Wednesday, July 25, 2012

22 Weeks (7/20/12)

How far along? 22 weeks

Size of baby: 12.5 ounces and 11 inches. About the size of a spaghetti squash

Weight gain: Up 9 lbs at my appointment this morning.

Maternity clothes: I don't even know the last time I wore anything maternity. I live in comfy clothes during the week and either dresses or shorts and tanks in bigger sizes on the weekends. 

Stretch marks: Nope. 

Sleep: Not too bad this week. Still the usual waking to go to the bathroom 2-3 times. I guess I better get used to this till after Collins comes. 

Symptoms:Felt great this week! I got a headache once but took tylenol and it was gone.

 Best moment this week:So many things!! Hearing her heartbeat this morning (doc didn't tell me what it was but it seemed pretty fast so I would say in 150s still). I wish my Doppler at home picked up her heartbeat because it's the best sound ever. Painters come tomorrow to paint her nursery, we registered last weekend and I got her outfit that I think she will be coming home in. 

Movement: Oh yeah. Her kicks have gotten so much stronger and I don't have to concentrate on feeling her move. She catches me off guard all the time now. For my records-  I SAW my stomach move and felt her kick from the outside for the first time on 7/18/12 and Derek felt her kick for the first time on 7/19/12.  She is kicking as I type this :)

Food cravings: Does it have sugar? Then YES! (name the movie). That pretty much sums up my cravings. Candy, syrup, chocolate, if it has sugar, I want it. 

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Not having to pee every 5 min! I swear I just get done going and 5 min later, I have to go again. 

Milestones: She is finally a pound!

So I had my monthly appointment this morning and everything looked great! She measured me for the first time and I was 3 centimeters bigger then I should be! Your supposed to be a centimeter for each week you are so Collins is measuring 3 weeks ahead right now! My doctor said she could have just had a growth spurt and will slow down now (this is what I think as well since I had those bad growing pains and my appetite has been out of this world), could be extra fluid or who knows what else. She wasn't concerned one bit. She said better her be big then small. I agree but I think I will watch what I eat more and get out and go for walk in the evenings. I have been slacking on the working out and need to get back to the gym. Also, I scheduled my appointments up until the end of October! Crazy that I don't have that many more appointments before Collins makes her debut!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

21 Weeks (7/13/12)

Woah belly! It's growing like crazy!

How far along? 21 weeks

Size of baby: 10.5 ounces and 7 1/4 inches. About the size of a large banana

Weight gain: 7+lbs We had a scare last week (you can read about it here) so we had an unplanned doctors appt last Monday. They of course weighed me and I about died when I saw I had gained 3 lbs in just over a week! I was up 4 lbs when we found out the gender and up 7 lbs last week. No wonder I was having such bad growing pains, Collins' growing like a weed!

Maternity clothes: I don't even know the last time I wore anything maternity. I live in comfy clothes during the week and either dresses or shorts and tanks in bigger sizes on the weekends. I just bought some new shorts yesterday and just got a big size at Old Navy instead of buying maternity.

Stretch marks: Nope. Going through cocoa butter pretty quickly nowadays.

Sleep: Not very good lately. Still waking to go to the bathroom and it's been taking me forever to fall asleep at night. Then I am wide awake at 5am. 

Symptoms: Last week was the toughest week so far. I had sharp, constant pains on my right side all week. Tylenol helped a little but they didn't go away till Friday. It hurt so bad to sit up, turn and pretty much do anything. I'm in for a rude awakening when i'm in labor. 

Best moment this week: Announcing Collins' name!!! Buying fabric for her bedding yesterday. My brother's fiance's mom is making it and I am SO excited for it to be done. We also bought and set up the crib this week. Haven't painted yet but I was dying to set it up. 

Movement: Yes! Everyday, especially when I am laying down.  She was kicking at the baseball game last weekend and at church today. Think she was unsure of the loud noises!

Food cravings: Breakfast foods. I've been loving frozen, store bought pancakes (hey, their easy), with either peanut butter or melted chocolate chips, powdered sugar and syrup on them. Real healthy, I know. 

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: A good nights sleep. I guess I better get used to this cause it's going to be awhile before I sleep through the night again. 

Milestones: Past the halfway mark and getting that much closer to November 23!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Lorson's name is....

Collins Cate Lorson

Collins- I had a family contact me interested in my daycare for their little girl, Collins.  Things didn't work out with the family so she doesn't come to my daycare and we will probably never see them so surely they won't mind that I took their name. Derek loved it too so we were set on a girl's name before we even knew whether baby was a boy or girl. We thought about using Collins for a boy too but it didn't stick as well. Come to find out, I guess it's the daughters name in Blind Side but if the name wasn't popular when the movie was popular, surely it won't get popular now.

Cate (Kate with a C)- I was having a hard time coming up with a middle name that went with Collins. My sister Amber actually suggested it and I knew that was it right away. I debated on the K or the C but we like the nickname CeCe so C it was. Plus I love the monogram for CLC better then CLK too. There will be many more outfits with her name or initials on it.

So there you have our baby girls name. I can't wait to finally be able to write her name in posts! We couldn't be happier with the name and love calling her by her name already. I might have been calling her Collins before we even knew it was a girl. I just had this feeling this baby inside of me was a girl and was our Collins. Now we can't wait to put a face to Collins.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July

With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year and us having to work the next day, we decided to stay in KC and have a low key day. My brother and his fiance moved into their new house the Friday before so we went to their neighborhood pool all day, had pizza for dinner and then drove down the street to watch the big Cooperate Woods fireworks show. It was the perfect day and we are so glad we finally know somebody with a pool!

Funny story (well it wasn't funny when it happened but now it is), Tony had taken Aiden to the pool bathroom and took of his puddle jumper so he could go to the bathroom. He told Aiden he couldn't get back in the pool till he put his floatie back on. Well Aiden decided when he walked out of the bathroom that he knew how to swim and jumped in the pool. Amber was super mom and was in that pool in .02 seconds! We kept taking off his floatie when we were in the pool WITH HIM and practiced swimming but he is far from knowing how to do it. That kid sinks like a rock. So that was our highlight of the day. Props to Amber for getting to him as quick as she did. She couldn't be mad at Mike for dunking her under water earlier in the day because she got her hair wet during this life saving moment anyway.

Fireworks are illegal in KC but that didn't stop Mike from picking some up in Topeka and letting Aiden do some. What's the 4th of July without setting off fireworks?!



 LOL!! Chickens!

And then Mike decided to light the box on fire too. Typical male

Monday, July 9, 2012

Officially That Person

You know the 1st time parent who calls the doctor at every ache and pain? The one that thinks something is constantly wrong with the baby? Well that is officially, ME!

So from pretty early on in the pregnancy, I have had some cramping. After googling it and talking with my doctor (at an already scheduled appt), I knew it was just growing pains. Well Saturday night they were pretty bad but went away Sunday. This morning at about 1am, I got bad cramps again. Tried to just sleep it off but finally at 4:30am I got up to take tylenol. Since the doctors office obviously wasn't open, I googled my symptoms because these pains were wwaaayyy worse then they have been before and I couldn't even move without feeling like I was being stabbed. Let me give you some advice, DON'T google your symptoms when your pregnant. After reading a couple things, I was sure my uterus had ripped off the wall and I was bleeding internally. Cue bawl fest. Derek was up at this point and talked me into calling the office who would page the on call doctor. I hated to be that person but I didn't know what else to do. The poor operator could hardly understand me through my crying and finally said "I can hear your voice is distressed, I will page the doctor and have her call you asap." 5 sec later, a doctor called. She assured me that where my pain was, I was probably fine but to take tylenol and go to hospital if I wanted or just call the office when it opened if the pain persisisted.  This eased my mind and the tylenol helped enough that I could sleep a little more.

Still had pain this morning but wasn't as bad with the tylenol. Decided to call doctors office anyway at 10:30 and after going over all the symptoms, the nurse was going to relay the message to my doctor and see what she wanted to do. I was sure it was just growing pains at this point and just assumed my doctor would order me in a prescription. Got a call from nurse at 11:30 saying my doctor thought it was best I come in and get checked out. Cue bawl fest again. I just knew it was serious if she wanted me to come in. My doctor was booked so they wanted me to come in asap to see another doctor and get checked. Thank heavens my neighbor is a licensed daycare provider as well and only had 1 kid today and could come sit with mine while they napped (thanks Tabitha)!

So Derek came rushing home and we headed to appointment. They got me right in and after checking my cervix (which is luckily still closed) and going over my symptoms again, it was confirmed that it was just my round ligaments growing. I felt like a complete idiot for making a big fuss out of all this and assured her I wasn't being a baby and I could handle the pain (which was awful and still is) but it was reading what I did on google that really made me want to come in. She was super sweet and said these pains are the worst at 20 weeks and lots of people get concerned about them. So baby girl is doing just fine and we heard her moving around and her heart beating and this momma can finally feel at ease. So thankful everything is ok and I hope that was the last of the scares. I swore I wouldn't be this person!!! My doctor is probably thinking "wow, if this girl is complaining about these pains, what the hell is she going to be like when she's in labor?!" Let's just say they better have the epidural ready before I get there!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

20 Weeks (7/6/12)

How far along? 20 weeks

Size of baby: 6 to 6.3 inches and 9 ounces. About the size of a banana. From now on, they measure from head to toe and not head to butt.

Weight gain: I think 5-6 lbs 

Maternity clothes: Mostly wearing comfy clothes and dresses. When I wear jeans, I wear a bellaband with my regular jeans or maternity jeans Wearing some maternity shirts and a tankini to the pool!

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Not very good lately. Still waking to go to the bathroom and having a hard time falling  back asleep after I wake up to switch sides since I have to move the whole pillow as well.

Symptoms: Little cramping on the left side today. I'm sure it was just growing cramps but they kept me awake a lot this morning.

Best moment this week: Shopping for our little girl and planning the nursery. Derek bought his first outfit for her today. 2 Chiefs onesies and a K-state hat. Duh!  Aiden was very curious about her on the 4th of July. Kept saying her name and asked to touch her. Melted my heart. He is going to be a great cousin.

Movement: Yes! Everyday, especially when I am laying down. 

Food cravings: Breakfast foods, candy and cheese. Pretty much anything besides meat. I can do meat in small doses but no hamburger or steak for me.

Gender: GIRL!!!!! It's killing me not to tell the name!

What I miss: Sleeping on my back and stomach, although I keep waking up on my back. 

Milestones: Half way!!

Someone likes the baby's clothes...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Frerking/Frakes Wedding

Last weekend we were in Manhattan for the Frerking/Frakes wedding. The Frakes are super close with my family and I consider Chris my little brother. The wedding was beautiful and they are they are the cutest couple ever!

 Being announced to Red Solo cup. So fitting for them
 Harper was in awe

Dad, Amy, the kids, Derek and me went together. 

 He looked so cute praying

Willie the Wildcat came and the music got really loud. Harper was not impressed

 Trying so hard to stay awake and keep her ears plugged


This is our 7th picture because Pax kept closing his eyes. Their finally open in this one and I am talking telling him to keep his eyes open!

Willie made an appearance and the kids were in HEAVEN. Well, not Harper of course.

We had a great time at the wedding and being in Manhattan.

Half way!

20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go. Can't wait to meet this little girl. (Thanks aunt Amy for putting her in her first crown).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

19 Weeks (6/29/12)

How far along? 19 weeks

Size of baby: 5.5 to 6 inches from crown to rump and 9 ounces. About the size of a heirloom tomato.

Weight gain: 4 lbs when I was at doctor Friday but I feel like my appetite has picked up and I have probably gained 1-2 lbs since Friday. She wanted me to be at least 5 lbs by 20 weeks so I think I'm good now :)

Maternity clothes: Mostly wearing comfy clothes and dresses. When I wear jeans, I wear a bellaband with my regular jeans or maternity jeans Wearing some maternity shirts and a tankini to the pool!

Stretch marks: Nope. I inspect everyday

Sleep: Just the usual waking up twice a night to go to the bathroom.

Symptoms: Felt great this week! 

Best moment this week: Finding out baby is a GIRL and seeing her cute little face and body. She looks absolutely perfect and we can't wait to meet her. And yes, she has a name but waiting on something to come in before we announce. 

Movement: Yes! Everyday, especially when I am laying down. 

Food cravings: Candy and cheese. Cheese pizza, mac and cheese etc. Still not a huge fan of meat right now.

Gender: GIRL!!!!! Let's just say this little girl isn't going to have to wear an outfit twice. She is pretty stocked on bows too. 

What I miss: Nothing! I have been having so much fun buying for her, telling family her name and designing her nursery. 

And because it's the 4th of July and she just happens to already have 2 outfits, here is 1 I picked up this morning. Everyone is having great specials on the 4th clothes so might as well get this cheap!  Now she needs a big red, white and blue bow

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sonogram pics

I wish I could have a sonogram everyday. It was so fun watching baby L move around and to see her sweet face. Here are the pictures they gave us:

Her cute little profile

 Her foot. I like how the technician wrote DSW girl. She will for sure have shoes from there!

Putting her hand up by her head

Her girl parts. I saw this right away and thought it was a boy. Technician says girl so let's hope she knows what she is talking about cause baby girl's closet is already stalked up...
Clothes from cousins Halle, Hazel and Paizley. This is just 0-3 winter clothes!

Not to mention all the things myself and her aunties have ordered her. Can't wait to dress her up!