Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reception video

Here is the video we played at our reception. Make sure to turn  up your volume!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back on the J.O.B.

Last Monday was my first day back to work with the twins. I never thought when I left in April I would be returning but I’m so happy with how things have worked out and that I am able to spend my day with these boys again. I’ll watch them at their house until we buy a house and I start my own daycare and then they will start coming to my house! It’s crazy that I have been with them since they were 2 months old (except for this summer but I still saw them almost every week) and I will continue to be with them for another 2-3 years.

Here’s a little look into our days. They have FINALLY gotten into a good schedule so that makes all 3 of us in better moods (and their parents as well).

8:00am I arrive. 90% of the time they are dressed and have already eaten breakfast. Occasionally they are still eating breakfast or need to be dressed for the day.

8:00am-9:30am They run around like crazy kids in the mornings. They LOVE being chased so we do a lot of that in the mornings. I unload dishwasher (which is super hard with 2 curious boys who want to help), start laundry and stuff cloth diapers their mom washed the night before.

9:30am-We are usually getting out of the house around now. Either going to the splash park, errands I need to run, meeting  up with our friends (I have met 2 great young moms that we try and meet up with once a week), etc. They boys usually have a snack around 9:45-10am. Usually in their stroller or car since we are out and about at this time.

11:30am Back home and lunch time

12:00-1:00 more running around and playing inside and then it’s diaper changes, cleaning up toys (yes, I have taught them to help me pick up their toys) and then upstairs for nap. It’s so easy now that they can go up the stairs by themselves. It was tiring carrying them both up or taking one up and then running back down to get the other.

1:00-4:00pm-NAPTIME!! Best part of the day. Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes longer.  Praise the lord they are finally sleeping longer then an hour! I watch TV, get on my laptop, and fold clothes if needed.

4:00-5:30pm-Snack time, diaper change, and more playing until I leave around 5:30.

(I think they wake up around 6am and go to bed at 7:30pm)

Here are some phone pics from the past week:


Playing on the deck


They fought over who got to sit in this container so I got another one and they were happy as could be


Someone needs a haircut


They were being so good about sitting for a pic and then bam! They were gone!


I didn’t intend on them getting wet and playing in the rain water but they had other ideas so the shirts went off and I let them have at it


Gage drawing and driving


Photo-shoot today. Ian cracks me up in these last 2 (he drools like crazy and since I do the laundry, he wears bibs at home so we don’t dirty 1000 shirts)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Randy Rogers and St. Louis

Our Derek’s weekend started Thursday night when we went to see Randy Rogers (RR) and Reckless Kelly with my brother and Tara. We decided to stand up top so we wouldn’t be so crowded and some of the RR band came walking around  up there and we got to meet them! Tara and I might have been a little over excited when we saw them walking around but they came over to us and were SO nice. They talked to us for a good 30 min. and even taped us to possibly be in a music video! I’m sad that I just learned about these free country concerts on Thursday nights. I wasn’t feeling so hot on Friday so I won’t be doing anymore Thursday night concerts now that I am back to work.



Saturday we woke up bright and early to head to St. Louis for my high school friend Sarah’s wedding. We got there around noon and the wedding was at 2:30 so we grabbed lunch, got ready and headed to the ceremony. She waited and didn’t let Jeremy see her till she walked down the aisle so they did pictures after the ceremony. What’s a group of people supposed to do for 4 hours before a reception? Bar hop of course. We actually only went to 2 bars but we tried some new beers and had a great time (at the bars and on the taxi rides).


The ceremony and reception was beautiful and I had so much fun catching up with all my friends. We don’t see each other very often but as soon as we get together, it’s like we have never been apart. Love these girls!






Before we left town on Sunday I made Derek take me to the arch. I hadn’t been since I was 4 so I was dying to go.  I was a little nervous Derek was going to pass out in the elevator (that was 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. We were knee to knee in that thing) that took us to the top but he was a champ and held it together. After that it was on the road back rushing back to KC so we could go look at our first house! That will be a whole nother post (no, we haven’t bought anything…yet).


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midweek Randoms

  • As always, I forgot to take hardly any pics of our 4th of July weekend. We had such a great time in Galva with Derek’s side of the family. We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd with a pool party/bbq at his aunt and uncles and then went to his sister and brother in laws for fireworks! Here are the 3 pics I managed to take.
1 of Elsie and Peyton cuddling,
1 of the festive strawberries I made, and
1 of our friend Seth and Laurie’s baby, Brandon. He is actually a twin and I was in heaven holding them both! I even got to witness 1 rolling over for the 1st time!!
  • I watched my nephew Aiden last Friday. He was sent home Wednesday with the flu so I got to spend Friday with him just to make sure he was completely better. He was and we enjoyed the library, snow cones, and playing with the hose (I showed him how to wash his bikes like a car)!
  • Other random pics from my phone:

Royals game a couple weeks ago
My precious babies
Their gonna miss me when I go back to work Sad smile Elsie ALWAYS sleeps on her back

I treated myself to a slushie after I worked out (probably not a great idea but I was ssooo hot)
Who needs a coozie?!


The ADORABLE 3 month old I watched yesterday. Flashed surprised her

  • This past weekend we met Derek’s sister, brother in law, and our nephew and nieces at a waterpark at the hotel they were staying at in KC. We had so much fun with them!!
Peyton floating on his back
This one cracks me up of Halle. She would lay completely flat when she went down the slide

Both went down at the same time
Bryon and Derek. I think us adults had just as much fun as the kids
Part of the waterpark

My sidekick
Jaime and Hazel after a busy day at the waterpark

  • We are heading to St. Louis Saturday for my friend Sarah’s wedding. I can’t wait to get away with Derek and also see all my high school friends!

  • I start back up watching the twins on Monday. I enjoyed my 3 months off but it’s back to reality