Monday, April 28, 2014

Lots posted tonight

Finally! We have internet again! We switched providers and there was way too long of a gap between the 2. I've been writing posts on my phone but couldn't upload pics from my camera until I could use the laptop. So here are some recent posts.  Click on the links to take you to the posts or scroll down.


22 weeks

Written 4/28/14
 How far along: 22 weeks (4/22/14)
Size of baby:  11 inches and almost 1 pound. Woo hoo for a pound!! About the size of a spaghetti squash.

Feeling: It's been a rough 3 days. It started with allergies and then this weekend I started coughing like crazy, sore throat and have been out of breath and wheezing. My asthma hasn't bothered me in years but I think that's what's going on. Might be due for an inhaler.  
Weight gain: Up 9.5 lbs at appt. on Friday. Yes, you read that right. I gained 6 pounds in a month. I had the same jump in weight with Collins around this time too. I guess my babies grow slow at first and then BAM! Major growth spurt. 

Gender: BOY!! I'm pretty certain we are set on his name but I'm gonna let it settle in for a bit before I know for sure and share. It's pretty cute if I say so myself. 
Cravings: Collins Easter candy needs to disappear because I can't stop eating it. And I made no bake cookies over the weekend and have ate way too many. 

Best moment this week: Possibly settled on a name and hearing his heartbeat at my appt (140s).
Movement: For sure. I told my ob how much he moves and she agreed cause he wouldn't sit still for us to hear his heart very long. I'm screwed when he gets bigger and stronger. 

Sleep: As I noted above, sleep has been rough the past couple days. I cough all night long and can't sleep on my back to help keep the snot from running out my nose.  I called my ob office today and got the go ahead to take cough medicine so hoping that helps tonight. 

Maternity clothes: Mostly, yes. I prefer my yoga pants and tshirts though. I've busted out the shorts a couple times but only at home and in hopes of getting some sun on these pale legs. 
Milestones: He is looking more like a miniature newborn with distinct lips, eyelids and eyebrows. His eyes are formed but the irisis (colored part of eye) still lack pigment. 
This little stinker never wants her pic taken until I am doing these weekly pics and then she is whining at my feet to get in on them

21 weeks

Written 4/21/14

How far along: 21 weeks (4/15/14)
Size of baby:  10.5 inches and three-quarters of a pound. About the size of a carrot. 

Feeling: Good other then a couple hot flashes. We'll be driving in the car and I'll have to turn the AC on full blast. Derek thinks I'm losing it but gaining extra weight plus the warm weather we have been having, has made me so hot! I got light headed and weak in the hotel room when I got too hot while getting ready. It's gonna be a long summer. 
Weight gain: I'm guessing 5-7 pounds. I have been a bottomless pit lately. 

Gender: BOY!! 
Cravings: Popsicles. Easily eating at least 2 a day. Poor Collins has no idea what she is missing out on when she takes a nap and goes to bed. 

Best moment this week: Amy and Derek feeling him kick. 
Movement:  sssooo much movement. I don't remember Collins being this active. He really gets to kicking and moving when I lay on my back. Not just little kicks either, I swear I feel his whole body move. 

Sleep: We were in a hotel most of the week so not great since Collins was right beside me (in her pack n play) but not terrible either. I was scared using the bathroom would wake her up but it luckily never did. And when your stuck in a pitch dark hotel room during nap, your forced to nap yourself. It was lovely. 

Maternity clothes: For sure maternity jeans but I prefer to just stay in my yoga pants. I need to go on a maternity dress shopping trip since I wasn't super big in the summer when I was pregnant with Collins. I am thinking lots maxi dresses to keep me cool and comfy. 
Milestones: Little flutter movement has probably moved to full fledged kicks and nudges (um yes). You may start to notice a pattern in his activity as you get to know him better (yes, he moves all day and night. We are so screwed).

17 months

Why do they have to grow up?! I was looking at old videos on my phone and she has grown so incredibly much since her first birthday just 5 months ago. And her hair has grown so much in that time too. 
 I would guess she's about 21.5 lbs and 30in. She is in a size 4 diaper and 4 or 5 shoe. Mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes but can fit into some 18 month shirts. 18 month pants and pajamas are huge on shorty.  Still only 7 teeth.

Her eating habits have luckily gotten so much better. I usually make something I know she'll eat for lunch (chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Mac and cheese, etc) but she eats what we eat for dinner. It sometimes sounds like a sports event with all the cheering and clapping we do to get her to eat but it's working! She's doing much better with meat but vegetables are still a bit harder. She eats fruit 4+ times a day. She loovveesss it. She would snack all day if we let her. She is constantly signing to eat. She has milk for breakfast and before we brush her teeth before bed and water throughout the day. Juice on a rare occasion. 
daddy was driving up
I was scared the girl would never be a good sleeper when she was still waking up once at night till she was almost one. But she is the best sleeper now and I am ssooo thankful. She goes to sleep between 7:30-8 pm and wakes between 7:15-8am. Now that it's nice out we usually go on a walk after dinner so bedtime has been pushed back a little. She naps at 12:30 for 1.5-2 hours. 

She wants to be outside I can almost guarantee that we are outside from the time she wakes up from nap until dinner. I've gotten my first sun burn and she is already looking quite tan. 

Strangers are still intimidating to her. She will smile and wave at them but holding her is effie. Still crying when I leave her at mops or pretty much any time I leave (even sometimes if she's with daddy) but she's fine after a couple minutes. Last week when I picked her up from the mops nursery, she was sitting on one of the teachers laps and didn't want to come to me. Hurt a little but glad she's warming up to them. They say she's always wanting them to hold her :) 
 Her vocabulary is coming along. Some new words are "noonas" (noodles), "eh ew" (thank you), "memo," "dat" (that) and I swear she said "in there" today. There's a couple more but I've been bad about writing them down and I can thing of any right now. I can almost guarantee if you say something to her, she will reply with the cutest little "huh?" Cute but annoying too. I know she can hear us but she likes is to repeat ourselves 2+ times. She makes up her own songs to sing, rolls her arms when she wants to watch wheels on the bus videos on YouTube, says "ey-I-ey-I"  when she wants to watch an old macdonald YouTube video and pats her legs to watch Little Einsteins. The only part of the show she actually watches is when they pat and blast off. 

Loves: I say it every month but she is so obsessed with the dogs right now. Always wondering where they are, wants them on her lap, tries picking them up and loves to feed them their dog food, piece by piece. She also loves reading books with flaps or different textures, shoes, picking out a bow for her hair, watching and singing kid songs, the pool, anyone's phone, going through purses and wallets, drinking from any cup but her own, goldfish crackers, stuffed animals and baby dolls, bubbles, the park, playing with her friends and climbing. 
Finally getting hair people!
Collins, you make us laugh on a daily basis. You are so sweet and cuddly but a bit of a spit fire too. Your testing your boundaries and have gotten your first time out (which didn't go well).  We are so thankful your our daughter and hope you continue to be the happy (for the most part) little girl that you are. Love you lots. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter recap

We kicked off the Easter festivities a week early when Collins and cousin Aiden dyed Easter eggs. We knew we wouldn't see them for Easter so we did it early. 

We went and saw the Easter bunny while we were in Oklahoma and she was terrified of him. Just like I knew she would be. She was fine as long as I was holding her and even waved at him when we got to him but as soon as I leaned in to sit her on his lap, she freaked. I might have been laughing while taking these pic. 

We got to El Dorado Friday afternoon to have Easter with Amy and her family and my parents.  We were sad that Tony and Amber had prior plans and didn't make it.

Collins went to a birthday party with Paxton and Harper Saturday morning. My sisters friend turned my friend had an Easter themed party for her little girl. They got to dye eggs, go on an Easter egg hunt and have way too much sugar before lunch. Collins was in heaven. 

That evening we colored eggs for the third time. Collins wasn't as interested this go around so I did my fair share of dying eggs with Amy, Pax and Harper. 

The kids woke up to hidden Easter baskets full of goodies.  Someone had to have a peep at 7am. After a sugar filled morning followed by donuts, they had another egg hunt. Once Collins figured out there was candy in the eggs, she just wanted to eat it. So she finished the egg hunt while stuffing jelly beans in her mouth. The 3 kids had 140 eggs to find and I think they were done in about 10 min. Their egg hunting pros. 

Collins, Harpers, Paxton's and baby boys buckets from nana

And as if we hadn't stuffed ourselves full of candy all morning, we had a delicious ham and turkey lunch before heading home. Collins was big stuff sitting at the big kid table. 

Wonderful weekend with family. Hopefully next year we can all be together!

Friday, April 18, 2014

20 weeks

Sorry little fella, mommy is already slacking on pictures for you. I won't forget another week (no promises though)! 

 How far along: 20 weeks (4/8/14)
Size of baby:  10 1/2 ounces and 10 inches. About the size of a banana. 

Feeling: No complaints here. I'm slightly scared for being 7+ months pregnant this summer because I'm already getting hot very easily. 
Weight gain: Hoping and guessing a good 5 lbs. Doc likes to see a 5 lb gain by 20 weeks so we'll find out for sure at our appt later this month. Breakfast has been so hard to force down but I've been trying hard to make sure I don't forget to eat something. 

Gender: BOY!! And a boy without a name. I think we have it narrowed down to 3 but who knows, my sisters and sister in law are always sending great ideas. 
Cravings: fruit, jimmy johns and Popsicles. Why does the darn ice cream truck never come by when I want it to?

Best moment this week: Searching Pinterest for nursery and name ideas. I have an idea for the nursery but trying to figure out if we need new furniture or want to brave moving Collins to a big girl bed. 
Movement: He's an active little guy. Mostly mornings and night but still not for daddy. Mamas boy already :)

Sleep: Fall asleep super quick (and early) but wake 1-2 times to go to the bathroom and lately I've been waking up before Collins around 7 and haven't been able to fall back asleep.

Maternity clothes: I live in comfy clothes the majority of the week but I bought some maternity capris I've been wearing a lot of and some maternity shirts. T-shirts are getting a little snug as well.
Milestones: Swallowing and producing maconium. The yucky stuff that will come out in his first few diapers. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Park day

Last Friday, me and Collins had a great morning at the park. We went to one of my favorite parks and enjoyed the beautiful weather, her first time in a sand box and our first picnic of the season. 

No better way to spend my day. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

19 weeks

 How far along: 19 weeks (4/1/13)
Size of baby:  6 inches head to bottom and around 8 1/2 ounces.  About the size of a large heirloom tomato.

Feeling: With the exception of last nights headache, great! I hadn't had a headache in awhile so can't complain too much.  I will say that the guy at Derek's baseball game last night who decided to smoke a cigarette right beside me and Collins definitely didn't help my headache and pissed me off.  I had a jacket on so he probably didn't know I was pregnant but hello? My little girl is right here, could you not smoke that somewhere else? Needless to say, we got up and walked around till he was done.  Rant over.

Weight gain: Lets go with 4 pounds.  At the rate I am eating, I see no problem gaining the 2+ pounds my doctor wanted me to gain.

Gender: BOY!! We had decided on a name (one we considered when I was pregnant with Collins) but a distant friend just used it so now we are on the fence about it.  Why are boy names so hard? Feel free to give some ideas! I'm not sure I can get the one we decided on out of my head though.  I have to get over the fact that other people will have my kids'  names. 
Cravings: I would have Jimmy Johns every day if eating lunch meat wasn't so frowned upon while being pregnant.  And maybe the fact that I would gain a crap ton of weight and I would rather buy baby clothes and bows then eat out every day.

Best moment this week: Having fun shopping for a boy, talking about him to Collins and thinking about the nursery.  We need a dresser asap because his closet and the guest bed and filling up quick. 
Movement: So much movement going on.  I felt them from the outside on 4/5/14 but of course as soon as Derek put his hand on my stomach, the booger stopped kicking. Love baby kicks!

Sleep: So much better since I stopped using my pregnancy pillow.  It's easier to switch sides without having to move that huge thing as well.  I'm sure I'll bust it back out before long. 

Maternity clothes: Mostly only maternity jeans.  Maternity shirts are still a bit big but I wear them once in a while.  
Milestones: His sensory development is exploding and his brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch.  Some research suggests that he can hear my voice! His kidneys are making urine and hair on his scalp is sprouting.

20 wks with Collins