Monday, March 30, 2015

Lifestyle pics by auntie

When auntie Amy says "lets go take your pictures," you go get your pics taken.  That's the great thing about lifestyle pics. No fancy outfits, no props and trying to pose a wild 2 year old or a 6 month old that just wants to play with his feet.  Just my babies, in our home, doing what they love to do. 

Let's start with Mr. Brooks.  Clearly he's "not quite on the growth chart.". Baby rolls make me weak.




Collins was in heaven getting to jump on her bed. I can't get her to take pics but she always turns it on for auntie


Let's be real, these 2 had a lot to do with the smiles coming from my kids. They love their cousins big time. Swoon.
As always, thank you sister for capturing our family.  I don't feel as bad only capturing pics through my phone because I can always count on you to get the best of pics. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brooks at 7 months

This is all happening way too fast.  Although I don't wish to relive those first few months, I would like him to stay exactly how he is now.  Ridiculously happy, content and such a lover.  I could just squeeze him all day long. 

Stats|  16lbs and 9oz and I'm guessing around 25.5 inches.  We had his weight check today and he's still not up on the growth curve.  We just don't make big kiddos so I'm not all that surprised.  We'll keep pushing solids and our pediatrician said to try some table foods for more calories.  Wearing 6-9 month clothes and moved up to a size 3 diaper. 

Eating|   We introduced formula this month and he is taking 1 bottle of formula a day.  He needed to gain some weight and I had hopes that formula before bed would keep him fuller throughout the night. HA! He nurses 4-6 times a day and has solids 2 times a day.  I've given him a couple table foods like pears, apple, banana, green beans, peas, etc.  He can pick up the peas but can't quite get them to his mouth.  Big lover of fruit and big hater of green vegetables.  I give him a Sippy (my computer won't stop capitalizing that word. ggrrr) after he eats and he can drink from it but mostly chews on it.

 Sleeping| Sleeps from 7:15pm-7:30am waking 1-2 times to nurse.  We try to make him put himself back to sleep if he wakes before 2am but I usually cave after an hour because I just want to go back to sleep.  His eyes always pop open at 7:30am on the dot and he's ready for a morning nap about 2 hours from waking up.  Morning naps are usually on the go but he takes an afternoon nap at 1pm when Collins does.  Naps last 1-2 hours.  He goes crazy with excitement kicking his legs and moving his arms when we peek over his crib when he wakes up. See below

Play| Officially a sitter.  I put a pillow behind him just in case but he can sit and play all on his own now.  He's very content to lay on his back and play with his feet and has no desire to crawl.  He'll wiggle and push with his feet when he's laying on his back and can move a little but nothing when he's on his stomach. Fine by me, I'm not looking forward to a mobile baby.  Pulled out the older baby toys that are more interactive (loud) and I'm not sure who looks them more, him or Collins. He can shake his head no, pulls blankets off his head for peek a boo and almost has the wave down. 

 Health| Just needs to keep working on adding some weight

Likes|  We've had some great weather lately so we spend as much time outside as we can.  He's so happy outside and loves going on walks and swinging at the park.  Still always wants to jump, watch sister, take a bath, sing songs and dance, grab and chew on anything, his feet and watching TV.

Dislikes| I really can't think of anything.  He's just a very happy baby that hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety or stranger danger. 

You make me so happy Brooksie bear.  Love you big time. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Boston recommendations

Calling all travelers and Boston peeps! Me and the kiddos are flying solo gulp to Boston next week and I need tips and advice.  Derek will be there 10 days for training so we're going to meet him there for a couple days.  We are well aware of the 100 feet of snow and cold temperatures they have but if it means seeing daddy and getting away for a few days, count me in!  So here's where you come in...
  I think I have a plan for the airport.  My mom or brother will be taking us to the airport so they can help me inside and getting the luggage and car seats checked.  I plan on wearing Brooks in my ergo, diaper bag back pack on my back, Collins in stroller with carry on bag under that.  I need all ideas for keeping 2 small children happy on the flight.  It's during nap time so I pray they both sleep but I'd like to plan for the worst.  I've got Collins favorite sticker book shipped to our house to surprise her with on the flight and I'm going to pack a ton of snacks for her.  Food is the way to her heart.  I need some preschool app recommendations and anything else you got for me.  Brooks will hopefully nurse and pass out but I'll have the carry on full of toys and teethers for him.  Think he could have those mum mum teething biscuits at 6.5 months?? It's an almost 3 hour flight and I'm checking our car seats so Collins will have her own seat and Brooks on my lap.
Collins' last (and only) flight.  She is ssooo excited to go on an airplane
b.  The biggest stress is when we get there.  Derek will be in training so we're going to have a car service pick me and the kids up and take us to the hotel.  I'll have to get the luggage and car seats myself and get them installed in the car.  My sweet friend Ashley is letting me borrow her car seat cover so Collins car seat will be in that which turns into a backpack I can wear.  It might weigh me down but hopefully Brooks on the front of me will keep me grounded.  It's going to be quite the sight, I assure you. 
c.  So hopefully we make it to the hotel and then I'm sure I'll be ready for a drink.  We are staying in Marlborough but have plans to go into Boston on Saturday. We need restaurant suggestions and things to do.  Keep in mind that it will be cold so probably not anything outside. I'm so sad the whale watching doesn't start until April because we ALL would have really enjoyed that.  No baseball games this time of year either :(
Please say a prayer for a safe trip, that I keep my sanity and that the kids behave.  We have a car rented for our stay and Derek can take us back to the airport and get us checked in and my mom will be waiting for us at the KC airport when we get back. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...