Sunday, September 30, 2012

Galva Shower

A couple ladies from Derek's hometown threw me a baby shower last Sunday. I think it's so sweet that the ladies in the town take turns throwing wedding/baby/etc showers for other people. I had a wedding shower there too. People that I have hardly met take time from their day to come and I think it's the sweetest thing.
Collins was spoiled with many things including some adorable outfits, bows, a tutu, diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, money, gift cards, toys, blankets, etc. 1 of the hostesses said she reads my blog (hi Susan!) and saw that I had been craving butterfingers so she got me the biggest bag of butterfingers I have ever seen. I thought that was so nice of her. I can thank her for my weight gain.
Derek's sister was nice enough to take pictures for me even though she had her 3 girls to look after. Thanks Jaime!
 Thank you Amber for telling me that this shirts makes you look like an elephant AFTER my shower. I will never wear this shirt again. But are the pics. I made Derek go because I don't know everyone that well so he had to help me out.
Derek's mom made that bear she is holding. His aunt found it when they were moving and wanted to give it to me for Collins to have. Derek used to play with it and now Collins will.
Thank you so much everyone who came to the shower and especially to the ladies who put it together for me. Collins can't wait to get to Galva and meet everyone!


  1. Omg laughing so hard about the elephant comment but I have to agree, not the most flattering shirt. Who the hell would put puffy sleeves on a maternity shirt?!?!? No pregnant woman needs help in the "fluffy" department when they are prego!!

  2. EXACTLY!!! Lesson learned, burning the shirt

  3. You don't look like an elephant. Not my favorite shirt but you DON'T look like an elephant. I will admit though, after reading that section 'pink elephants on parade' may have played in my head for a while :).