Friday, January 20, 2012

Twins turn two!

Ian and Gage turn two tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. They were tiny 8 week, 7lb babies when I first started watching them and now their 25+ lb, running around, crazy 2 year olds. I am so thankful for my job and that I get to spend my days with these two little fellas. I sometimes want to pull my hair out but at the same time they are SO much fun. Happy birthday my little E and Gage.

Don’t think I have ever posted these baby pics so enjoy!


Gage, Ian. I miss this!!!!!


Always smiling Ian


Chubby cheeks Gage


Those were the days when they could both fit in 1 swing and weren’t running in different directions


Their 1st Halloween


Non mobile greatness


Big Korean 1st birthday. It was in DC so I missed it


18 months


22 months


With their brother, Heath

I wanted to do something special since I won’t see them on their birthday (they aren’t having a party) and since we had to cancel our play date since the 3 of us have had the flu, I took them to Orange Leaf…


Don’t let these smiles fool you, they hated it! I had to lick off all the frozen yogurt and then let them eat the cookie pieces. I think the yogurt was too cold for their liking which is weird because they LOVE yogurt. Oh well. It was a fun experience.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gage Video

Need a laugh? Watch this cute video of Gage's laugh, it’s contagious.

(Excuse his post nap bedhead)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Working on resolutions

Derek and I didn’t really do resolutions this year.  One of the main things we want to accomplish this year is to find a church we could start going to. Neither of us have been to church in YEARS (except when we were looking for a church to get married at).  We both agreed we need to be better Christians and want to do so by going to church regularly and joining a life group in the church where we can meet and talk with other adults.

So we tried out our first church this morning. Someone had recommended it to my sister and it’s pretty close to our house. We got there at 10:40 for the 11:00 service. When we walked into the church (which is HUGE. Children wing, coffee shop, etc) people were just walking out of the worship center. I looked at Derek and said no way are they just getting out of the 9:00 service.  Derek was like no way. They must have had something afterwards. Fast forward to 12:40 when our 11:00 service got out! It didn’t seem like it was THAT long but it definitely seemed long. I think it helped that the first 45 min. felt like we were at a concert, not church! It was something I have never experienced before. The band played for probably 45 min. before the pastor actually did the service. The band was really good and the pastor was awesome. When I thought the whole service was going to be the music, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be for us. I want a church where the service is meaningful and I learn from it. This pastor was funny and kept my attention. I felt like I walked about learning something on the first day!

Here’s what I am talking about with the band. No kids went up today though

So I can’t say we found our church home quite yet. I want to try out a couple more before we commit to a church but we both want to keep this one as a possibility. It had people of all ages and I can see us bringing our kids there and really get involved with it.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Totally bummed we didn’t go to Dallas for the game but can’t wait to cheer on my Cats tonight!



Old video but get’s me all teary and excited every time!

Let’s hope for a win tonight!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day

We got to my dads around lunch time on Christmas day and soon after we got there the rest of my immediate family and my dad’s side of the family started showing up. We had an early dinner and a special toast for my brother and his fiancĂ©, Tara. We are so happy for them and can’t wait for the wedding!!

The poor kids had to stare at the presents for hours before we finally opened presents after dinner. I think we made up for it with all the fun toys they got! We raked in some money which is always nice!


We spent the next couple hours playing with the kid’s new toys and then let the 3 of them lay in the guest room and watch a movie! They looked so cute in their new pajamas and the pillow pets we got them.


Once the kids fell asleep watching the movie, us adults started a game of poker. Fast forward to 3:55am when I looked the clock and realized how late/early it was! We all decided to forfeit the game and let Amber win since she had the most chips.

The kids had us all up bright and early and my dad made us breakfast and then we all parted ways to head back home. We had a great Christmas and are so glad we got to spend time with both Derek’s family as well as mine. We hated not spending Christmas with my mom though. One bad thing about having divorced parents!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had a great time at the casino last night. We Derek lost all our money but we both had a great time and that’s all that matters. I’m pretty much the bomb at roulette and brought us back up to being even with what we came with and then Derek wanted to play blackjack one last time and sat at a table with a bunch of morons. I kid you not, this guy sat down and we should have took our chips and left right when he said “I’ve never played before” but Derek stuck it out and that guy played HORRIBLY. He got an ace his first hand and turned around and asked me what an ace was. Really?! You should not be a casino if you don’t know what an ace is! That’s when Derek lost all the money. If you don’t play blackjack, if people aren’t playing right, it messes everyone up. That’s why I only play when Derek is with me and can tell me what to do. People get feisty if you don’t play right. So we tried our luck at roulette one last time as we waited for the clock to strike midnight and then left soon after midnight.

I was sad to have 2011 come to an end but I am anxious to see what 2012 has in store for us. I’m not going to go though each month of 2011, I’ll just share the 2 things pretty much sum it up.



We got married in April


And we bought a house in November. Couldn’t have asked for a better year.

Let’s hope 2012 brings us this