Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Someone’s about to be old :)

Friday we will be traveling to Manhattan for the K-State game and to celebrate Derek's 30th! He's birthday is Friday so we are hoping to get into town early enough (early being 8pm) that we can go to a nice dinner and then head to bed at a decent time so we can wake up bright and early for the big game/tailgate/birthday party.
Our friend lives less then a block from the stadium so we'll be having the tailgate/birthday party there. We have a bunch of friends and family coming and we can't wait to celebrate the big game and the old man’s birthday. The bonus- my sisters are coming without kids!! I love my niece and nephews but it's been ssoo long that all of us could have fun all day and night and not have to worry about going home to a babysitter or being woken up at the crack of dawn!
So yes, we are all very excited for this weekend. Fried chicken has been ordered, balloons have been ordered, decorations have been bought and now I just need to get the rest of the food. Bring on the cats and Derek's birthday! Love you babe!
We usually show up to a tailgate looking like this...

But this weekend it will just be this...

…and our spouses, family and friends of course!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I've been trying to hold of making this official but we have told so many people and let's face it, i'm not good with secrets. Sooooo, on November 10 (as long as things keep going smoothly) Derek and I will close on our very 1st house! After looking at 20+ houses, we finally found the one that met all our requirements (which is a lot when your married to me wanting to become a licensed daycare provider ).  My amazing brother was our realtor so we had a ton of fun finding the perfect house with him. And because I want to remember these dates, here's what all went down.

September 8-Looked at house for the first time
September 9- Made offer
September 10- after a little countering, our offer was accepted and we were under contract!
September 19- Inspection. Only a few minor things needed fixed
September 22- Sellers agreed to fix all the things we asked

And that's where we stand right now. Now comes the hard part, finding all our W2's, bank statements, etc to give to our mortgage guy. Fingers crossed everything goes well and we will move into this house on November 13...
4 bedroooms, 3 baths and finished basement for daycare

The best part, they are leaving their wooden swing set in the backyard. Score!! Daycare kids will LOVE this!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tonight we handed over the keys and said goodbye to our first place in KC. It was a little sad pulling away just because we have so many memories there…
  • Sleeping on blankets the first night because we were too anxious to move in but the moving truck wasn’t coming till the next morning
  • Getting out second dog, Elsie Gurl
  • Having numerous sleepovers with all our nieces and nephews
  • Pool parties
  • Chasing the dogs who felt like they to greet all our neighbors
  • Decorating our first Christmas tree
  • Spending hours upon hours planning the wedding
  • First place we lived in after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Lorson
Goodbye #306
Now I don’t want to jinx myself or anything but it looks like well being having new place to call home in mid November Smile Stay tuned for more updates but I am getting sssooo excited for our first house! Time to start buying Christmas lights for the house. Sshhh don’t tell Derek!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week and a half in pics

Saturday 9/3


1. Derek getting the stuffed jalapenos ready for the tailgate 2. K-State game (which was terrible)

Sunday 9/4


Elsie using one of the carseats as a bed on our way home from Manhattan

Tuesday 9/6


1. Ian and Gage swinging. Gage hates it 2. Both loving the slide

Wednesday 9/7


1. Gage “napping” at Little Monkey Bizness  2.The boys getting their friend Ryann  3. Going in every direction  4. Gage was giving the stink eye  5. Gage in the playhouse  6. Ian in his favorite spot, the bounce house with a basketball hoop

Thursday 9/8


1 and 2. The boys and their dog watching the guy mow  2. Had to drive with my trunk open cause boxes wouldn’t fit and twins were in my back seat. 4. Where’s Ian?? 5. There he is!  6. Cut my thumb shredding lettuce. Probably should have got a stitch cause it’s still gross

Friday 9/9


1. Playing trains. I gave up making them a track cause they just wreck it.  2. Ian playing the piano for us

Saturday 9/10


1. License plate my brother was sssooo excited for (he has season tickets with Derek and Derek’s dad)  2. Aiden coloring while me and mom watched the Chiefs game

Monday 9/12


Photo shoot at the park

*I apologize for pics being every which way. I gotta figure out a better way to do these!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I will always remember 9/11/01. I was a sophomore in high school sitting in English class when I heard a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I had no idea what or where the World Trade Center was but by everyone's reaction, I knew it had to be in the US. Then we heard a second plane had crashed into the other tower and that there was no way 2 planes just accidentally crashed into the 2 towers. There was something going on.


English class ended and I remember walking down the hall and everyone was talking about what had happened. When I got into History class, I heard the Pentagon had been hit. Again, I was clueless as to what the Pentagon was but our History teacher informed us that the WTC and Pentagon were in NYC and we were under a terrorist attack. Terrorist attack? Us?! I was in complete shock. TV’s were quickly turned on all around school and classes were put on hold for the day as we all huddled in classrooms and watched what was going on. My mouth dropped as I watched re runs of the 2nd plane crashing into the 2nd building. I remember thinking how scared those people must have been on the plane and how scared so many families were of their loved ones being on those planes or in the the buildings. It was horrific to watch the 2 towers fall and people running down smoke filled streets. Our lives were changed in an instance.


I am reminded of this day not just today, but everyday. I  can’t say it any better then my sister said it…

“Today, remember that day, as hard as it may be. It is a true testament to the greatness of our country. To the brave who sacrificed their lives, to the families still dealing with the pain, to the ones we owe our freedom to.

10 years ago they tried to break us…………. Today we can stand up and tell them they never can.”


God Bless America

Friday, September 9, 2011


We put our apartment/townhome on craigslist a month ago in hopes of finding a subleaser. Our lease is up in November but we wanted to try and get out now so we could save more money for a down payment. My mom lives in a huge house not very far away so we figured we could live with her for a couple months (thanks mom!).

Fast forward to this Wednesday and we found out a couple was interested in our place and were coming in that day to fill out an application! They need to be out of their house by the 20th so they wanted to move in by Sept. 17. Kind of short notice but we agreed and will be moving out of our place this weekend! We started packing last night and hope to finish it tonight before Derek’s parents come in the morning to help us pack everything into the moving truck. Now we can fully focus on buying a house! Woo hoo!!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phone pics

I apologize that some of these are a month old but I never remember to take pictures or upload them to my blog!

First up: Ian and Gage


Starting at top left-Helping me grocery shop, Ian’s long hair, he makes such a cute girl, play date with our friend Ryann (and her mom Ashley), nakey Ian, fighting over the broom, Gage coloring with chalk, Ian coloring with chalk.

Random pics:


From top left: Aiden meeting Elmo at Midwest Kidsfest (MK), Aiden with Buzz at MK, Aiden eating donuts with me, Derek enjoying the top off the jeep, Aiden in the middle of the dance floor, Aiden feeding a cow at MK, got our wedding canvas and can’t wait to hang them both, new k-state shirt and hair cut (today!), Aiden and Elsie (BFF’s), 111 degrees (yuck), Elsie with her toy, me and my favorite little people (my nephews and niece).

Can’t wait to go to Manhattan this weekend and cheer on the cats. LET’S GO WILDCATS!!