Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

Yippee Yahoo it's Friday!! Linking up with Darci for 5 on Friday: 

1. I thought Collins looked really cute the other day so I busted out the camera for once and took some pictures. Your welcome.

2. My friend Ashley invited us to her parent's vacation home in Georgia and I just couldn't say no. Our flights are booked and me and Collins will be going on vacay in September!! I'm sad Derek is going to miss her first plane ride, trip to the ocean, etc but with him starting a new job, he can't take off. So hopefully we'll get to do a family vacation later this year or for sure next year! Ashley and I are already planning Collins' and Elsie's matching attire. Maybe we can find some matching things for Ryann too. Eeekkk!!

3. The countdown to K-State football is on! I hung up all of Collins k-state attire and I can't freaking wait to put her in her little cheerleader uniform.  I might be more excited about dressing up Collins in K-State then for the actual games. But we're going to the first game and I can't wait to take her!

4. After a year and a half, we are finally going to start working on the house. We're getting a new to us couch downstairs and hope to start painting and fixing it up down there. We've also been looking at new carpet and have started on the landscape around the house. House projects are freaking expensive!  It's way past due for a makeover though.

5. I love this summer weather but my mind is on Fall. I've already been looking at Halloween costumes for Collins and thinking about birthday and Christmas gifts for her. And of course planning her 1st birthday! I'm still deciding between 2 themes but I've got some cute ideas for both so hopefully I can decide on one soon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365: Days 178-205

June 28- Patty cake

June 29- Pushing mama's buttons by pulling off her bow
June 30- Yummy celery
July 1- Ready for our evening walk
 July 2- Play date with her bestie, Elsie
July 3- Getting use out of all of our 4th of July outfits
July 4- Celebrating Independence Day
July 5- First time pulling up in my crib
July 6- "Give me my toy back, mom!"
July 7- Heading to the pool in polka dots
 July 8- Short shorts
July 9- Afternoon snuggles
 July 10- Pre Tylenol and post Tylenol
July 11- Pic fail
July 12- Pulling up on everything
July 13 - Just another day at the pool
 July 14- Ran into nana Jana at the store and scored a toy out of her!
 July 15- Deanna Rose with my boyfriend, Braxton
 July 16- The stand up greet never gets old
 July 17- Found the way to the playroom
July 18- Profile. Love those chubby cheeks
 July 19- At the spray park with new friend, Avery
July 20- Baby and mommy
July 21- "Give me candy!!!"
July 22- 8 month photoshoot a day late
 July 23- Bathed baby ready for bed
July 24- Outside play

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

8 Months

Somebody bring my baby back!  She is officially crawling and pulling up on everything in sight. She started getting the hang of crawling on July 4th and had it mastered within the week. And with crawling came pulling up on the couches, fireplace, etc. She's only gotten 1 tiny bruise on her head so far but I'm sure she'll get many more in the next couple months. She's getting pretty confident in the standing and will let go of things and stand for a couple seconds unassisted.

No doctor visit till 9 months so weight and height are estimates. Derek measured her at 25in but I got 26 in last month so unless she's shrinking, one of us is wrong. Wearing 6-9 month clothes but I just pulled out 9-12 month clothes. 12 month clothes?! She can't possibly almost be a year! We also graduated to size 3 diapers this month.

She got her first tooth this month! We had no idea she was teething till I felt in her mouth one day. And just like that the sleepless nights began. I think the tooth was coming up and down through the gums and was causing her pain during the night. It's fully through now and she had  a couple good nights of sleep and now the 2nd bottom tooth is coming in and she's back to waking at night in pain. I hate seeing her in pain and I am hoping after these first 2 teeth, she won't have such a hard time with them. On a good night she goes to bed at 8pm and wakes at 7am, eating once sometime in the night. When she's teething, she wakes up 1-3 times a night and we give her more Tylenol and fight her back to sleep for a good hour. She naps around 9am and 1pm for 1-2 hours.

Still eating like a champ. She nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and eats 2 meals. She drinks so well out of a sippy cup and can drink from a straw as well. She LOVES puffs and cheerios. They are our go to at restaurants and when we need to keep her occupied in her highchair during dinner. We have to remind her to eat one at a time because she'll shovel them by the fist full into her mouth.

Her hair is starting to fill out! I got a little excited and tried putting a clip in it but it didn't stay. I think she's too busy crawling around to do much talking. She does a lot of screaming and growling (thank you daycare kids) but no words other then the occasional mama. We think we heard dada the other day but haven't heard it since. She can wave, play peek-a-boo and give kisses. All of which are the cutest thing ever. She usually waves as soon as someone walks in the door and gets the biggest smile on her face like she's so proud of herself. She gives open mouth kisses on demand too. Nothing melts my heart more then when she crawls over to me and gives me a big, snotty kiss. She is obsessed with the dogs and their toys. She has 5,000 toys but always goes for the dog toys. And if the dogs are on the floor, she's bound to crawl over to them and pull their hair. Luckily, their very friendly with her and either run away or just give her kisses. We're working on petting them nicely.
She is a water baby and I couldn't be happier. We were at the pool for 3 hours this past weekend and she was in the water the entire time. She'll kick her feet and splash the water with her hands, not even caring if she gets her face wet. I hope she loves it this much next summer.

Collins, you need to slow down baby girl. I'm so proud of all the things your learning but mommy isn't ready for you to grow big. This month has been full of firsts and I cherish getting to witness them all. I love you with every bit of my heart. Don't ever forget that.

These pictures are getting near impossible to take...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th Festivities

We had planned on going to El Dorado and boating it up for the 4th but Collins isn't at the age where she can boat for endless hours and Amy had some photo shoots on the 5th so we decided to stay in town. We met Amber and her family and  my mom at my brother and SIL's (sister in law) for a pool day and bbq. The boys think were crazy for wanting to get to the pool early to guarantee a table with an umbrella but they were thanking us when it got super hot out that day.

I failed at remembering a hat for Collins so we tried to keep her in the shade as much as we could. Luckily she enjoyed her first time in her raft and even fell asleep in her stroller by me just moving it back and forth with my foot. Before getting back in her swim suit after her nap, she stayed hydrated and tried learned to cheers with mom and dad's cups.


After we were all hot and sweaty we headed back to Tony's for a  bbq. More festive drinks were drank, illegal firecrackers were blown up (Collins didn't mind the noise at all) and another nap stroller was had. We got a late start on going to watch the big fireworks show so when we couldn't find a place to park, we decided to make our own parking spots, watch them just for a couple minutes and call it a day.