Monday, February 8, 2016

A day in our life

The 3 topics that I love to go back through my blog and read are:
1. Weekly pregnancy updates
2. Kids' monthly updates
3. A day in our life

So, I'll have an update on Brooks later this month when he turns 18 months but for now, you get a day in our life.

This was Wednesday, February 3.  Collins is 3 and Brooks is 17 months. Derek works a lot from home and we try not to bother him to much. HA!
7:03am I hear Collins coming out of her room and into ours.  Her clock turns green at 7am so she's got the a-ok.  She snuggles in bed with us for a bit and then I jump in the shower. I need some coffee before I tackle getting ready so the 3 of us head downstairs and Collins makes our coffee.
 7:40am Brooks is up.  As soon as he gets a clean diaper and comes downstairs, he points to his highchair and demands breakfast.  They eat some mini muffins and pears and hang out with Derek while I go finish getting ready.  He brings them upstairs when they're done eating and we get them dressed and ready for the day. 
8:45am Stephanie and Avery come over for a playdate and Derek goes to workout.  The kiddos play everywhere but the playroom, have a snack and then Steph and Avery head back home. 
10:00am I get the bean box out for the kids and Brooks lands himself in time out for the first time because he won't stop throwing beans and toys.  He didn't enjoy it but he actually sat there until his time was up! That activity lasted all of 4 min so we go to the unfinished basement for what I like to call recess! Derek gets home and does some work and I watch the kids ride their bikes-- aka fight over bikes.   We have 5 different bikes down there but they always have to fight over the same one.
Caught him in action
 Time out mister!
11:25am Time to feed the kids.   Today's menu consists of hot dogs, yogurt, veggies straws and grapes.  Derek and I sit and eat lunch with them. They both eat good so they get a couple m&ms. After lunch gets cleaned up, Derek is back to working on his laptop and me and the kids play in the playroom and turn some music on and dance. 
12:20 nap time! Collins gets to play on my phone for 10 min while I change Brooks' diaper and get him down for nap.  Then I take her up and get her in bed.  She doesn't usually fall asleep but has to stay in there for an hour until her clock turns green.  She's been pretty grumpy and emotional this morning so I don't give her the option of getting off her bed and playing when her star pillow turns off.  She actually listens and falls asleep.  I catch up on Facebook and Instagram and then I get the meatloaf prepped for dinner.
2:15pm Collins wakes up and Brooks wakes up shortly behind her.  We play for a couple minutes and then I set them up with a snack and leave them with Derek while I go to the gym.  Derek has an unusually slow work day on this day, he doesn't normally take over the kids in the afternoon.  And I very rarely go to the gym.  Cats out of the bag :)
Who knows what they do while I'm gone.  Probably wrestle with daddy and tear the house apart.  I run by the store after the gym to get all the things I forgot on my weekly grocery run.  I swear, mommy brain is a real thing. 
 Gym music.  I heart T Swift
4:15pm I get home and Derek has the meatloaf going in the oven.  I make the sauce to pour on top of it and get that on there and back in the oven.  Kids are whiny so I let Brooks paint while Collins plays with some stamps.  This is what I like to call the witching hour.  Hurry up dinner!
Strong work
5:30pm My mom makes a surprise visit and we all sit down to eat dinner.  It actually works out perfect that she comes over because we have someone coming over to discuss finishing our basement.  I rotate between talking with the guy and Derek and helping my mom wrangle the kids. 
Brooks didn't have a super long nap so he's pretty cranky.
6:30pm Leave Derek to talk basement decisions, mom leaves and I take the kids up for bath and pajamas.
7:15pm Collins gets time on her iPad and sitting with daddy and I take Brooks up to brush his teeth, read a book and go to bed.  Derek's getting Collins her bedtime snack when I come downstairs so we both sit with her while she has a cereal bar.  Since it's Derek's turn to put her to bed, she wants to sit with me after snack and be held super tight so daddy can't take her up to bed.  She had a nap so she gets to stay up a little later and play more on her iPad while we watch TV. 
Looking entirely too old
8:00pm Derek takes her up to brush her teeth, read 2 books and bed for her.  I jump in the shower for what I intended to be a quick rinse from the gym but realize too late that I got my hair wet! I had already showered that day (all the moms will understand how upsetting this was)! I'm forced to blow dry my hair when I get out of the shower and then go downstairs to watch TV/get on my phone with Derek.
9:05pm Head up to bed.  Derek watches TV in our room while I mess around on my phone.  I'm usually already asleep by the time Derek turns the TV off about 10 and goes to bed.  And that's our day!