Friday, December 4, 2015

5 on Friday

Better late than never! I've had a hard time getting this to upload so here we go...

1.  Last weekend I took Collins to her first movie! We met my mom, sister and nephew to see The Peanut movie. For a kid who can't even sit through a tv show, she did pretty good. Her candy was gone before the movie started but she ate her popcorn and sat in her chair or someone's lap, the whole time. 

2. Christmas through a child's eyes is truly magical. This was the first year we did the whole Elf on a Shelf and even Brooks looks for Jolly as soon as he  wakes up. They both get so so excited when we tell them we are going to go drive around and look at Christmas lights and Santa is pretty much the best person ever according to them. It may be a different story when it comes to sitting on his lap though. 

3.  Midget #1 AND #2 had well visits this week. Other then them both literally rolling around naked on the germy floor, they did well. Both are 25% or less in weight and height but that's no surprise. Only one of them cried during shots, I'll let you guess who that was. 

4.  I saw this and it couldn't be more true. Gotta love Amazon. 

5. We're dropping the kids off with grandma and grandpa tomorrow and going on a date to the Garth Brooks concert. I'm am so excited. I'm going to be singing so freaking loud 😀

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Collins at 3

We have officially entered the threenager year. Although she started taking that role  several months ago. Girlfriend is so dang cute and funny but she's very very independent. She doesn't really throw fits but wants to do everything on her own. Shut doors, turn lights on and off, put toothpaste on her toothbrush etc.  Let's hope we all make it through this year.

She's still a bitty little thing.  She had her well visit this morning and weighed 27.8 lbs (25%) and measured 35.5 inches (17%).  For the first time they told us she had a small hernia which would explain her outty belly button but it's not big enough that anything needs to be done about it.  She had to have 1 shot but she was tough and didn't cry. 

She loves loves loves babies (preferably real ones), her brother (usually too much), gymnastics, dance, eating, going places, blues clues and playing games. 

She doesn't like hamburger, taking naps (but she still does) or sitting still for very long. 

She's incredibly shy but once she warms up to you, she'll talk and talk and talk. I've started writing down some of the funny things she's said

After asking her numerous times to go blow her nose, she comes out of the bathroom, slams her used Kleenex on the table 
Collins- "you happy now?!"

Our dog was at the groomer 
Collins- "I wanna go get Elsie girl."
Me- "they haven't called to say she's done yet."
Collins- "Maybe text them."

Derek was giving them a bath and put the towels on the bath of the toilet 
Collins- "put them up there" (pointing at towel hook)
Derek- " oh yeah? Why?" 
Collins- "Mommy be mad."  Touché girl, that's gross!  

She was asking me what bedtime book I wanted to read 
Me- "I don't really like that one, why don't you pick a different book." 
Collins- "Come on! Me wike that book!" 

Holding one of her baby dolls 
Collins- "She came out of my boobs already." (Meaning her belly). She really wants me to have another baby. 2 in fact! One that she can hold and 1 that I can hold. She's a baby hog, just like me. 

Some of her favorite phrases are "five more minutes!" "Wike, a wittle bit." "Hope so!"  

Collins Cate, you are my little spitfire. You can drive me crazy sometimes but I can't stay mad at that cute face very long.  I love watching your imagination and being able to play games with you now.  We get some good hide and seek games going on when daddy's home.  Lets hope this year is full of less attitude and times outs and more laughter and fun.  Love you baby girl!

photos by The Studio

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brooks at 14 months

At 14 months, Brooks is a boy through and through.  He is wild! Into everything, thinks the word no is hilarious, runs faster if I'm coming for him, hates sitting still, has a sixth sense for open toilets that he can get his hands into and eats as much as a teenager. 
Became a full time walker about a week after his first birthday and hasn't slowed down since.
For the most part he sleeps 12+ hours at night but we also have sleepless nights here and there too.  When he has a good nights sleep, he only takes 1 nap but occasionally has a morning nap or a car cat nap.
He does a really good job mimicking animal sounds, says mama, dada, hi, I think he was saying Elsie (eh see) today and maybe a couple other words that I can't recall. 
Likes: being outside (like obsessed), riding in his wagon, baths, clapping and people clapping for him if he does something good, food, mommy, reading books (like actually sits still and listens) and balls.
Dislikes: anyone being outside without him, when mommy leaves (sometimes), his sister smothering him and not getting his way.
He's definitely harder toddler then Collins was but he can be the sweetest thing too.  He's always trying to get a laugh out of people and has a fake laugh that you can't help but not laugh at. His smile melts me to a puddle and I truly can't imagine life without him.
Brooks, your crazy but I love you just the way you are. xoxo

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Brooks at one year!

Happy birthday my sweet and adorable baby boy (a week and a half late).  You are always on the go, fighting with your sister or getting into things you shouldn't.  So, when you sleep, I usually just want to enjoy the stillness. We had a Mexican themed fiesta for your first birthday and I think it turned out super adorable (more on that later. Maybe).  I can't believe a year has already went by! Here's what your up to at a year
 Birthday breakfast.  Sissy sang to him all day

Stats| 19lbs 11oz (7%), 29in (25%). He may be a year but he definitely doesn't look it. He's just a little guy.  He's still fitting into 9-12 month clothes and we've started to collect some size 4 shoes. They're a little big but since your not walking, they work. No new teeth this month so still has a total of 8. They've been swollen lately and pediatrician thought some were on the way. 
The only way to keep him still for a pic, turn camera around.  Not cocky at all

Eating| We've dropped all but the bedtime bottle and until he'll drink whole milk or we run out of formula, he'll  get that 6oz bottle. He despises whole or soy milk. Wether it's warm or cold. Our pediatrician gave us some recommendations that we are going to try. He doesn't even like Collins' chocolate milk. Must take after his mom and dad, we hate milk. Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks. He eats so so much. At least 2 helpings at every meal. 

Sleeping| 12+ hours every night. Occasionally  he'll wake up between 5-6am so I'll give him a bottle and he'll sleep till 8-9am!! 7:15pm-7:30am is the usual though. We skip a morning nap if he sleeps late so he has anywhere from 1-2 naps ranging from 1-3 hours. When people ask if we are ready for another baby I say heck no! We are finally getting some good sleep in this house! 

Playing| The fighting!! Already!! Brooks knows just what to do to make his sister mad and boy does she scream and get bad. I'm always telling them to share and be nice. We have a lot of girl toys but if there's a ball in sight, he's gonna get it. He'll drive his trucks around and make car sounds which is about the cutest things ever. He loves playing with things he shouldn't- cupboards, toilet water, dog food (I've lost count of how many times I've pulled dog food out of his mouth),  and anything sister has. We were facetiming Derek and he asked Brooks to blow him a kiss and he did it! I had no idea he could do it. 

Health|  Healthy as can be. They did an eye screen at his appt and he passed with flying colors. I held off on the blood draw since he got 4 shots but we'll get his levels checked next week (required at 1 year).

Likes| His mama's constant attention, dancing, food, climbing stairs, climbing the fireplace, climbing, climbing and climbing.  He's enjoying having the freedom to crawl around at the park and go down the slides. I'm pretty sure we've been to our neighborhood park every day this week and he loves crawling through a tunnel on the play system. He's been an awesome house hunter this past month. We've spent lots of time in the car, driving around neighborhoods  and inside random houses and he's been great. 

Dislikes| diaper changes, walking by the park and not getting to play, waiting on food, being told no, his sister not sharing and when mama leaves. We've had our first taste of seperation anxiety this month. It's only happened a couple times but it breaks my heart to leave to the sound of him crying.

Words| mama and dada for a couple months now, woah, hi and I think he says sis.

Other then your "witching hour" which is about 4pm to dinner time at 5:45pm, your a happy dude. You can be clingy but I try to remind myself that it won't be long before your running around and not needing me. You'll go to anyone and you have the cutest wave ever.  You've taken 7 steps so I think you'll get this walking thing down this month.  I'm  so thankful that your mine and love you to pieces. 
11/21/2015: Birthday shenanigans.  You played with the balloons for several days

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brooks at 11 months

It's happening, my baby is turning into a toddler.  And he can throw a fit to prove it.  Luckily he's super cute and has a grin that can get him out of any trouble he may cause. 

Stats| 20 pounds according to our scale and since he doesn't go to the doctor this month, I haven't the slightest clue how tall he is.  He doesn't stay still long enough for me to figure that one out.  Wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diaper. I finally bought the kid some shoes and although I bought him a 2, they don't seem like they'll fit much longer.  And since he kicks them off and isn't walking yet, I'm in no hurry to buy more. 
This is Collins' photography skills

Eating| 4 bottles of 3-8 oz.  His first and last bottles he drinks great and the other 2 are more like snacks.  He eats 3 meals and a snack and will pretty much eat anything you hand him. He's a messy eater and pulls off his bibs so an automatic vacuum is on my wish list.  Still sporting 8 chompers

Sleeping| 7pm to 7:30 am.  Sometimes he'll drink a bottle around 6am and then sleep till 9am!! I really love him for that.  Depending on when he wakes up, he takes 1-2 naps.  If he has a morning nap it's about an hour and then the afternoon one is 1.5-2.  If he has 1 nap, its about 2-3 hours.  No complaints in the sleeping department. 

Playing| Finally crawling on his knees consistently, pulls up on anything and everything, stands for several seconds and has taken a step! He has really taken a liking to balls and has a decent through.  He wants whatever sister is playing with which results in a brawl.  I didn't expect the sibling fighting to start already!  He can quickly make it up a flight of stairs but hasn't mastered going down them.

Health| Clean bill of health this month.  It's only a matter of time before he gets sick from the crawling he did at numerous airports.  It had this germaphob mom cringing.  We've been rolling oils on his feet to boost that immune system and no sickies yet!

Likes| He experienced the ocean for the first time and loved the beach.  He'd crawl around on the sand and splash when the tide would come up to him.  The hideous car carts at the grocery store, screaming, when sister shares suckers with him and charming other people.

Dislikes| Sleeping on airplanes
Your funny, active, happy, curious, loveable, loud and so so adorable.  I get weepy thinking about you turning 1, it can't possibly be that time already! I love you so much sweet boy, don't ever forget it. 
These pictures were almost impossible.  Between a very active baby and a sister jumping in the crib I trapped her in, I'm glad I only have 1 month left. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A day in our life

This was Tuesday, July 7.  Collins is 2.5 and Brooks is 10 months.

7:10am- Everyone is still sleeping so I jump in the shower.  I get the coffee started and Brooks wakes up about 7:40.  I change his diaper and feed him a bottle
so so happy when he wakes up

8:15am- Collins wakes up and Derek's out of the shower so he goes in to get her.  Me and Brooks follow behind him and she wants to hold baby Brooks. Her and Brooks wrestle around for a bit on her bed before she's ready for breakfast.  She requests eggs so I scramble some up for both of them and they chow down on that and some fruit while me and Derek drink our coffee and unload the dishwasher.

8:45am-  Derek works from home a lot but this morning he had some things to do.  Once he leaves, me and the kids head to the basement to play in the playroom.  I run upstairs to get them clothes since they're playing nicely and I get them dressed downstairs.

9:30am- I lay Brooks down for his morning nap and let Collins play on my phone while I finish getting ready.  She plays on it for a little while before she's ready to eat a snack. We brush her teeth and do her hair after she's done eating.

10:10am- Brooks wakes up right as I am getting ready to go wake him up.  I change his diaper and we are out the door to a playdate. 

10:20-12:30- We hang out and eat lunch at Steph's house.  Ashley and her girls are there as well so Collins got to play with all her friends.  I was busy keeping Brooks out of things and feeding him a bottle that I didn't take any pictures. 

1:00pm- Home from Steph's and I change Brooks diaper and put a diaper on Collins before laying them down for a nap.  Brooks goes right to sleep and Collins doesn't fall asleep at all.  I have to go in there a couple times before I tell her the door isn't opening up again until naptime is over. 

2:00pm- Brooks is up early from nap so I let Collins out of her room as well.  It's not very hot today so I strap them into the stroller and walk to the park.  We play for a bit before walking back home and having a snack and playing in the backyard while daddy mows.  Brooks drinks a bottle when we come inside.

3:15pm- The kids are driving me nuts so to Target we go.  Derek goes to Lowe's to get weed spray so I take both hulligans with me.  They do great at Target and we make it out with the formula we needed and not much else.  For once! Miss No Nap falls asleep on the way home from Target.

5:00pm- Me and Collins get our suits on and head to the first day of swim lessons.  It was supposed to start Monday but we were in the basement due to a tornado warning.  It's only in the lower 70s and sprinkling off and on but the swim lesson hotline says classes are still going to take place.  I contemplate making Derek take her but leave him home with Brooks and to cook dinner instead.  He lucks out when my mom shows up and takes care of Brooks while he is grilling.   

6:15pm-  We are home from swim lessons and Derek pulls the pizza off the grill.  Brooks couldn't make it past our usual 5:45pm dinner time and eats before we get back.  I give him some puffs to keep him occupied while we eat.  Collins tells nana and daddy about swim lessons and how she's too advanced for the class :).  She can't be bumped up into the next class since she isn't 3 so we'll just have to stick it out. 

6:45pm- I get the kids in the bath and after I get Brooks washed and out of the tub, Derek comes in and washes Collins and gets her pajamas on.  Collins gets her hair brushed and Brooks' gets his teeth brushed. Derek feeds Brooks a bottle and he's asleep by 7:15.  Collins has a little snack and plays on my phone till about 7:45 and then we brush her teeth, read some books, pray and into bed she goes. She pulls a few "I need to give so and so a kiss." "I need to pee" before she falls asleep about 8:30.  Me and Derek watch TV/spend time on our phones before heading up to watch TV in bed about 9pm

Sorry about the flash.. She's a hard sleeper

10:00pm- I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 10 but Derek usually turns the TV off about 10 and falls asleep. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brooks at 10 months

I've lost count of how many times people have made the comment that he's almost one! Or he's so big!  Although I'm very aware of these things, I refuse to believe them. 

Stats| I think around 19lbs 8oz and I have no idea how tall he is.  Wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 4 diaper.  He's looking older and older although he's still petite. 

Eating| 3 meals that usually consist of whatever we are eating, 1 snack and 4-5 bottles a day.  He's always been a snacker and even now, he'll only drink about 4 of the 6oz we make him. He can polish off 8oz before bed though. He had his first french fry this month and he refused to eat anything but french fries after he had one.  We were out to eat so I just let him have a healthy french fry lunch so he wouldn't scream. I'd say his 3 favorite foods are strawberries, lunch meat and noodles.  With the exception of honey, I think he's tried just about every food. 

Sleeping| He slept through the night for the first time ever right after he turned 9 months (May 25) and then continued it for almost a week before a tooth started popping through and that sleeping went through the window. I felt bad for him so I caved for about a week but we did one night of crying it out and now he's back to sleeping from about 7pm-7am. 

Play| Army crawling and started to crawl up on his knees.  Pulled to a stand on May 26 and attempted to climb the stairs on June 21.  He always wants to be standing and can stand for about 15 sec by himself.  He let's go of things and tries to take off walking but his upper body goes quicker then his feet which doesn't work out so well for him.  As much as I don't want him to walk, I want him to walk so he'll stop being so clingy! If I am anywhere in sight, he'll crawl to me or scream at me until I pick him up.  He just wants me to stand him so he can have a better view. He finally says mama and I swear he's trying to say bye.

Health| He's had a runny nose for about 2 weeks and I took him 2 weeks ago to the doctor thinking he had an ear infection but they looked great.  He pulls on his ears a lot when he's teething but I wanted to be safe before we went to the lake for the weekend.  I believe he was 19lbs 4oz at that appointment so I took a guess on his current weight. 

Likes| Water! We already knew he loved the bath but the rain finally stopped and we got to take him swimming and loves it.  Sits there splashing or floats around in his floatie.  Mexico next month will be fun.  He finally got the chance to sit in the seat of a shopping cart and he enjoys the view.  Collins either has to sit in the basket part or we get the hideous car carts at the grocery store that they both can sit in.  Boy does he like driving those! He likes swinging, being outside, giving open mouth kisses and riding on daddy's shoulders. 

Dislikes| Being confined in things like his jumper, going inside or having things taken away from him.  I swear our neighbors probably think he's abused from the high pitched scream he lets out when we bring him inside.  I sometimes think he can throw a bigger fit then Collins does.

Your at such a fun and exhausting age.  Stairs with no gate? Crawling straight for them.  Wires? Straight into the mouth.  Silly sounds and faces? The best laughs.  We love you so so much, buddy.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Collins at 2.5

I'm a little late posting this but since it's been 6 months since I did a Collins post, I figured it was time.  "Though she may be little, she may be fierce." This quote replays in my mind daily.  She's a tiny thing weighing in at 26 pounds but boy does she have sass.  I'm sometimes even scared to look at her because you never know if she'll be sweet or sour.  Girlfriend can throw some fits. And the whining? Lord help me. But usually, she's a pretty great kid and has the best little personality.   


Mostly wearing 18-24 month and 2t clothes. We measured her the other day for her passport and she was 2 feet 10 inches.  I'm baffled at how small she is because she eats about every 2 hours! Some of her favorite foods include fruit snacks, goldfish, mac and cheese, mostly any fruit and cheez its.  The girl loves her some cheese.  She drinks mostly water and milk with 1 juice a day and the occasional lemonade at restaurants.  When she's done eating, she likes to set her plate on the counter or load it in the dishwasher if its dirty.

Within the past 2 weeks, naps have been hit or miss.  Some days she doesn't fall asleep but I still make her lay in there for 1.5 hours and some days she only naps for an hour.  Typically she's an 1.5 hour napper and sleeps 8pm-7:30am.  Bedtime can draaaaag on.  She has to give mommy, daddy and Elsie 5 million kisses, go to the bathroom, sing twinkle twinkle, etc.  Needless to say, we don't love Collins bedtime duty so we rotate every other night.  We've started praying at night with her and it's too dang cute watching her put her hands together, close her eyes and say Now I lay Me Down to Sleep.  No less then 3 baby dolls occupy her bed at any given time and an array of stuffed animals can be found there as well.

She is pretty shy but warms up to people pretty quickly.  Because she's so shy, she doesn't talk much around other people.  But get her home and its non stop. Recently she's very curious as to what things and people eat.  "Wha nat (cat) eat?" "Wha Elsie eat?" and the dreaded "why?" is said all damn day.  At first she would prounounce why as "hiiii?" so that got confusing.  Brooks is baby Brooks and she often times calls us by our first name.  "Um Sarah? Elsie um come me house?"  Says her colors, of the rainbow anyways; can point out her shapes, colors and the letters B, C, S, D and M (Brooks, Collins, Sarah, Derek, daddy and mommy).  She surprised me the other day and did pretty good counting to 10.  1-4 is a little tough to understand but 5-10 was pretty clear. 

Potty training wise she is still in a diaper at nap and bedtime.  I'm not changing sheets on a queen bed in the middle of the night so until she consistently wakes up dry, we'll keep the bedtime diapers.  And she down right refuses to get off her bed during nap and bedtime.  It's a good and bad thing but until she'll do it, I don't see the diaper coming off. Collins can finally go to the bathroom on her own.  Shortie had a hard time getting up on the potty without a step stool and she has finally figured it out.  Game changer.  Between that and being able to completely dress herself, she doesn't even need me around. 

She took gymnastics last Fall and started dance in January.  She just had her dance recital and she did so good.  All these pictures were from recital day.  I don't normally put make up on her, although she'd love it. 
Some of her favorite things include: playing babies, feeding Brooks, being outside, dancing, watching YouTube videos (like obsessed), swimming, buckling her car seat,  eating, finding things that match, going anywhere and Elsie (the dog and her best friend). 
Some things she doesn't like: being told no, bread (with the exception of an occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich), sharing her baby dolls, bugs and being helped with anything unless she asks. 

Collins, you are the light of our life.  Your so independent but at the same time you always want to be held.  Your facial expressions and the things you say crack us up and I'm not sure that there is a better big sister then you are.  Constantly wanting to hold him and love on him. Your the best and we love you so so much. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Brooks at 9 months

My baby boy is 9 months. As close as he is to becoming a toddler, it feels he's been in this baby stage for awhile.  I think I'm being paid back for being robbed of infanthood with Collins.  She was full on walking by now and Brooks wants nothing to do with even crawling.  I love it. 


Stats| 18lbs 3oz (10%), 27 1/4 in tall (10.25%) and 17.5 in head (25-50%).  Poor kid is a shrimp. I'm hoping he hits a big growth spurt so he's not a shorty going into school.  He's all over in the clothes department.  3-6 month shorts, 6-9 month pants and 9-12 months for one pieces and shirts.  We just bought a box of size 4 diapers which is crazy cause that's the same size Collins wears at bedtime but they are proving to be too big on him.  I was sick of poop going up his back and staining his clothes and his pajamas being wet in the morning because I hate changing him in the middle of the night, but they look a bit ridiculous on his tiny body.

easier to keep him still outside

Eating| We dropped his last nursing session recently so he's completely on formula and table foods. Bittersweet. He has four, 6oz bottles throughout the day and one in the middle of the night. I don't think there's been a food he's turned down. He basically eats whatever Collins is eating.  I've given up on baby food, he would rather shove food in his mouth by the fist full.  Almost every meal requires an outfit change. 

Sleeping| Goes to bed between 7-7:30pm and wakes around 7am with one middle of the night feeding. When we are home for morning nap, it's usually about an hour and then he takes a 2 hour afternoon nap. We haven't had to lower his mattress yet but he has recently learned to pull down his crib bumper to peek out. It's the first thing he does when he wakes up, pulls it down and just waits for us to walk into his room.  I love being greeted by his grinning face peeking out of his crib.

raise your hand if you think moms the best
Play| Rolling around like crazy.  He can get around so quick by barrel rolling.  Getting up on all 4's but not getting anywhere yet.  He can pull to his knees and prefers to be standing. At all times.  I don't know how I don't have buff arms from the amount I hold him and how acrobatic he is.  He loves putting blankets over his face and playing peekaboo, using his feet to play with toys and playing wherever sister is. He's a big mama's boy so he felt bad for Derek and learned how to say "dada" first.  Collins and Derek are trying their best to get him to say "sissy" next over "mama." Jerks.

Health| He could use a couple more pounds which is crazy to me because he's a bottomless pit and has rolls to show it.  Our pediatrician wasn't concerned just wants us to try and get him to drink more ounces and maybe add a snack in. He's popping teething like crazy.  4.5 on the top and 2 on the bottom with 2 more starting to come up.  We've lost 2 amber teething bracelets that I put on his ankle so I think I'll have to cave and let him wear a necklace.  I swear by these beads cause he was cranky for a couple days when we were without them.

Likes| You should see his rapid leg kicking when he's heading into the bath.  He also enjoys walking when you hold his hands, walks, and although it seems repetitive, he absolutely adores his sister.  Always looking around for her and laughing at everything she does.  Derek ran an errand with Collins and it was just me and Brooks at home, he was like a lost puppy.  He wouldn't stop looking around for her and was being so still and weird.  It was like he was just waiting for her to pop up and scare him like she likes to do.  It was sad how lost he was without her around. Diaper changes are impossible when he's either trying to eat his toes or rip his diaper off.  He can't be without a shirt or he unfastens his diaper.  Pretty sure he is too young to be doing that. 


Dislikes| Being startled, being spoon fed, me being close by and not holding him and working on crawling.

Brooks, you have a contagious smile and blue eyes that don't go unnoticed.  I'm so in love with you and so thankful you made us a family of 4.  Can we please work on saying "mama" though?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brooks at 8 months

His first birthday has crossed my mind and that's just not ok!  I don't want him to grow up!!
Stats| I'm far to lazy to find that all out so I'm gonna say he's gained a couple ounces since we were at the doctor last month and guess he's around 16lbs 15oz.  They didn't measure him last month since it was just a weight check and flu shot so I won't even attempt to guess on that one.  He is mainly in 6-9 month clothing and a 3 in diapers. 
Eating| He is becoming quite the eater.  He literally screams, lunges and grabs for food that he sees.  I try and still do baby food 2-3 times a day but he also gets pieces of whatever Collins is eating.  I've lost track of all the food he has tried but some favorites include ground beef, avocado and cheese.  Yep, he's had his fair share of mac and cheese and I get it on his high chair fast enough. My kind of kid.  I'd say he's 50/50 on breast milk and formula.  I only nurse him 2-3 times in the day/night and the rest is formula or breast milk I've got stored up.  Usually I can only get him to take 3oz from a bottle except for his bedtime bottle and that one he'll do about 6oz.  I try and push more milk in him throughout the day but he pushes it away.  He's just way too distracted to eat and that's the main reason I started weaning him.  It became so stressful to try and keep Collins out of his room while I tried to feed him where it was quiet.  I sometimes feel guilty for weaning already since Collins never had formula but milk is milk and we gotta do what works for us. 
Sleeping| Because of the small milk intake throughout the day, he is stilllllll waking 1-2 times at night. The beginning of the month he was waking every 3 hours and is was brutal.  Some teeth popped through and the sleeping got better. He naps for an hour at 9am and takes a 2 hour nap at 1pm.  He gets fussy around 5 and will occasionally take a cat nap but we try to just keep him up until bedtime at 7pm. He's up for the day around 7am.  Now if I could just get him to do that 7pm-7am without waking up. Eventually, right?
Playing| He rolls all over the place and tries so hard to move.  He doesn't get on his knees but he thinks that if he kicks his feet fast enough, he'll go somewhere.  I walked into Collins room the other day to find him up on his knees holding on to her toy box.  I wouldn't be surprised if he skips crawling all together and just takes off walking. He's getting harder to hold because he thinks he can just get down and go.  I try my best to hold him as much as possible so he'll never learn to crawl or walk. Kidding! We got rid of the baby bath and now he sits and plays in the tub with big sis.  They can really get to splashing and having fun.
Health| No doctor visits this month.  He's working on a number of teeth though.  The ones on the side of his front teeth are pretty much through and his top 2 are coming as well.  Yep, the side ones are coming before the middle two.  So weird.  Needless to say, he's having some discomfort so I try to cut him some slack in the middle of the night. 
Likes| waving, splashing in the tub, going after sisters toys, watching the dog, eating table food and trying to talk.  I swear I've heard mama, dada and hi but not consistent enough to officially say he's talking.  Of course I'm always pushing him to say mama but as soon as I tell him to say mama, Collins goes "Brooks, say sissy." Poor baby is confused as crap on what he should be saying. 
Dislikes| New people when he's tired or just woke up, not being fed quick enough.
A few other things I want to document is that he had his first sleepover! Derek and I had a murder mystery party to attend so auntie Amber is a godsend and offered to keep them both over night.  Brooks wasn't the best sleeper for her but he charmed her up and she's even offered to do it again.  I wish I could say I got a good nights sleep but I was missing my babies and had them picked up at 9am :) He will put his arms up or lunge towards you to be held, moves his body when you tell him to dance, waves and shakes his head no and looks around the room when you ask him where sissy or Collins is. 
This is him to a T.  Smiling and ankles crossed
My heart could burst with the amount of love I have for this boy.  Just look at him and you get a smile that will swoop you off your feet. He's got the best laugh, chubbiest cheeks and kissable face.  I love you, Brooksie bear.  More then you'll ever know.