Sunday, December 28, 2014

A very merry Christmas

 Santa came, the decorations are down and Christmas is officially over. I think me and Collins both cried when the tree came down. The house is back to its boring self. Before I completely move on from Christmas, here's how we celebrated. 

 Our best Christmas present arrived in August and it was so special to celebrate his first Christmas. 

This was the first year we didn't go to Derek's parents on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. I just wanted to stay home for Christmas morning this year and not worry about packing our presents and worrying about Santa getting her big present there. My mom came over on Xmas eve and we had tacos and then her and I took Collins to a few places to look at lights. Collins is obsessed with lights and all the blow up yard figures. Brooks doesn't do well in the car and since me and mom are just as obsessed as Collins with Christmas lights, Derek got the boot. We did our traditional 1 present (always pajamas) when we got back and then the kids put their new, matching pajamas on, set out milk and cookies for Santa and went to bed. 

Unfortunately, Collins woke up at 3:30am throwing up. She did it again at 4:30am and I just knew we were gonna have to call off our Christmas plans. 

Derek slept the rest of the night with her so when Brooks woke up a little before her, I brought him downstairs and we waited in anticipation for Collins to wake up. She was ecstatic when she came down the stairs and saw what Santa brought. I was surprised she didn't go straight for "baby boo boo," the only thing she asked for. Instead, she went straight for her new kitchen. 
We enjoyed Santas toys, dumped out our stockings and opened presents. She was acting like her normal self so after attempting to rest a little, we headed to my brothers house. 

We spent Christmas Day with my family and then left the day after Christmas to spend a couple days with Derek's family. Collins never threw up again but she didn't have an appetite for 4 days. She had so much fun with all her cousins and family. 

It was the best feeling to experience Christmas through my kiddos eyes. Collins really got into it this year and I'm sure each year is just going to get better and better. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 years old

photos taken by the ever so loving sister, Amy with The Studio El Dorado. 
"The days are long but the years are short." I heard this quote this week and it couldn't be more correct.  2 years gone in the blink of an eye.  Hold me.
At 2 years, you are FINALLY free from your binky. It's been about 3 weeks now and I wish I could say it was easy but it was pretty brutal. Still is. You have cried at almost every nap and bedtime since we took it away. You don't ask for it anymore but your not happy to go to bed either. I've been so tempted to give them back. But they "broke" (I cut the nipples off) and we threw them away. On the plus side, you are 100% potty trained. You no longer hold #2 for days or put up a battle when we know you have to poop. Accidents are few and far between and you must check out the bathroom in every public place.  Drives me crazy when you say you have to go and I lug you and your brother to the germ infested bathroom to have you not even go a drop.
In other big girl news, we recently moved you into a new (to you) queen bed . Well, we thought it was a full but turns out, it's a queen. The toddler bed just wasn't big enough for you and your 10 babies and 500 stuffed animals you take to bed. We put flannel sheets on your bed and mommy and daddy have a hard time not sleeping with you. It's SO comfy!
You got away with no shots and only the flu mist at your 2 year appt. Weighed in at 23 lbs and 12oz (12%) and 32.5 in (25%). Small gal. Wearing 18-24 month clothes, size 6 shoe and size 5 diaper at bed time. You almost always wake up dry but I'm not ready to go 100% underwear. Changing sheets in the middle of the night doesn't sound pleasing. 
Your pretty shy so people won't believe me but you are talking so much more. Your doing way better repeating words and are constantly saying 2+ word sentences. You call Brooks "book" or "bubba" and Elsie is "nene."  You are a huge helper with Brooks. You give him his binky, turn on his swing or just talk to him if he's crying and I'm not right there. "Hi bubba, hi!" comes from your mouth a lot. 
Your still baby obsessed. Pointing each baby out you see in public and ALWAYS having one with you.  You have an old onesie on one of your favorite babies and you can snap the buttons on the onesie. You did it for no less then an hour the first day you learned how to snap them. You see me taking a lot of pics with my phone and now you always take my phone and take pictures of your babies and stuffed animals. Your also obsessed with dogs, which was the theme for your 2nd birthday party. 

 Pretty soon we are gonna have to give you an allowance. You love to unload the dish washer, throw away diapers, mop, fold laundry, etc. Folding consists of you shaking out every piece of clothing and then laying them flat on the couch. You did a whole pile of laundry one day when I was feeding Brooks.  I just laughed as you were shaking out the wrinkles of our socks. 
Favorite moments: we taught you to  put your hand on your heart for the national anthem and after it was over and it went to commercial, another song came on a commercial and you immediately stopped what you were doing and put your hand on your heart. You say excuse me after you burp or toot and I kept hearing you say it one day. Turns out you had the hiccups and thought you needed to say it after each one. 
Needless to say, you make us laugh daily. We are so proud of the polite, mostly well behaved little girl that you are. Now please take this next year easy on your mom. I can't handle a terrible 2 year old and a baby. Love you bunches. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brooks at 3 months

Stats| No appointment this month so I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he's close to 13lbs and 22-23 inches.  Currently in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month shirts but 0-3 month pants.  Big belly and short leg problems.

Eating| About every 2.5 hours during the day, usually a 5-6 hour stretch at night followed by a 3-4 hour stretch.  I try to give him a bottle before bed but it's usually quicker to just nurse him.  When he takes a bottle, he'll drink 2-3oz. 
Sleeping| He was doing great and taking a long afternoon nap when Collins does but recently it's been a lot of cat napping.  Sometimes he'll sleep 1-3 hours but its usually 30-45 min.  The only good thing about cat naps is that he's been ready for bed about 7pm.  I make him do a dream feed at 9:30 before I go to bed.  I could never get Collins to wake up enough to do a dream feed but this guy doesn't turn down a meal.  After that little snack he sleeps till about 2:30am and around 6am he's ready to snack again and then go back to sleep in bed with me.   

Play| He'd be totally content with no toys and just his fist.  He goes to town on it and I've been putting a bib on him to catch all his drool.  I'm wondering if a tooth is on its way? His favorite thing to do is lay on the floor and talk to people.  He's getting good at hanging on to toys and when he gets a good grip on one, it goes straight to his mouth.  I sat him in the gumbo chair and he had pretty good head control in it.  He despises tummy time so we gotta work those neck muscles other ways. 
Health| We are battling a severe case of cradle cap.  He's had it for about 2 months and we've been on a prescription shampoo but it's still not working.  I called the doctor and we started a prescription cream today to go along with the shampoo.  I have no idea why we can't get it cleared up but he constantly scratches it and rubs it on anything he can.  We are on reflux medicine number 3.  He went about a week without any but he was getting the hiccups and swallowing a lot again so we got him back on it.  He's been such a happier baby the past couple weeks.  He still has some screaming fits but I finally don't want to pull my hair out on a daily basis.  Of course he had a 3 hour crying spell when Derek was out of town which led to me crying right along with him.  I was ready to take him to the emergency room but he finally passed out on my shoulder.   We are so glad to be at the end of the colic stage.  He so easily breaks out in a smile, is a chatterbox and has the cutest little laugh.  Whole new baby. Praise jesus. 

Likes| snuggling in mommy and daddy's bed, eating, anyone talking to him, falling asleep with his binky and the TV.

Dislikes| his binky after he's fallen asleep, his car seat (wwhhhyyyy don't my kids like the car), tummy time and still hates getting out of the bath.

Bubba, Brooksie bear, mama's boy, etc.  You are such a smiley boy now. You just light up when you see someone and always have something to say.  Those chubby cheeks and scrunched nose smiles are irresistible.  I love you so so much. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 on Friday

Back at it this week for 5 on Friday. I can't seem to finish a post so I'll just dump it all into one. Linking up with a couple favorite blogs:

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1. Baby's in leotards. Nothing cuter. Collins started gymnastics with her bestie this week. She did amazing! I was hesitant to do a morning mommy and me class because of Brooks but he quietly watched from his car seat so hopefully we can stay in this class. It will be great to having something to do 1 morning a week this winter. 

2. Her binky "broke."  Ok not really. I cut the tips off but I told her that her teeth broke them. She's potty trained and in a big girl bed, it was time for the binky to go. She seemed ok with it until we left the room and then she freaked. And I thought the cry it out method was rough when she was a baby. This might have been even harder cause now she can talk and yell for us. Broke our hearts but the crying is getting less and less. She'll thank me later when her teeth aren't all whack. 

3.  This mama is sssooo thankful that the baby is finally happy. He has rarely been crying and just lights up when someone looks at him. Please stick around, happy Brooks. 

4.  Little miss turns 2 in a week. Fastest 2 years of my life. She already thinks she's two but is so excited for her doggy party. Too bad I've really been slacking on the planning. Hopefully I don't disappoint her. 

5.  I can't put the tree up till after her party but we've busted out the decorations in other ways. We love our ho ho ho cups. 

Happy Friday! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow so we'll be staying inside, probably in pajamas all weekend. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween weekend

I hosted a play date the morning of Halloween.  Basically it consisted of kids in costumes for all of 15 minutes and Halloween shaped macaroni and cheese and jack o lantern faces drawn on mandarin orange cups. But hey, the kids got to play and the moms got to chat so whatever.
After Aiden got out of school, we headed to papa Long's in Manhattan.  Amy was there with the kids and my dad had pizza ready for us when we got there.  We quickly ate and got the kids in costumes before heading out to trick or treat.  We made a pit stop at my grandma and grandpa's and then walked a neighborhood for maybe an hour before it got too cold.  It didn't take Collins long to learn that if she said trick or treat, she got candy.  She was eager to go from one house to another, eating candy along the way. 
The main reason we went to Manhattan was for Paxton's birthday.  He is a smart boy and chose to go to a k-state game instead of have a birthday party.  We started his day with Varsity Donuts.  Some of the kids took naps and then we headed up early to do some tailgating.  It was a little chilly so when Brooks wasn't asleep and covered in the carrier, we were chilling in the car.  And Collins favorite thing to do is play in cars so that's where she chose to stay too.  Except to eat, which she did a lot of. Papa, the kids and myself left before the game started.  We had purchased tickets for me and Collins but when I saw the forecast a couple days before we left, I knew there was no way I was staying in the cold with both kids.  So we built a fire at papa's and watched in the warmth. 
Always a great time when we get to be with family. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brooks at 2 months

Stats| 11 lbs 14oz (50%) and 22.5 in (35%). We've got another shortie on our hands. 

 Eating| Every 2-3 hours during the day. He'll take a bottle but will only drink maybe 2oz from it. He prefers it straight from the source. 

Sleeping| We are slowly getting into a little routine. It's hard being the second child and being toted around to activities for sister. Some days he takes good naps and other days I feel like he hardly slept all day. I've been trying to keep him up after 7pm and getting into a bath, play, eat and sleep routine. His last feeding is around 8:30-9pm and then he sleeps till at least 1:30am. He wakes anywhere from 1-2 times a night. He has recently started napping in his crib and once we get a second monitor, we are going to move him in there at night. He's a light sleeper so I think (hope) he'll sleep better once he's in his room with the sound machine.
Play| He loves laying on his play mat on the floor or talking to people. I wouldn't say it's with purpose but he can reach and hang on to his hanging toys. The swing and bouncy seat are only cool for about 5 min and then he wants nothing to do with them. Unless he's sleeping, then he'll sleep soundly in his swing.  He's full of smiles and coos when he wakes up and sissy can almost always get a smile out of him. Loves kicking his legs and flapping his arms.  Made these pics very hard to take with all his movement.


 Health| He got a great bill of health from his pediatrician.  She said he should be growing out of his fussy/colic soon. He has his good and bad days so I'm hopeful he'll be a better baby for good soon. Still on reflux medicine for his silent reflux. 
Likes| Talking, watching tv, bath time, eating and watching sister
Dislikes| Getting out of the bath, having a dirty diaper, his reflux medicine, his binky (for the most part) and not being held.
 Even if your a little fussy, your great big smiles and coos make up for it.  We love you so much baby boy.   

Thursday, October 23, 2014

23 months

My baby is almost 2?! It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise with the way she's been acting lately. Woah that girl is learning how to push my buttons. I'm a little scared for the "terrible twos."  

Aside from the listening only when you want and throwing some legit tantrums, you are still a miniature mommy. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I do with Brooks, you are sure to do with your babies. I give Brooks his medicine, you take the dropper and give medicine to your baby. I wipe his mouth with the burp cloth, that burp cloth is no longer mine to use. Brooks isn't in his car seat? Free game for your baby doll. A baby doll is with you 90% of the time and when one isn't, it's because I made you leave it in the car or house. Your such a good mommy to your babies and Brooks. You give him his pacifier when he cries and I'm busy and yell "eyes!" the second you see him wake up. And then it's "hi baby." Over and over.

You are my shadow. I love you child but for the love of God, you do not need to follow me around all day long. 

Me- "I'm going upstairs to grab a diaper."
Collins- "me!"
Me- "Stay down here, I'm gonna go turn on the oven." 
Collins- "Me!"
Me- "We are going to play with your friends today."
Collins- (I respond with yes or no after each one) "Me? Baby? Mommy? Daddy?"

She's been back to calling Derek "Dick" this past week. I love it. 

Seems like forever since we've been to the doctor for you. Not that it's a bad thing but I'm anxious to hear your stats. According to my measurements you are 24.5 pounds and 31 inches.

Some 12-18 month pants fit your short legs but 18-24 month ones are good too. 18-24 month for shirts and size 6 shoe. 

 The biggest milestone this month? Your potty trained!! You are a rockstar and  did so good with it. You are in underwear all day besides nap and bed time and even then you usually wake up dry. We are having some issues with getting you to poop on the potty but I have no doubt that will come. Hopefully soon!

You've been a great eater lately. Some of your favorites include sausage, scrambled eggs, apples, peas, cheez it's, veggie straws, pizza and cheese. Everything is better when served with a dip. We just stopped buying whole milk because I think you get plenty of calories from your ever growing appetite. You haven't been a huge milk drinker lately but you love your dairy foods. 

Sleep has been a little interrupted since potty training. You would cry at bed and nap time and wake up once in the middle of the night. I think it was all due to having to go to the bathroom and not wanting to go in your diaper. Now we take you potty before you go to sleep and that has been helping. Occasionally you will play in your bed for a good 30 min before falling asleep at night. It's been around 8:30pm that you fall asleep and wake up around 7:30-8am. Napping 1.5-2 hours around 12:45. 

When you aren't playing with your babies your usually looking at pictures on my phone or taking pictures of your babies with my phone. I delete about 60 pics a day of ones you took. You also like cooking in your play kitchen and pretending to make mommy coffee with your baby keurig. You have a better coffee maker then I do! You love shutting the lid and turning on mommy'a real coffee pot as well. We don't dare give Brooks a bath without you taking one with him and your not letting anyone walk out the door with him. Glad you still love him even through his crying and constantly needing my attention. 
You have quite the personality and I wouldn't change it for the world. Your a little girl with a big heart and I love you every second of every day. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Collins is potty trained!!! It's been almost 2 weeks since we started the process and I am ssoo happy with how great she did. The potty accidents stopped less then a week from when we started but we are having #2 issues. She won't go on potty has been holding it in for 3 days now. And she has cried once  in the middle of the night, every night since we started. I think because she has to go potty so I suppose the bedtime diaper needs to go and we'll have to buck up and leave her bedroom door open so she can go. Waking up with her beside my bed really freaks me out. 

2.  I watched my nephew 2 days this week while his school was closed and we had so much fun with him. My sister rocks and brought us this goody bag for watching him. This new coffee lover is giddy for my giant coffee mug and Collins went to bed with her cat ears on. 

3. It wouldn't be October without countless trips to the pumpkin patch. We made our 2nd trip yesterday and besides the 500 students, bees galore and cold (paid) lunches, the kids had s great time. How cute is Collins and her friends in their matching leggings? I die every time I look at this pic. 

4.  Little man is finally getting over being a fussy/colicky baby. I'd hate to jinx myself since most people say it lasts about 3 months and he isn't quite to 2 months, buuuut he has been so smiley and chatty lately. His smiles and voice melt me to a puddle. Please stick around happy baby. My blood pressure would appreciate it. 

5. It's Friday, baby is currently sleeping on my chest and sister is napping. Cleaning can wait cause babies don't keep. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin patch

My brothers reality group hosted a Fall festival at the pumpkin patch this weekend. They treat their clients SO good and are always putting events together. This was the second year it's been at Kaulkner's Pumpkin Patch here in KC. I've been to s few pumpkin patches and this has been one of the best. Collins was beyond thrilled to ride a real horse and get her face painted. The ballon guy? Amazing. He is so good with the kids and put on a magic show as well. Brooks slept pretty much the entire time but he'll be up and running around at it next year.
Let's take a look at last years pic first

A year later (and Collins and Derek in basically the same outfit)