Tuesday, October 9, 2012

33 Weeks (9/5/12)

Excuse the smudge on the camera lens. Derek didn't think it would show up in the pic...WRONG!
How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby:  17.2 inches and 4.5 pounds. About the size of a pineapple.

Weight gain: Scale must have been wrong last week cause I was up 23 pounds at doc yesterday

Maternity clothes: Oh yeah. Still wearing non maternity sweats and a couple non maternity shirts but mostly wearing maternity things.  

Stretch marks: Not any new ones

Sleep: Been sleeping pretty good  but keep waking up early. Was up by 7 both Saturday and Sunday and 5:30 yesterday and today. Guess my body is getting used to little sleep because I haven't hardly napped the past 5 days either.

Symptoms: Back aches, hard to breath when I sit down and that's about it. I'm feeling really great still and haven't had any braxton hicks (I don't think so anyway). She's cozy and probably never coming out.

Best moment this week: SO many! My sisters and mom threw me an AMAZING baby shower. Don't be surprised if Collins' first birthday is the same theme because I want to reuse all the cute decorations. After the shower Derek and I took all the money and gift cards we received and bought the pack n play for our room, tub, newborn diapers, couple bottles just in case and a changing pad cover. We also put together the pack n play and stroller that night. I need a couple nursing essentials but other then that, I think we are good to go.
Another great moment: Derek came home yesterday for lunch and told me he got me something but I had to wait till after work. Um yeah right. I told him I hate surprises and was going to be mad if he didn't tell me right then (stubborn?) Then I proceeded to hold his arm until he told me. He got me a 3D sonogram!!!! I have only been begging him for 10 weeks now. He didn't want to do it because he wanted something to be a surprise when she is born which I agree with but I think he was sick of hearing me say how much I wanted to see her and double check between her legs :) At first the appt. wasn't till a week from Thursday but the doctors office called while he was home and had someone cancel and something came open tomorrow. We of course jumped on it and are sssoooo excited to get a glimpse of Collins tomorrow!!!!!!

Movement: Is she ever! I did have 2 days last week where I got a little worried and had to push on my stomach and move around to make sure she was ok but of course she made up for it later in the day. Last night she moved non stop for 2 hours. I was actually telling her to settle down cause I was scared I was going to throw up from all the movement. Doc said yesterday she was still head down, butt was on my right side and feet were on my left side.

Food cravings: Food, food and food. I feel like I have been a bottomless pit lately and am always hungry. I of course don't let myself eat all day (ok, maybe I did over the weekend) but I try to eat some fruit or drink water if I am hungry and just ate.  

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Breathing will be nice. Ready to not always be hot too. I am usually a cold blooded person so this always being hot is new stuff and I am not a fan. I would much rather be cold then hot.

Milestones: Getting ssooo close to the finish line. I am going to start washing her insanely huge amount of clothes this weekend and might even pack our bags. I'm getting a little anxious if you can't tell.
I will post pics tomorrow night of our 3D ultrasound and shower pics when I get them from my sister. Hint hint Amy.

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