Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I'm lovin!

My sister had a great idea of starting something we (and hopefully others) will do every Thursday called...

All About Aiden...Always

For my birthday, my dad got me a scentsy candle. I LOVE it but the light bulb has recently went out. I have no idea where to get a new one for it so I lucked out and found a knock off at Wal-Mart!! I introduce you to the Better Homes and Garden Cream Wax Warmer

These are so great because you just plop in a cube of the wax (and believe me, you only one to put in one cube), turn it on, and it makes your house smell good in seconds! I currently have the Apple Cider smell and it smells great. I also love that unlike candles, you can leave this on all day and not have to worry about your house burning down if you forget to turn it off.

The Lady Antebellum CD. I have been wanting it since we saw them in concert but finally went and bought it. I love so many of their songs.

My Garmin!! I couldn't count how many times I would have gotten lost here in KC if I hadn't had my Garmin. Not only can I put in the address for where I want to go, but I can type in things like Target (duh) and it will tell me where the closest ones are. We use the Garmin a lot when we want to find a restaurant we haven't been to. We just click the category of food we want and up pops lots of close restaurants!DVR! I know this has been popular for awhile but we didn't get it till we moved to KC. I love it!! I can record shows during the day when I'm not at home or Derek and I can record a show when the other one won't let them watch it :) The shows I record will be a whole other post (I think that's on the list for Top 2 Tuesday next week)

Check back next Thursday for a new list of Things I'm Lovin!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 29th Birthday to my soon to be husband (7 months from today)!! I love you SO much and can't wait to spend 80 more birthdays with you!

Having drinks at our favorite place in Aggieville-So Long

At Ashley and Pat's wedding

You can just tell how excited he was to be at the Taylor Swift concert :)

He took me to Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum for my birthday. Best concert!!

He also took me to my first Chiefs game!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's our "baby's" birthday!!


Wish I had this picture bigger but this was one of the first days we had her

First family pic (no, we didn't mean to match)

Her first snow

Her first pair of pearls from her aunt Jaime, uncle Bryon, and cousin Peyton

Her first haircut

First roomates Cooper and Callie

First day of puppy school

First K-State jersey (again from Jaime, Bryon, and Peyton)
Halloween dress from aunt Amber
Sister Bailey

Sister Elsie

She isn't spoiled one bit :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Christmas List

I follow this blog and she does a Top 2 Tuesday that I am going to start doing as well. Each Tuesday she gives out a topic and you are to name your top 2 things for that list.

This week: Christmas List
I told Derek I wasn't asking for anything this year since our wedding is in April and my dress will be coming in the end of Decemeber which means my dad will be paying the 2nd half of it. SSSOOO my list in unrealistic because A)Nobody spends this much on me/us and B) I'm not asking for anything!

1. Furniture

Derek and I already bought nice side tables and a coffee table and then I was a nice fiance and we got a new TV over furniture but now I am ready for some new couches! We have Derek's parents old furniture and it has held up nicely but I am ready for just a tan couch and love seat like this one above from Pottery Barn. I love tan cause you can spruce it up with pillows.

2. Bedroom set
I can't find a picture of what I want but we have my bed (actually my brothers old bed) from FOREVER ago. We are both also using very old dressers. My dresser is so old that 2 of my drawers are broken so all my clothes for those drawers are on top of my dresser. Embarassing!!

So there's my list! I am hoping we get money/giftcards for our wedding because as you can see, we need lots. I want to buy a house next year but half of our rooms will be empty cause we have no furniture!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A sense of relief!

After 8 months of looking at magazines, blogs, wedding websites, google images, etc. I have FINALLY decided on my centerpieces!!! Yipee Ya Hoo!!! You have no idea how much stress this took off me. As much as I would love to show everyone a picture, I am making you wait til the wedding :) I show a lot of wedding stuff on my blog so I want to keep a couple things a secret. I will say that they are very inexpensive but unique. I think I am going to do half the tables with these centerpieces and half with a floral arrangement.

Speaking of floral arrangements, I called our florist because she hadn't cashed my deposit so I was getting a little worried she hadn't got it (she lives in the middle of nowhere). She assured me she had recieved it and everything looked great. We will talk more when it gets a little closer to the big day.

My checklist is slowly being completed. I'm not exactly sure when I should order our invitations but I think I still have another 2 months. Someone please tell me if 5 months is to early or too late!

Derek's parents are awesome and I am pretty sure have the whole rehearsal dinner taken care of! I am SO glad that I don't have to worry about planning it. We are having the dinner at the train depot. I have never been inside but it's beautiful from the outside. Josh (my brother in law) and Derek begged me to let Brookville cater the rehearsal so I gave in and said that was fine. I am pretty sure Josh even said he would pay for something if I let them have Brookville. Man I wish I could remember what it was! Brookville is an old hotel turned into a restaurant with amazing home cooked meals. They are famous for their fried chicken.

I am sssooo ready for it to be April already. House hunting starts after the wedding :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling for Fall

Summer has always been my favorite season but after a VERY hot summer, I have decided that I prefer fall. There are a few things that pop into my head when I think about the fall:

Pumpkin patches

Fall candles

Having the windows open

Wearing long sleeves but not having to wear a coat

Fall decorations

Football (or should I say tailgating)

Speaking of fall, I need to go shopping for fall clothes because Derek and I are taking our engagement pictures on Oct 16!! Our awesome photographer is going to come to KC and take our pictures down around the plaza area. I told her I wanted some outdoorsy (is that a word) ones and also some in front of a stone or brick building. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Time to enjoy my Sunday with my candles lit and football on TV :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less then 8 months to go

I started this blog so I would remember all that went on with the planning of the wedding and I have really been slacking on this. Last month (well July 30th but who's keeping track)I did a post on things I had accomplished that month and what I hoped to complete by the following month so I am going to go from there...

Things I wanted to complete by August 30th

1. I think I know what I want but I have yet to actually go shop for them. This month...promise :) UNCHECK

2. Invitations-Yep, slacking on that too. I have googled invitations and I know what I want so I think that's good enough. No need to order them yet so I count this as a CHECK for the month
3.Videographer-aaahhh. Complete Music (who we have as our DJ) calls me like every other day but I hate talking on the phone so they get the reject button. oops! I'm just not sure I want to pay what they want to charge so I'm ignoring the issue for now. UNCHECK
4. Music for ceremony-Yeah I totally even forgot about this! UNCHECK
5. Bridesmaid dresses/flower girl dresses- Can you guess what this is? UNCHECK. A new bridal store opened in KC and my sister Amber and I keep meaning to go but it was a short, busy week. Maybe next week!

As you can see, I am 1/5. I am going to keep this list for this month. Next month i'm going to be 5/5, just wait! So much for sleeping tonight...

How cute is this ring bearer pillow?!

SO glad our reception venue includes food, drinks, and bartender otherwise I know I would be slacking on this stuff!

Hopefully going to take engagement pictures this month too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This Saturday starts the beginning of K-State football!! I am so excited to go tailgate and hang out at Willies. I love K-State football but I could careless about going into the game and watching it. I just stare at everyone around me and never even watch the game so why waste the money to go in? Plus, I am taking Elsie up to the game. I feel bad leaving her for 4+ hours while we are at the game since her bladder is still small so she is just going to come along!

I am also excited because my brother, Amber, Aiden, Amy, Pax, and Harper are all coming too!Dad's house is going to be very full but he will be in Mexico so that frees up his room. I haven't seen Pax and Harper in a month so I can't wait squeeze the heck out of them. I already told Amy we'll be going to Varneys to get Harper her first K-State bow to wear to the game. This will be baby girls first game and I am sure she is going to looovveee it just like her brother! My family bleeds purple so she might get kicked out of the family if she doesn't like it :)

I think this was in 1995!

Hanging out with dad at Willies watching a game

Us kids at a game with mom

Future K-State player