Thursday, February 23, 2012

Randy Rogers Baby!!

As promised, here are pictures from the RR concert a few weeks ago.

We saw them in concert for the first time in 2007 at a small bar in Aggieville. We officially became groupies after that concert and continued to go see them in concert whenever possible.


2007 in Manhattan


2009 in Wichita. Pretty sure we saw them in 2008 but can’t find a pic


2011 in KC. Got our pic with 2 guys from the band and their camera man!

We wanted to go to their concert for my bachelorette party but they played during the week and now that we are big kids with jobs, we can’t party during the week. So when my sister saw they were coming to KC in January  we jumped at the opportunity and decided to make it a girls night/birthday celebration for Amber and Cortney!

Pre drinking at my place (don’t worry, that little clock is not staying on that wall)


Limo ride to concert.


At the concert


Sorry Amy. Too funny not to share. Amy and her own dance party


Us sisters with our soon to be sister in law!!



Good old ramon noodles on the way home.



#1 RR fans! Love you girls!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 So Far

First of all, thank you sssoooo much to all of you who texted, emailed or commented after my last post. It meant the world to me.

I thought I would finally get caught up on the blog of our 2012 so far since I haven’t really posted since New Years.

After traveling so much for birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we decided to stay home all of January. It felt nice to not have any plans on the weekends and just do what we wanted. We painted the family room in the basement, had Aiden over to play and went to watch him at gymnastics, had my dad come stay for a weekend and just enjoyed not having any plans.




11 of my best friends came the last weekend in January and we all went to the Randy Rogers concert and then had a slumber party at my house. We hadn’t been together like that since our wedding so it was a much needed girls weekend. Complete with limo, good beverages and our cowboy boots. I sadly only have these 2 pics. I will have to upload some once whoever was taking pictures all night uploads theirs (hint hint).


We had a few people over for the Super Bowl the first weekend in February. Yummy food, great company, doesn’t get better then that.

The 2nd weekend in February we traveled to El Dorado. I was having some serious Paxton and Harper withdrawal. My mom went with us and we were able to watch Paxton’s basketball game, eat some Willies that I was also having withdrawals from, see their basement they finished and just spoil the kids with hugs and kisses. Again, I failed at the picture taking. I had a couple on my phone and they have somehow disappeared so I stole these from Amy.




I opened up my daycare on the 13th. Right now I only have the twins and Derek’s cousin’s 8 week old baby girl.  I hope to get 2 more kiddos. I’m loving it so far!



The 3rd weekend in February we went to Galva for our niece Hazel’s 2nd birthday and to see our other adorable nieces and nephew. That weekend we got to watch Peyton’s basketball game, devour some pizza hut buffet (KC seriously needs to get with it and serve the buffet), cuddle Paizley all day, eat some delicious home cooked meals and finished off the weekend at Hazel’s cute Hello Kitty birthday party.









As you can tell, we made up for not traveling in January these past 2 weekends. We love going to see our families though and the dogs like playing with their cousins. Our next trip will be to Manhattan for St. Patrick's day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Worst Fear Becomes Reality

I’ve been debating writing this post for months and finally decided just to pour it all out. So just to warn you, it’s a little long. Not many people read this blog and some already know what’s going on. I want to do this so I remember everything and can one day look back at this time in our marriage.

As you all know, we got married April 30, 2011. We left for our honeymoon the Monday after our wedding and decided while we were on it that I would stop taking my birth control and see what happens. Just old fashion baby making, no charting or ovulation tests. I also started taking prenatal vitamins this month (May).

In July I started charting and we actually started trying during my “fertile days.”  a month after doing that with no success, I ordered ovulation strips I had seen on someone’s blog. Started using the ovulation strips AND charting back in August. I wasn’t TOO concerned yet because I had read that it can take a few months to get pregnant after being on birth control.

By October I was stressed/scared/nervous /sad. Having a baby is all I have wanted my entire life and here I am 5 months into trying and not having any luck. My sisters and Derek’s sister can look at a guy and get pregnant so I assumed the same would go for me. I knew it was early to be concerned since they say you should try for a year but I talked Derek into going with me to see a fertility specialist. I just wanted to make sure something wasn’t wrong and if something was, I wanted to start the next step.

I had an appointment in December and I got a phone call one afternoon from the clinic saying I had missed my appointment that morning. I broke down and started bawling! This appt had taken us a month to get into and I had it marked down for the next day. I was sssooo mad at myself and them! They don’t call to remind people of their appts, they send out letters.  We had recently moved and hadn’t gotten our mail with our reminder letter. Who sends out letters nowadays?! So I called Derek bawling and he said he would do everything he could to get us a new appt ASAP. He called later that day with a new appointment at a different place. LIFE SAVER!

So in December we met with a fertility specialist and found out everything looks great for both me and Derek. Our insurance doesn’t cover these appts so we have had to pay a pretty penny but it’s all worth it to us. There is a test to make sure my fallopian tubes aren’t blocked but that’s $1200 so we’re holding off on that for now. We were given a prescription for Clomid and we are going to try that for a couple months before deciding our next step.

I didn’t write this to complain and for people to feel sorry for us, I just wanted to let it all out. This is something we so badly want and we just pray that everything will work out. I know god has a plan and I try not to beat myself up about why I’m not getting pregnant because I know everything happens for a reason and it’s not in our hands. Please pray for us and I am open to any suggestions/recommendations!


What it looks like under my sink