seriously love this girl more and more each day. She is so happy and fun and makes me laugh all day long. She keeps us on our toes but always takes time to come over to us and give us a random kiss. Even though she won't consistently say mama or dada, we try not to  hold it against her. Now pass the tissues while I plan my baby girls first birthday bash. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

365: Days 235-252

Aug 20- I just wanted to crawl in and cuddle her

Aug 21-Nine months. Doesn't seem possible

Aug 22- First (and only) bath with a boy. They were covered in sand

Aug 23- mmmm rice. Girls gotta love mexican food if she wants to be in this family

Aug 24- She is obsessed with this baby doll

Aug 25- Nothing can stop this girl

Aug 26- She loves waiting for the dogs to come back
Aug 27-Spaghetti face

Aug 28- Pulling out every single bowl while I make breakfast

Aug 29- 1st K-State game. 90+ degrees and all

Aug 30- Our little family at a wedding

Sept 1- Queen of making messes

Sept 2- She learns way too much from the dogs. 

Sept 3- "Get these shoes off me!"

Sept 4- Getting used to walking in shoes

Sept 5- Staring at herself in the bath

Sept 6- 9 month check up. Bow stays on so she doesn't look like a boy :)

Sept 7- Play date with Audrey. Cutest K-State fans

Sept 8- You little...

Sept 9- Hi pretty baby

Friday, September 13, 2013

Game, Weddings and family time

2 weeks ago we headed to Manhattan for the weekend. We actually left after work on Thursday so we could go to Purple Power Play on Poyntz (k-state pep rally).  It was too hot to go early for bounce houses and other activities so we went after we grilled at my dads. We had hoped to see coach Bill and some football players but they were there the night before. Collins still enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and baton twirler. And she looked super cute if I do say so myself.
Derek and his sister wives :)

Friday the kids were up early. Why doesn't the stay up late, sleep late work on them?? We had a funeral for my great uncle that morning followed by lunch. 

Collins got to meet Claire! Her mom and I were were best friends growing up and she is married to my 2nd cousin. Sad we didn't get to see you Emily but it was nice to see Claire and TJ!

After that it was home for naps and then the k-state game! I don't remember why we played on a Friday but it was kind of nice.  We waited till 5:30 to head up to the game since we had all the kids but it was still 90+ degrees. We didn't last too long at the tailgate before heading inside and finding shade! We grabbed some food and then made our way to our seats. I was sssooo thankful we were in the shade but it was still miserable with everyone packed in like sardines. We only lasted in our seats the first quarter and left the game at half. We finished watching the miserable game in the AC complete with pizza shuttle.

Saturday my dad cooked us his delicious biscuits and gravy and we relaxed all morning. We tried going to So Long for lunch but with a 45 min. wait, 90 degrees and 4 kids, we (mostly me), said no way. So while everyone else went bowling, Derek, Collins and I went and ate at Willies so Collins could get a nap in. We had 2 weddings to attend that night so she needed it.  The first wedding was Derek's cousin. We didn't leave there till 8 so I had Amber pick up Collins before Derek and I headed to his friends wedding. We thought it would last till midnight and then we would go out but when it ended at 10pm and nobody wanted to go out, we went back to dads and had some drinks with Amy and Amber.

Up early again on Sunday and a yummy breakfast before heading back to KC. It was a crazy busy weekend but it was so good to be back home.
Checking out the birds with papa Long