Thursday, February 28, 2013

365: Days 50-59

Feb 18- So sweet and cuddly in her pajamas
 Feb 19- 100% agree with the shirt
  Feb 20- Happy baby
Feb 21-Hanging out on a snow day
Feb 22- Finally asleep after fighting bedtime
Feb 23- Sleeping late (8:30am)
 Feb 24- Being sick is no fun
 Feb 25- Watching the boys play with snow
Feb 26- All clean
Feb 27-  Either excited or scared of the ceiling fan

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Obsession and Other things

I have a neon obsession. It started with a pair of hot pink pants/capris I got Collins at Carters. Then things got out of control when I went to Target and saw their neon collection for her. Let's just say she is going to be wearing lots of hot pink this summer. There's a neon sweatshirt I want for myself at American Eagle as well. You won't miss me and Collins when we're out and about in our neon!
You should see the ruffle butt cuteness too

I'm pretty sure she needs this swimsuit too. I might have an obsession with swimming suits too. Or maybe it's just baby clothes in general.

I have the itch to redo our family room and Target didn't help me in that department either. They have the cutest pillows, lamps, etc. Maybe I should have titled this post Damn You Target. I can't decide what colors I want to do so I haven't given in to anything quite yet. I can't get them out of my head though.

We're supposed to get another 6-12 inches of snow on Monday. Looks like I might be getting a 3rd snow day! We're getting some serious cabin fever over here though. I pretty much woke up and was out the door to Target this morning just so I could get out. I was on a mission for a sled so Amber, Aiden and me could go sledding but of course their all long gone.

Collins has slept in her crib that past 2 nights and is doing awesome. First night she slept from 7:30-6:45 only waking at 3:45 to eat and last night she slept from 8:30-8:15 waking at 2:30 and 5:30. She only woke up at 2:30 last night because her nose was stuffed and she couldn't breath very well. On top of her cold she has a nasty cough. Praying it doesn't turn into RSV. We are sucking her nose out like every 30 min. and she has always slept with her mattress propped up and humidifier on. Not sure if I need to take her to the doctor or if we are doing everything there is to do. Winter can go ahead and leave and take all it's sickies with it. My daycare kids are making my baby sick!
I desperately need to start working out. I cancelled my gym membership when I was pregnant so I'm thinking about going to check out another gym today. I'm down 8lbs from my pre pregnancy weight but there isn't an inch of muscle on me. I need to tone up before it's tank top and swim suit weather. Not really sure when I'm going to drag my butt to the gym though. It's the last thing I want to do at 5pm but I highly doubt I can get myself to go at 5am. Not while Collins still wakes up around 3:30am to eat.
Feels good to get all that randomness off my chest. Baby is waking up, hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow day!!

I'm not sure if those cheeks can get any bigger. Man their scrumptious though.
We are enjoying snow day #2 today and are loving every second of it. Nothing like having 1 on 1 time with this babe. We ventured outside for all of 30 seconds yesterday so I could snap this picture. Derek was shoveling the driveway so I took her out, threw the blanket down, plopped her down, snapped a pic and then ran back inside with her. Derek thought the neighbors were going to call SRS on me. I just couldn't resist a baby in a snowsuit pic. Hope everyone is staying warm! We are wishing we knew how to start a fire in our fireplace but we are staying warm nonetheless. Happy 4 day weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Months

No doctors appointment this month so not sure what her length is. I think this is what she weighed when we took her in last week for her allergy testing.
At 2 months she has found her hands and likes sucking on them. She can reach for toys and holds them pretty well. Everything goes straight to her mouth. Is so cute when she coos and laughs.  She tucked her arm yesterday when she was on her tummy and I thought she might roll over but nope. She just likes to lay on her back and kick her feet. No desire to roll over. We're working on it. She has slept through the night twice and I think she would consistently if she didn't always get constipated in the middle of the night. She'll kick her feet and move around but she doesn't ever fully wake up. We are going to attempt having her sleep in her crib tonight because she keeps kicking her changing table above where she sleeps in the pack n play and it wakes me up numerous times a night. Sleeps swaddled and I am scared she is going to be 2 years old and still swaddled. I tried not swaddling her one night and she just can't get relaxed when her arms are out. Tested negative for a dairy allergy. Eats every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 oz if we give her a bottle. She sees a GI specialist the beginning of April to make sure everything on the inside is working properly. She loves TV and I am guilty of letting her watch it.
She is constantly growing and changing everyday and it makes me very sad. She has the most kissable cheeks and laid back personality. As long as she is fed and not tired, she is a pretty chill baby. Her face lights up when she sees mommy or daddy and she has us wrapped around her little finger. Happy 3 months chubber. I am thankful everyday for you and love you so very much.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A nurse from our pediatrician's office called on Thursday and said that Collins' blood test came back good. No anemia and more importantly, no dairy allergy!!! So now we wait until our April 2 GI appointment to see if there is anything going on inside that's causing the bloody stools and discomfort she occasionally gets.
Thursday was Valentine's day and my mom had just so happened to bring over Collins v-day present that morning and left cupcakes for Derek. You better believe I devoured one of those babies after the phone call. I am SO happy I didn't give up breast feeding when we were first told it was probably a dairy allergy. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't do the allergy testing the first time they drew her blood but our pediatrician said you can get false results when you test a child this young. So eliminating dairy from my diet was the best way to see if it helped her symptoms and when it didn't, we went through with the allergy testing.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. She hasn't had any reactions to me eating dairy again and I am one happy momma to have cheese and chocolate back in my life.

365: Days 38-49

Feb 7- This girl can throw a fit. She will stretch her legs out and almost flip herself out of this chair. Time to buckle her in!
Feb 9-  Chubber wubber
Feb 9- Auntie Amber toting her around the mall
Feb 10- Meeting Joanie and Greg for the first time. She was so excited she passed out on Joanie
Feb 11- Go cats!!
Feb 12- Liking tummy time a little more
 Feb 13- Forgiving me for making her have an anal check and blood draw the night before
Feb 14- 1st Valentine's Day
Meeting her best friend, Elsie!
Feb 15-  Getting ready to put her fist in her mouth
Feb 16- Waiting for family to arrive
Feb 17- Chillin on mommy

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Collins laughing

I could watch this over and over and over. She's let out little laughs for the past couple weeks but Friday night was the first time I really got her laughing. Ignore Zoe squeaking her toy in the background.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Testing

I have been dairy free for 3 weeks now and Collins pediatrician said if we weren't noticing any changes in 2-3 weeks, we needed to bring her back in. Well she was fussy over the weekend and then had more blood in her diaper on Sunday then we have ever seen before, so Monday morning I called and got us an appointment. Before we left for our appointment yesterday, she had blood in her diaper again. Usually it's only 1-2 a week but this was the 3rd time since Thursday.

After going over how shes been with the ped, she decided that she doesn't think it's a dairy allergy. She thinks her congestion she has had for 2 months is from reflux. They didn't refill our prescription before we left town Friday so we went without and she was a sleepless, fussy mess over the weekend. Our ped switched her reflux medicine and we will start that today and see if that helps the spitting up and congestion.

This is where it gets a little TMI... she looked at her bottom the last time we were there to see if there was a tear causing the blood but didn't see anything. Yesterday she decided to do an internal anal exam to make sure she didn't have a cyst or anything. Come to find out, Collins bottom is pretty tight so she thinks she is straining to poop causing the bleeding. Tight bottom+anal exam=Collins freaking out. Poor baby was not a fan of that exam. Who would be though?! Anyways, she sent us back to Children's Mercy for another blood test to rule out the dairy allergy and test her hemoglobin levels. If the test comes back that she doesn't have the dairy allergy, we will see a GI specialist in 2 months. Yes, it takes that long to get a GI appointment I guess. She said it could also be an inner hemorrhoid that babies get that are painless and that they outgrow.

So back to Children's we went after our appointment. As soon as we walk into the hospital there was a 1 year old riding in a wagon who had cancer. I almost lost it right there. I dreaded having Collins do blood work again but I kept saying how thankful we were that we were only there for blood work and not anything else. I can't even imagine how that tiny girl felt and how much she had been through.

I warned the guy before he started that she has tiny veins and it took them 3 tries, a heat pad and a vein light to find one the last time. Did he listen? Nope! Tried a vein in her arm and couldn't get blood from it. Surprisingly, she hardly cried. She was digging the sugar water we were giving her on her binky. So he calls in another nurse who searches for veins and can't find anything so she calls in another nurse to help her. After LOTS of screaming from Collins and them putting a heating pad on her arm, they finally got blood out of her hand. Collins was screaming before they did the draw because she was tired, hungry and they were not being very gentle looking for veins around her body. Once they put the needle in and were doing all sorts of things to get all the blood they needed, shit hit the fan. I have never heard or seen Collins cry the way she did. I was above her head and she kept looking up at my like wwwwhhhyyy?!? It was heart breaking. She turned bright red and her cry became silent she was crying so hard. I was sure she was going to pass out. Momma bear almost pushed the nurses away and picked up her baby but I didn't want them to have to redo it all so I just got down in her ear and told her I was sorry and it was almost over. Pretty sure my daughter hated me yesterday.

We should know the results within 48 hours so I am just waiting a call from the pediatrician. I'm anxious for the results and hopeful I might get to eat cheese soon :) I'll keep you all informed!

This was before the pediatrician violated her

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

365: Days 27-37

Jan 27- Somehow this is all I have for this day. Mean muggin at it's best
Jan 28- First walk. She fell asleep in about 10 seconds
Jan 29- 2 month doctor visit
Jan 30- Happy birthday auntie Amber!!
Jan 31- Binky girl
Feb 1- Starting in on our valentines attire and looking cute to go out to dinner
Feb 2- All dressed up for girls night
Feb 3- Mommy was hungover so I stayed in jammies and snuggled with her all day
Feb 4- More v-day attire and loving her new bumbo
Feb 5- In my third outfit of the day
Feb 6- Figured out how to play with her toys