Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A 3D glimpse of Collins

As I mentioned before, Derek surprised me Monday with a 3D sonogram. They like to do them before 32 weeks so I was worried she would be to crammed in there at almost 34 weeks to see anything. The lady told me to drink a  pop before I came in so at 9:30 this morning, I drank a little Coke and had a piece of candy. Although she wasn't awake and moving all around, we got some pretty good shots. Little lady would not move her hand and foot from her face but after the lady rang and banged a cow bell on my stomach (I am not kidding at all), she was able to get her to move her hand for a split second and get some shots. We also confirmed that Collins is indeed a girl and she has 2 arms and 2 legs. I was worried about all of these things. Our first sonogram wasn't that great and I don't remember seeing all 4 limbs so I was relieved to see them all today.
Enjoy some of the pics of our CC bug. I think she looks so adorable and I can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks and button nose.


Opened an eye


Mouth open. We saw her moving her tongue and swallowing too
We love her so much already and can't wait to meet her in about 6 weeks!!

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  1. Omg SO cute!! This is making me even more anxious to meet her... but I know she needs to "bake" a little longer. uggh!! :)