Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Days 1 and 2 at Disney World

These posts may take some time.  I have about 1,000 pics to sort through and I'm already forgetting rides and restaurants we did.  I'll also include a post on tips and tricks we learned because I know a couple people that are planning a trip and may want to know. 

No better way to start vacation then with a 3:30am wake up call.  There wasn't a ton of options for direct flights so we booked a 6am flight and was there by 10am (time change).  It was Home Alone style with us almost missing our flight.  We didn't expect the airport to be as busy as it was.  But we made it! Thanks to Derek's A list status, he saved the back of the airplane for us to all sit together! The kids were perfect on the flight and if I remember correctly, the youngest 3 took a cat nap.

Only our room was ready so everybody unloaded their carry ons (hotel picked up our luggage at airport and delivered them to our rooms a little later) and we headed to Disney Springs for lunch and shopping.  Brooks had the flu 3 days before we left and still wasn't 100%.  He would seem fine until he ate and then he'd act like he was going to throw up and would get super tired. He fell asleep in the stroller while we walked around a little.   We were all pretty tired to do much shopping but Disney Springs is for sure worth checking out if you get the chance. 

The kids were pumped to swim so we let them do that for a little bit (pools are heated but still not very warm) and then grabbed a quick dinner at our hotel.  Everyone was in bed pretty early, ready to tackle the first day at the parks!

First park day: Magic Kingdom
Our hotel was within walking distance to MK so we walked there and got there shortly after it opened.  It was the entire groups first time at Disney World so we were all ecstatic and in awe of everything. 


 Our fast passes were for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger (not worth a fast pass), Space Mountain for Derek and most of group, Meet Mickey at Town Square (the only one) for some of group and Peter Pan (not worth a fast pass). 
Sit down meal- A character buffet at Crystal Palace (Winnie the Pooh characters)
using up snack credits

Thanks to a Disney high and sugar, we stayed the entire day and even lasted for the fireworks at 10pm. 


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kai at 6 months

The quality of these photos are ridiculously bad.  It was a cloudy day so I got what I could.

Here we are, half way to a year.  I hate how fast they grow up!!! At 6 months, Kai weighs 14lbs 8oz (5%) and is 24.5 inches (>2%).  His pediatrician wasn't thrilled with these stats so we'll be back in a month for a weight check and 2nd flu shot.  We went through this exact thing with Brooks at 6 months too.  My kids just plateau around this age.  He has been liking almost all his baby food so I'm hopeful he'll gain a decent amount of weight before his follow up.  He's liked all fruit and green veggies are hit or miss.  I just hide them in some fruit and he gobbles them down.  I've been offering solids 2-3 times a day and he nurses 6 times throughout the day, waking once in the middle of the night to eat.  He drinks 5-6oz in a bottle before bed. He's got the pincer grasp down and picked up a cheez it and took it to his mouth (no, I didn't let him eat it) but he couldn't quite get a puff in his mouth.  He proceeded to gag when I put the puff in his mouth so we'll stick to purees for now. 

I never thought he'd sleep better at 1 month then he does at 6 months.  His middle of the night waking was getting earlier and earlier so we've been doing some sleep training.  I'm hoping we are on the up.  In his defense, he had a double ear infection and cut his first tooth this month.  I took him in for a never ending cough and cold and those weren't concerning but his ears were.  #momfail.  He never ran a fever and hardly touched his ears.  I figured he was rubbing his ears because of teething.  His bottom tooth is barely poking through his gums and the other one is close. I don't mind feeding him in the night, just preferably not before 3am.  Naps are usually 30 min, sometimes he'll cut me some slack and sleep 2 hours but it's very rare.  Almost every night at 6:45pm on the dot, he gets fussy and is ready for bed.  

He's sitting unassisted for quite awhile.  I still don't trust him enough to leave him alone, mostly because he reaches for toys and face plants. He rolls all around the family room and pushes off with his feet to go upwards.  He went in a swing for the first time this month and is sitting up in the bath tub now.  He's a maniac in his doorway jumper.  We never had one with the other 2 kids and I wish we had. He loves it and it's a lifesaver when we are in the kitchen.

If he spots me, he whines for me to hold him. He'll be  happy as can be playing and then we make eye contact and it's over. If someone is holding him and I take him cause he's whining for me, he'll turn to them and smile like "ha ha, I got my mommy."  I've learned to be very sneaky around him.  He get's so excited when he sees Collins, Brooks or daddy.  He's still fought over daily.  Now that he's sitting in a high chair, it's a daily debate on who get's to sit by him.  Collins is in heaven getting to feed him baby food and Brooks usually wants to feed him a couple bites as well. 
He'd chose a rag or sock over a toy any day. He gets so mad when bath time is over and I take the wet wash cloth from his mouth.  I'm sure it feels good on his gums. I've put pear and apple slices in his little feeder and he loves to chew on that while I cook or we're eating a meal.  The car seat is still not his favorite, I need to start looking for a bigger car seat and pray he likes that more.

He seemed to enjoy his first Christmas.  He tried to unwrap his presents and was eager to play with his new toys.  He didn't like sleeping in a pack n play so he got to snuggle with me for a couple nights.  I didn't mind it a bit. 

Kai, you are such a smiley and happy baby.  I think your smiling 90% of the day.  Happy half birthday! Love you so much!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kai at 4 and 5 months

I'm excited to recap our recent Disney World trip but I told myself I couldn't write them until I did a little update on our Kai bug.

4 months
5 months

I never got around to do his 4 month post (sorry 3rd kid) so it's a good thing not much changed from month 4 to 5.   At his 4 month visit he weighed 13lbs 6oz (10%) and was 23 3/4 inches (3%).  He had a little drop on his growth curve but that is really no surprise to me, my kids are slow growers.  Our pediatrician did suggest adding a scoop of formula to his bedtime bottle for some extra calories.  We haven't been consistent with it but I try and give him some formula here and there.  I'd say his eating has gotten SO much better since we changed his reflux medicine.  I probably would have thrown in the towel already from nursing if we hadn't had an upcoming trip that I didn't want to be engorged on.  I'm glad we got his medicine figured out and I stuck with nursing, he's been a great eater now. 

Speaking of eating, we tried oatmeal at 4 months and he wasn't a fan.  I didn't push it and tried it here and there.  Now at 5 months, he's eaten (and liked) a quinoa and apple cereal mixed with pears, sweet potatoes and squash.  I'm trying to be better at feeding him baby food each evening, I'd say it plays out 4 days/week. 
Sleeping has had it's up and downs.  Right around 4 months (a little before) I started laying him down drowsy, but awake.  He didn't care to be rocked and I didn't have time to fight with him.  We never really had to let him cry for very long, I'm talking like 1-2 minutes. He'd cry, we'd go in and give him his binky and boom! Asleep.  Naps were brutal, he'd take a 30 minute nap, play and eat and then want another tiny nap about 1.5 hours later. Now he takes a cat nap in the morning, longer early afternoon nap (1.5-2 hours) and then cat nap around 4 or 5.  Bedtime has consistently been 7ish and he usually wakes around 4am to eat and then sleeps till 7ish.  Our recent battle with sleep has been that he will only sleep on his stomach and since he learned to roll from stomach to back (Oct 14), he'll roll over and eventually get mad and cry until we come and roll him back over.  He will not sleep on his back!  He's super close to rolling back to stomach so fingers crossed this helps in the sleeping department.  As of 12/8/17, he can roll back to stomach.

Car rides have gotten better.  I still can't guarantee that he'll be good but more times then not, he's happy to play with a toy and talk to sister in the back seat.  He enjoys playing on the floor, jumping in his jumper, grabbing everything, practicing sitting up, crinkly toys, his feet and thinks his brother and sister are the best entertainment.  He get's so excited when they come over to him.  He's happy with anyone until he sees mommy and then he starts whining until I take him.  Collins often says "don't let him see you!" when she's holding him. 

He was an angel at Disney World.  He spent about 12 hours a day being carried around and he hardly made a peep.  Just slept in the carrier, got passed around and even got to enjoy quite a few rides! We can't wait to take him back when he's older.

My little baby boy, your as sweet as they come.  You'll just lay with us and touch our faces and chat.  I soak up any chance I get to rock you and just hold you. You smile almost all day long and your dimples make you that much more irresistible. Your most likely the last baby so could you please stop growing?  Love you! xoxo


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Brooks at 3

My wild and crazy little boy turned 3 at the end of August.  I mean little when I say little.  He weighed in at 26.8 lbs (10%) and was 36.4 inches (25%) at his well visit.  I think he runs off all his calories because he can eat like a teenager.  As long as it isn't dairy.  No cheese on his burgers or sandwiches, rarely likes yogurt and milk is a no go too.  He loves macaroni and cheese though and lasagna might be his favorite food. He's a big breakfast fan too.
He moved out of his crib way back in January and was potty trained in February.  Both seem like forever ago.  He did awesome at both transitions.
I'll count my lucky stars that this boy still naps.  Only about 1-1.5 hours but I'll take any kind of quiet break that I can get.  At night, he snuggles his blanky and curious George monkey (sometimes a few other stuffed animals) and is out from about 8pm-7am.   

Like his daddy, sports are his love language.  He's always asking to play baseball and prefers to have you pitch him the ball then hit off his tee.  He adores Salvy from the Royals and get's so excited for the Salvy Splash. He even got his own orange Gatorade bucket and splash at his birthday party.  He took soccer and tball earlier this year and is  currently in gymnastics. He enjoys playing games, YouTube, riding his bike, bothering his sister and holding his brother.

One thing he for sure got from me is being a chicken.  He won't go into a dark or go upstairs or downstairs unless someone else is there.  He is the worst at hide and seek because he get's too scared to actually come find you. 

He started preschool this year! He loves it and gets sad on Monday's when Collins goes but he doesn't.  I can already tell he's benefiting so much from it.  We got him evaluated for speech and he qualified for services so he'll be getting some help with his speech starting pretty soon.  He talks a ton, it's just hard to understand him.  And recently, he's started to stutter, though they say that part is normal at this age. 

Brooks is one of the funniest kids I know.  His facial expressions, dance moves and the things he says, make us laugh daily.  He is so darn sweet too.  He'll randomly come give me a tight hug and say "I love you so much, mommy." He may not listen to me very well but his teachers say he's excellent at school.  Other than wanting to use the urinal multiple times a day (gross).  I'm so proud of how polite he is.  Holding doors open, saying please and thank you, etc.  He is just the best.

Brooks, you go 100 mph and but this family wouldn't be whole without you. You've taken on the big brother role so well and love your baby Kai so much. I can't wait to watch your guys' relationship grow.  Your my sweet boy and I love you so much.

He had a baseball birthday party and got to witness the solar eclipse on his actual birthday!

*Photos courtesy of The Studio.  Some of my favorite pics of all time. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kai at 3 months

Kai bug is now 3 months old! Not too much has changed since last month so I'll make this short and not too boring :)

Unfortunately, Kai had to visit the ER last week for croup.  He's following right in his brother's footsteps.  Although Brooks never got it before he was a year! The steroid helped quickly, thank goodness! It was so sad to hear and see him sick.  I believe he weighed in at 12lbs 6oz.
I jinxed myself after my last post and things went south in the nap department.  I never know if he's going to nap for 30 min or 2 hours.  Usually only cat naps throughout the day. Buuuut he goes to bed about 7pm and sleeps till at least 5am, sometimes even later.  So I have to remind myself during the day when I feel like I'm constantly rocking him to sleep, for it to only last 30 min, that he'll sleep when I want to sleep.  And speaking of sleep, he is brutal to get to fall asleep.  I've never had a baby that doesn't pass out after nursing.   I have to bounce and sway to get him to sleep.  I usually come out of his room sweating.  He didn't get the memo that my last baby needed to be super snuggly. 

On the bright side, he is getting much better in the car.  I forgot my wrap the other day and he actually made it through the store, in his car seat, without crying!

He's started to lift his feet into the air so I'm wondering if rolling is in his near future.  He's starting to roll over to his side so I better not leave him unattended on the couch anymore.  He grabs his toys and will sometimes pull his paci out of his mouth and hang on to it.  If his paci isn't in his mouth, usually his fist is. Which leads to lots of drool. I can't decide if he's teething or not, stay tuned. 

He attended his first college football game.  We were nervous for the 4 hour car ride there and back but he hardly made a peep the entire day.  Must have been because he loves his K-State Wildcats. 
We've gotten a few laughs from him and he continues to be the center of attention at our house. 

Well, my 30 minutes is up. He's awake.  Kai, please stop growing up and be my baby forever.  Love you so much.

Friday, September 29, 2017

5 on Friday

No joke, I started this last week and never got around to finishing it because....

3 kids is HARD! Whoever said going from 2-3 kids was a piece of cake, LIED!!! Even with the first two being only 21 months apart, it was much easier.  Now I have fighting kids, a fussy baby and a to do list that hasn't been touched in days. So.much.going.on. It may look like I've got it all together (if you follow me on IG), but it's a zoo around here.

 Collins and Brooks both go to preschool T/TH mornings and I find myself running any errand quick because 1) Baby hates the car seat 2) I want to get home to watch Kelly and Ryan.  I pretty much only watch it for the first 15 min but seriously, they crack me up! Anyone else?

 Uber eats. I may never have to leave my house again. Not many options for our area yet but I can tell I'm gonna love it. Cause baby hates the car seat.

The hubby (ugh I can't believe I just used that word) has a birthday tomorrow so we are taking a day trip back home to go to a K-State game!! I haven't been to one since Collins' was a baby so I'm excited. We're only taking the baby. The baby that hates the car seat. 4 hours in the car outta be real fun.

We leave for Disney in less than 60 days!!! I know this because we had to book our fast passes last week at the 60 day mark. I'm not a fan of character clothes but for this trip, bring on allll the mickey stuff.  Pajamas? Yep! Shoes? Yep!  It's a good thing I started buying stuff over a year ago.

SIX (cause I can)
I saved the best for last, I'm getting a nephew in March!!!! My sister Amber is expecting and we are over the moon excited.  There will be a 9 year gap between this baby and Aiden but he is beyond excited for a baby brother. Yay for more babies!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Kai at 2 months

Phew, this month was a little more tough than the first.  My mind was at ease after I read that 6-8 weeks are often fussy due to their digestive system still developing and them being awake more.  I'd say that's pretty accurate.  He's not near as fussy as Brooks was but not quite as laid back as newborn Kai.


 Stats: 11lbs 8oz (30%), 21 3/4in (5%). We started out with an absurd amount of size 1 diapers that I'm trying to use up.  Size 2 fits much better. Wearing 0-3 month clothes.

Health: The jaundice in his eye has went away and now he's left with a clogged tear duct. Not that they go hand in hand.  His right eye is really bad and occasionally his left one gets gross.  Collins' fought this her first year of life so we know what to do and we hope it clears up before hers did.  I can almost always guarantee that his fussiness is because he needs to poop. His pediatrician suggested we start a probiotic and I've been a big believer in it with him, like I was with Brooks.  It doesn't solve the problem right away but usually gets things moving.  
 Eating: Eats about every 3 hours during the day and does an 8 hour stretch at night.  Puts down 4-5oz when he has a bottle.

Sleeping: He is a rock star sleeper.  The past 2 weeks we've gotten into more of a schedule. I started having him nap in our room which I think has been key. It's just too loud downstairs. He takes about a 2 hour morning nap, 2-3 hour afternoon nap and about an hour nap around dinner.   The evenings are when he gets fussy and doesn't sleep till closer to 9 but then sleeps till at least 4am.  I'll take the fussy evenings for a good nights sleep.  Honestly, he doesn't even fully wake up for that middle of the night feeding either.  He just starts wanting his paci and doesn't go back into a deep sleep until he's changed and fed.  He no longer sleeps in the rock n play but sleeps on his tummy in the pack n play.  I know, I know, it still freaks me out but I have the video monitor on him and he wears an Owlet monitor on his foot.  So I feel a little more at ease. 

Play: The floor, swing and bouncer are all fun but for a short time.  He smiles and talks so much, especially to sis.  I think it's more out of luck than with purpose but he bats at his toys with his hands.  We fail at giving him much tummy time.  He can lift and hold his head up off our shoulder and bares weight on his feet. 

Despises the car seat.  I dread having to take him anywhere cause we have to listen to him scream.  Even if I pull over and try to give him his paci, he doesn't calm down.  He wants out!

Loves taking a bath (when I remember to give him one).

   He was supposed to have his first sleepover with auntie Amber while we went out for a birthday but he showed off his fussiness and I felt bad for Amber and for him so we came and got him. We got a few hours away so that was nice, I wasn't quite ready to leave him overnight anyway.

Kai, you've been the sweetest addition to our family.  Your siblings fight daily on who gets to hold you first, who can sit closer to you and even who you look at.  I've caught Brooks moving your head so that your facing him, not Collins'.  It's ridiculous how much they love you. Don't worry, I swoop in and rescue you.  I can't blame them though, I adore you just as much. I think the feelings mutual because you've been pretty attached to me the last couple weeks.  I love you so much baby.