Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in a slideshow

2013, you have been the best year yet. We experienced first smiles, rolling over, crawling, walking, first words and endless amounts of love. I'm sad to close this chapter but anxious for what 2014 holds for our family. Turn up the volume (cause this song is the shiz) and enjoy our year of Collins.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

13 months (12/21/13)

I figured I'll keep doing these posts because she is learning so much and I'm better at blogging then writing in her baby book.  

She likes to stand on our scale and it says she's still 19.5 lbs but I think she is more like 20.5 lbs. I'll believe it with my own weight but not hers :)  No way is this girl standing still for us to measure her. I don't even have a guess for that one. 

She's wearing 12 and 12-18 month clothes. The 12-18 month pants are long on miss shorty but we just roll them. Same with her 18 month shirts. She wears a size 4 shoe and size 3 diaper.  

I believe it when they say babies are either mobile or talkative.  She's been walking for 4+ months but her vocabulary is slow coming. Other then the few words I listed on her 12 month update, she hasn't said much more. She learned to say "ho ho ho" for what Santa says but that's about her only new "word." She tries to say more and please but they said nothing like the actual word. She is incredibly smart though even if she doesn't have a huge vocabulary. I know she'll eventually talk and it's not concerning at all since she does say about 5 words. She gets extremely giggly when you mention milk or cookies. I think she secretly wants to be Santa. Even though she hated the real deal. Looking at him was fine but sitting on his lap? No way. She was squirming and trying to get off his lap ASAP. No tears though!

Still going to bed around 7:30-8pm and waking between 7-8am. She is still sleeping through the night but maybe 1 a week she'll cry for her binky. And that's something we need to wean her from but I'm scared to do it. We are finally getting sleep after 11 months!! She still only has 4 teeth so I don't think  it's doing too much damage yet. It looks like about 4 teeth are coming in though so the binky is going soon. We at least brush them twice a day. She is mostly down to 1 nap now around 12:30 for 2 hours. She'll take a morning nap if we lay her down but then the afternoon nap is hit or miss or pretty short. 

She is not a fan of cold milk so she has warm milk in a sippy  when she wakes up and before bed (but before we brush her teeth).   She doesn't drink much milk if we serve it at meals. She likes her food. She eats 3 meals and 2 snacks and has water with all that.

She's been a little more shy around strangers. She doesn't cry or anything but she won't willingly go to them. If I hand her to someone she is normally fine though. She'll wave to anybody and everybody though. She loves giving open mouth kisses and sometimes makes me give her 10+ kisses before she's had enough. No complaints here. 

Collins, you are the sweetest, best baby EVER!!   I have no idea what we did before you came along but I know I wouldn't change it for the world.  Love you like crazy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas shenanigans

6 days till Christmas and this girl still isn't done Christmas shopping. Gifts or no gifts, we have been getting in the Christmas spirit anyway. 

We attempted to see Santa at Bass Pro but we were about 5 hours too early. 

We successfully saw Santa at Breakfast with Santa that my brothers work puts on. She didn't cry but she was trying her hardest to get off his lap

Her cousins got their face painted so she did too. 

Harper won for best face paint 

She's been busy decorating and re decorating her Christmas tree

We drove around and looked at Christmas lights 

We've made and frosted cookies. 

And Santa made an early stop with her big gift. We leave Friday for Christmas so it was the last morning that worked. 

And today we attempted Santa at Bass Pro again. Her feelings towards him have not changed. She liked his elf though. And the carousel was only cool the first time. 

More shenanigans to come!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas pajama party

I'm linking up with a few other mommys for a Christmas Pajama Party!!

By now you know my love for holiday apparel. It doesn't stop with the festive shirts, dresses, socks and bows.  Collins has plenty of holiday pajamas as well. I think my love is wearing off on Derek because yesterday he mentioned matching pajamas for all 3 of us! He might have been joking but you don't put those ideas in my head. Hope he enjoys his Christmas Eve pajamas! 😉

Christmas pajamas are my all time fav. How could I resist the little reindeer feet pajamas or the ones with a tutu?!

Monday, December 9, 2013

365: Days 317-343

Nov 13- staring at herself

Nov 14- story time with Kellan

Nov 15- burning some energy at the mall

Nov 16- giving Harper some love

Nov 17- the simplest things can keep her entertained 

Nov 18- rare sitting still moment 

Nov 19- bored 

Nov 20- pointing at the dog on TV

Nov 21- fun day for the birthday girl

Nov 22- bundled up to go to dinner

Nov 23- twinkle twinkle little star 1st birthday party 
Nov 24- just chilling and watching football 

Nov 25- party decorations still up 

Nov 26- adores her baby

Nov 27- looking like a baby

Nov 28- thanksgiving 

Nov 29- running from auntie 

Nov 30- plaza lights

Dec 1- shopping break with Aiden

Dec 2- insisting on using a fork

Dec 3- it was bound to happen

Dec 4- this needed to go in storage 5 months ago but she has a new found love for it 

Dec 5- lovin snoopy

Dec 6- watching the fishes at Bass Pro

Dec 7- "get me off this creepy guys lap!!"

 Dec 8- morning snuggles with Pax and Aiden

Dec 9- stinker