Thursday, June 26, 2014

19 months

19 months, going on 5.  You seem to think you are way older then you are and that you can do everything by yourself.  Hints the huge bump on your forehead in these pictures.  You were walking up the stairs behind me and I think you turned around to grab a shoe off the step and fell down and smacked your head on the hardwood floor.  You keep bumping it so I'm not sure it will ever heal.

Other things your think you need to do by yourself are sitting at the picnic table for meals and snacks (we don't allow for dinner), WALK down the stairs without holding our hand, throw things away, especially your diapers after we change you, try to change your own diaper and wipe yourself, brush your own teeth, pour water on your head and scrub with the washcloth, take your shoes off and sit in a chair or the booth at restaurants. You love having your hair done and helping pick out a bow after we get your dressed. Your hair is getting curlier and curlier and I love it!
  You've sat on the potty a couple times and haven't actually went but like to get a piece of toilet paper, wipe and throw it in the toilet. I think your just about ready for potty training if we can get you talking more. 

Our scale says 22.5 pounds and I would guess around 32 inches. You are always asking to eat (yes, finally saying the word) so hopefully your packing on some weight. Still in a size 5 shoe, size 4 diaper and 12-18 month clothes. You are so slow in the teeth department and only have 8 teeth. You've been sticking your fingers in your mouth lately and had a low grade fever the other day so I'm hoping some teeth are coming. And let's pray they all come at once, teething is no fun. 

Like I mentioned before, eating is your favorite.  You get so mad when I tell you it's not time to eat and I usually give in because there are only so many times I  can hear "eat, eat, eat." When you really want to get your point across you sign the word eat as you say it. I get it girlfriend, your hungry. You love reading books and will sit in the rocking chair in your room and just look at them by yourself. It's very rare that you'll be in a room by yourself but this is one thing you will do alone. 

As of 2 nights ago, you are sleeping in a toddler bed! You having been falling right to sleep and sleeping through the night.  I was scared for nap time but you've done so great and haven't attempted to get out of bed at all. You wait in your bed and yell for me and then climb off as soon as I open the door.  I cried when we set up your new bed. It's just not right that your already out of your crib. We were going to do the transition regardless since brother needs it but you climbed out of your crib 2 weeks ago so it was definitely time. Hopefully your 8pm-7am and 1.5-2 hour naps stick around with this new transition. It probably won't be long till you realize you have toys and books in your room that are better then sleeping. 
Still need bedding for it
Talking isn't your strongest trait but it's getting better. Some new words are  "no," "eat," "eh you" (thank you), "doggy,"  "uck" (duck), "that," and we swear you say "what's that?" I've caught you multiple times saying thank you without being prompted and that makes me very proud. Your please is still more of a tongue roll/spit but at least you try and it sure makes everyone laugh. Especially your cousins! 

You love swimming and hate being held in the pool. You'll go as deep as you can possibly touch and sometimes even too deep that you go under water. Doesn't phase you a bit though. You'll let me hold you on your back in the pool for a few seconds and you like to lay on your belly if it's shallow enough and kick your feet. I wish you had a little more fear of the water cause you can be a handful at the pool. Glad you love it though cause we have been going almost everyday (yes, you have a better tan then I do).

Too bright outside
You've really been throwing some fits this month and have started to hit anything or anyone in your way when you get mad. We're working on that one. I know it's because of the lack of communication so I try and get you to use your words to express yourself instead. Sometimes I just have to let you throw your fit on the floor for a couple minutes and then talk about the situation. I sure hope this phase passes quickly cause it can sure be stressful. 

We get so many compliments on how good you are and for the most part, you really are. Your just like me and are happiest when we are out and about and around others. We are watching cousin Aiden for the summer and you beyond happy about that. You guys share such a special bond and I have a feeling you won't be happy to trade him for a baby brother in August. 

I love you more and more each day.  My baby girl, forever and always. 

30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks (6/17/14)

Size of baby:  Roughly 15.7 inches and almost 3 pounds.  About the size of a head of cabbage.

Feeling: Pretty great! I don't ever get heartburn but I think I've been having some.  Good thing Derek buys Tums in bulk and has been nice enough to share. 

Weight gain: Up 16 pounds at my doctor visit. 

Gender: BOY!! The name reveal is coming! My sister ordered him a personalized gift so as soon as I get it (hopefully this week), I will share :) 

Cravings: Can't think of anything I had to have this week. I wish I could skip meals and just eat desserts because nothing ever sounds good. Thinking of dinner ideas for the week is pure torture. And I could easily be a vegetarian right now. 

Best moment this week: Went to the doctor and got to hear his heartbeat.  It was 180 was seems high to me but she didn't say anything.  We also talked about when to head to the hospital if I start having contractions and got our preadmission paperwork.  It's getting real folks.

Movement: Just watch my stomach and I can almost guarantee you'll see some movement.  So crazy to SEE him moving inside.

Sleep: Numerous bathroom trips but sleeping pretty good. 

Maternity clothes: I definitely go for the maternity tanks over the non maternity tanks when getting dressed but can fit into both.  The non maternity tanks and my t-shirts are getting short so I save those for when I'm at home.  All my shorts are non maternity but a size bigger then normal. 

Milestones:  His eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen.  Even after birth, he'll keep them closed for a good part of the day (let's hope).  He will respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision and only make out objects a few inches from his face. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks (6/3/14)

Size of baby:  14.8 inches and 2 1/4 pounds. About the size of an eggplant.

Feeling: I was bummed to have to take the 3 hour glucose test but it wasn't too bad and I had a nice morning to myself.  Even if it was at the doctors office getting blood taken every hour and drinking that awful drink again.  Some lower back pain has started in too.  

Weight gain: 17 pounds.  Staying right on track of where I want to be.  Less weight gained equals less weight to lose.   

Gender: BOY!!  And we had a name change this week which is exactly why I am scared to announce. We went back to an original name that we liked so I'm pretty certain we are set with it now.  But I'm still not sure if we should announce in fear of it changing.  It starts with a B now instead of D.  Driving you nuts?

Cravings: I tried to take it easy on the sweets until my glucose test was over but I still did some serious damage to Oreos.   

Best moment this week: Passing my 3 hour glucose test!!! Usually baby boy gets shy (or stubborn) when people try to feel him kick but he kicked a ton for Derek one night and all my friends got to feel him at our girls/willies reunion day. 

Movement: He sure is getting strong. I can't wait to see if he is this active after he is born.  I sure hope not because we might never sleep around here.

Sleep: Having to pee 2+ times a night is really getting old.  Sleeping on my back and stomach sounds amazing right about now too.  I occasionally wake up on my back and debate staying but since baby can't get good oxygen that wait, I take one for the team and roll to my side. 

Maternity clothes: Been living in non maternity athletic shirts and tanks, just a size larger.  Sporting the maternity dresses and tanks on the weekends though. 

Milestones:  He can blink his eyes which now sport lashes. With increasingly developed eyesight, he may be able to see the light that filters through the womb. He's developing billions of  neurons in the brain and gaining weight to prepare for life outside the womb.

29 weeks

Taking a weekly pic is turning out to be way harder then it probably should be.  Sorry dude.

How far along: 29 weeks (6/10/14)

Size of baby:  2 1/2 pounds and a tad over 15 inches.  About the size of a butternut squash.

Feeling: Some heartburn here and there and I think only 1 headache this week.  Having some sharp back pains and it's getting harder and harder to get off the floor when I am playing with Collins.

Weight gain: Scale still reading 17 pounds.

Gender: BOY!!  I signed his name on Derek's father's day card so it's basically official.  Maybe I'll share next week.  Or maybe I'll torture you and wait till he's born. 

Cravings: I polished off 2 sleeves of Town House buttery crackers in 2 days.  Yep, 1 sleeve a day and that was AFTER I ate lunch.  And sweets always sound good. 

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery painted! Our walls were a real b*tch and we almost didn't go through with the stripes but Derek pushed through (on Father's Day I might add) and I am so in love with them.  I constantly go in there and look at them.  Can't wait to get the furniture and decorations up now.  Oh and maybe put a baby in there.

Movement: As much as this guy moves, I'll be totally shocked if he likes being swaddled. And he likes to wait till I want to go to sleep to really get crazy in there.

Sleep: I finally busted the pregnancy pillow back out.  And pregnancy Charlie horses are not a myth.  I am terrified to stretch my legs in the morning because of them.  Oh the pain. Naps are pretty mandatory too.  I started watching my 5 year old nephew for the summer so we are staying extra busy.  We all crash in the afternoon.

Maternity clothes: Same as last week.  99% of the time I am in workout shorts and a tank top.  I assure you that there is no working out going on though.

Milestones:  Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Collins' Heart Murmur

At Collins' 18 month visit last week, they heard a heart murmur.  They only rated it as a 1/2 on a level from 1-6 (6 being the worst), but since Derek had a heart condition awhile ago, they thought it was a good idea to get it checked out by a pediatric cardiologist. 

We had that appointment on Monday and I am happy to announce that everything looked great.  Yes, she has a heart murmur but it's a normal one and nothing we need to be concerned about at all.  Basically, you can just hear her blood running to and from her heart.  Since she has such a thin chest, it's easy to hear. He described it as water running through a hose.  It's normal to hear the water running through the hose but a not normal heart murmur would be a different sound like if the hose had a hole and you heard the water spouting out. 

We won't need to do a follow up and it will be ok if at times they can hear it and times they don't.  She has a healthy heart and that makes mommy and daddy very relieved.  Of course she was their best patient ever.  She got a little antsy during the long sonogram of her heart but they had some pretty neat toys to distract her.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Ya know, just a week late. We spent our memorial weekend in El Dorado at my sisters house. The weather wasn't the best but that didn't stop us from boating, playing outside, venturing to the splash park and grilling out. 

Collins is always terrified of their boat in the driveway (it's massive, I don't blame her) but she surprised me and was in absolute heaven when we got on it at the lake. And the ice cold lake water? Didn't phase these kids one bit. Luckily auntie Amber is the best and ventured in there with them. And then no nap Collins melted down like I have never seen before and nana Jana was kind enough to take her home and let me and Derek enjoy more lake time. 

Hopefully it was just the no nap and we will get to enjoy a lot more boat weekends this summer. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

27 Weeks

How far along: 27 weeks (5/27/14)

Size of baby:  14 1/2 inches long and almost 2 pounds.  About the size of a head of cauliflower

Feeling: A little bummed since failing my glucose test.  I failed it the first time with Collins as well but I really didn't see it coming this time around.  I don't eat near as much sugar as I did when I was pregnant with her.  Hopefully I pass the 3 hour test like I did with her.  We shall find out on Wednesday.

Weight gain: 16 pounds.  I feel so much bigger this time around but I just looked at my pregnancy posts from Collins and I am exactly where I was with her.  Going to try and only gain 1 pound a week from here on out. He's measuring 1 week ahead but Colllins always was too. 

Gender: BOY!!  

Cravings: Haven't got my s'mores fix yet. But I did get some sopapillas at my birthday dinner and they really hit the spot. 

Best moment this week: I can't think of anything baby specific but his kicks and movement never get old.  And Collins lifting up my shirt to give baby brother a kiss. 

Movement: This boy is an active fella.  I wish Collins understand what was going on when she is laying against my belly and he kicks her. 

Sleep: Besides the bathroom trips, I sleep pretty good.  But if I wake up anytime after about 3am, it's a bit of a struggle to fall back asleep.  And our room has been SO bright in the morning so I've been waking up around 6:30-7 (even though Collins sleeps till about 7:30-8).

Maternity clothes: I went on a birthday shopping spree and got some maternity and some non maternity.  I did finally buy a maternity swim suit though. I've been wearing hand me down ones or non maternity ones but they just don't cover the belly like I would like. 

Milestones:  He's sleeping and waking at regular intervals (let's hope these change when he arrives cause he likes to party in the middle of the night), is opening and closing his eyes and maybe even sucking on his fingers.  His brain is very active now and even though his lungs are immature, they are capable of functioning with a lot of medical help if he were to be born now.  Stay put young man! Hiccups may be common now.