Friday, January 24, 2014

14 months

Time, please oh please slow down. I feel like I am constantly doing these darn monthly updates! 

This little girl is such a ham. She willingly sat for these pics and actually cheesed it up. Tongue smile and all. Usually if she sees me try and take a picture she quickly gets up or runs.  Unless food is involved. 

Weight- going to guess around 20 lbs. 
Height- Derek measured her at 27in. I don't think she has grown in 2 months but I don't think she's shrinking either. We'll go ahead and say daddy didn't measure you correctly. She's still wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diaper and a size 4 shoe. 

Teeth- The girl is never going to get teeth. She has 3 bottom and 1 top. Yeah, the inside of her mouth looks real nice. Her second top tooth keeps coming through and then going back and I have no idea where that fourth bottom tooth is. It's a bit concerning. 

Eating- with or without teeth, she can eat anything.  Grilled chicken and lunch meat aren't a favorite but she'll eat just about anything else. Looooves fruit. Except apples. Peas and corn are still her  favorite veggies but she's been eating green beans and cooked carrots from time to time too.  We introduced her to dip and now she has to have some if she sees it. She devoured pulled pork dipped in BBQ sauce, is a Long and loves cheese dip, loves guacamole and has had but still unsure about ranch and sour cream. She ate a good portion of a dill pickle too. Those few teeth are strong! And just like my pregnancy cravings, she is a huge fan of sweets and sugary breakfast foods. She will whine and point where we keep out sweets all day long. Not a big fan of juice and we don't push it. She did drink orange juice the other weekend though. Mommy and daddy were drinking it so of course she had to have it. Finally drinking cold milk. Basically, she would eat all day long if you let her. 

Saying- still not a lot. She makes pretty sad attempts at animal sounds and mimics other sounds but words are slow coming. And definitely not on cue. I'll have her tell daddy night night and she waits till she can't see him to say it.  She has been saying "eye dada" (hi) so at least she can string together the few words she can say. She can identify her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, toes, feet, hands and belly button. 

Sleeping- 7:30pm-7:30am and 1-2 naps depending on our day and if we're home in the morning. She's good with or without a morning nap but mommy likes the break.

Loves- reading, the dogs, gym class, when it's warm enough to play outside, pushing us over and laying on us, playing with my make up, coloring but more like playing in the crayon box, helping with laundry and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. She is finally starting to sit still to watch tv. Mickey holds her attention the best but still not very long. We tried out My Gym this month and she loved it. The teachers were shocked at how well she could climb and all she could do. She has no fear at all. 

We love you beyond words little one. You make us very proud parents with your constant happiness and adorable little face. I could just eat you up. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 on Friday: indoor activities

Is it just me or does Winter seem extra long this year? It doesn't help that we just got 10 inches of snow and the temperatures have been less then ideal. So what to do when you stuck inside with a 1 year old for countless days? Here are some of our favorite things. I can't take any credit for these, I got them all off Pinterest. 

1.  Mess free painting. Put some paint in a ziplock bag and tape it to the window. Let you little one use their fingers or a paint brush to make things. 

2.  Indoor water play. Just fill up a bowl with warm water and let them have at it. We added some soap for bubbles. 

3.  Sensory box. Ours has beans but I have seen countless ideas on Pinterest. She loves stirring them with a spoon and putting them in a cup and then dumping it out.

4. Pushing lids into a container. Cut a hole in a butter, sour cream, puffs, etc container and let your little one push things through the whole. We use the lids from squeeze pouches. 

5. Paper towel shoot:  tape an empty paper towel roll onto the wall and let your little one drop things down it. 

And here is where I got all these ideas:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

365: Days 344-365

Phew! I successfully finished this project. Not that it was hard to take her pic but organizing the pics into a blog post was a little challenging. Did I do all 365 days? No, but pretty darn close. Here are the last few days of December.  

Dec 10: her hair is finally getting thicker

Dec 11: reading books 

Dec 12: Slightly warmer out so quick bike ride 

Dec 13: rather play with the crayons then color

Dec 14: ready to shop!

Dec 15: cute smile 

Dec 16: scrub a dub

Dec 17: guessing she is going to have curly hair

Dec 18: pure torture

Dec 19: warm weather!

Dec 20: matching best friends 

Dec 21: bath with Harper

 Dec 22: lovin big time on Pax
Dec 23: trolley light tour

Dec 24: pretty on Christmas Eve 

Dec 25: Christmas baby

Dec 26: fail

Dec 27: fail 

Dec 28: kstate bowl game

Dec 29: bedtime milk

Dec 30: way too cute

Dec 31: bringing in the new year the right way (5 hours early)