Wednesday, October 17, 2012

34 Weeks (10/12/12)

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby:  17.7 inches and almost 5 pounds. About the size of a cantaloupe. So glad we are almost past the 5 pound mark. I am pretty sure babies have to stay in the NICU until their at least 5 pounds so hopefully we have about cleared that hurdle.

Weight gain: My scale says 24 pounds but it's never the same as what the doctors' says. We shall know for sure Monday.

Maternity clothes: Duh. No hiding this belly. All my regular shirts are way to short in the front and let's face it, I haven't been in regular pants (besides comfy pants) in months.
Stretch marks: Not any new ones. Some people say they didn't get stretch marks till after they had the baby. Guess I will keep rubbing that cocoa butter lotion on even after she arrives.

Sleep: Not to shabby. I pee at pretty sure the same time every.single.night. Around 11:30 (this one really annoys me because I don't even fall asleep till about 10), 2:30am and 5am. I will not be surprised if these are the times Collins wakes up to eat. Also, she woke me up for the first time the other night. She had her foot in my ribs and let me tell you how great that felt...not! I have been super tired again during the day. Not quite as bad as the first couple weeks I was pregnant but if I don't get a cat nap, I am a zombie by 7pm.

Symptoms: I had a stomach and back ache I think it was Sunday night. I knew it wasn't contractions cause it was constant pain and my back pain was up high. No idea what was going on but I took some Tylenol and used a heating pad on my back. They say you can use a heating pad but I tried to put it on my stomach to help my stomach ache and Collins started moving around so I felt like I was burning her! I quickly put it back on my back. Other then that, I have felt great. No braxton hicks but twice now I have jolted over in pain in the southern region. I read and have heard that it's just my pelvis opening up for the baby to move farther down. Hopefully Collins is making her way down!

Best moment this week: Washing and organizing all of her clothes. It took me 5 loads this weekend but all of her 0-3 month clothes are now washed. This little girl does NOT need anymore 0-3 month clothes. I am going to change her 3 times a day just so she can wear everything. I also have her outfit, ok maybe 3 outfits, set out for the hospital. Now I need to work on packing a bag for myself and Derek.
We also start our 4 week birthing class tonight!

Movement: Oh yeah. Derek and I are both fascinated watching my entire belly move. Not to mention, she has the hiccups no less then twice a day. I heard that if Derek were to put his ear to my stomach, he could hear her heartbeat so I made him try the other night and he could hear it!  

Food cravings: We had to make a last minute grocery stop over the weekend so I could get some cookies. Peanut butter cookies to be exact. 

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Alcohol. Would they judge me if Derek brought me a beer after I had her?  I'm thinking so.

Milestones: They say babies born after 34 weeks have a low chance for needing medical assistance. I will feel better after I reach 36 weeks but I wouldn't be as scared if she came now. 

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  1. Getting to that home stretch! I didn't really get any stretch marks until after Ry was born, but they aren't that bad. Just a few. So don't stress about it :).