Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baby three at 17 weeks

Poor third child hardly getting any blog recognition.  I was so good about doing weekly updates with the other two so I'm going to try and do better.

How far along: 17 weeks (1/20/17)

Size of baby: Weighs 5 ounces and is 5 inches long from head to bottom. About the size of a turnip.  Collins' gets great joy out of hearing about the baby and what food it is. 

Feeling: Still pretty tired but not near as tired as I was the first trimester.  I think the two kids and no more naptimes for the older one play a role in my pure exhaustion come 6pm.


Gender: BOY!! We have our sono in February but we did a genetic blood screen that tells you the gender as well.  It's got a 99% accuracy so I'm pretty confident it's a boy.  We've been calling him by his name but it's still too early to be set on it.  I love it but we were set on a different name for Brooks up until like 30 weeks so we'll see.  It's super cute hearing the kids say his name though.

Cravings: Pickles, green olives, sweet and sour candy, there's really not a food I'll turn down.

Best moment this week: I switched OB's for a couple of reasons so I met her this week and really liked her.  Baby was moving all around so it was difficult to hear his heartbeat for very long but Collins went to the appointment with me and we both loved hearing him. 

Movement: I think I felt him for the first time at 16 weeks and 3 days and I have for sure felt him since.  I have to lay down and really focus on feeling it but it's the best feeling in the world. 

Sleep: It's time to bust out the pregnancy pillow. It's no longer comfortable to sleep on my stomach and only being allowed to sleep on my side has started to hurt my back.   

 Maternity clothes: I bought maternity leggings and I'm basically living in them.  My jeans are getting tight so I avoid them at all cost.

Milestones: Past the first trimester a little while back and this week, the baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker.  He can move his joints and sweat glands are starting to develop. *

*according to baby center

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Collins at 4 years

 I'm only about 2 months too late but we had to postpone her well check up because we we're sick for about 2 weeks in December. Let's just say I had to take her for ice cream after her 4 year check up because I told her she wouldn't need shots and she ended up needing two! She was brave for them and I could tell she was holding back tears after the last one (they warned it would sting), so as soon as I told her it was ok to cry, a couple tears came rolling out on my shoulder. 

She weighed in at 32.8 lbs (25%) and is 38.5in (25%) tall. They had to re measure her because we weren't believing the 4in jump in a year. Turns out, her bow gave her an extra inch #bigbowprobs. But still! She grew 3in this year and she is living it up. She keeps standing beside things and saying "see how tall I am now, mom?!"

She is loving preschool and her teachers gave her a perfect report card. Quite but very social and makes sure everyone is being included. She's still in dance and wants to give tball a try this Spring. At home, she is almost always playing with baby dolls or playing board games. She asks to work in her workbooks and prefers YouTube kids over any movie or show. To watch baby doll videos of course. She is so excited for her new baby brother and tells me he's my baby and hers.  Pretty sure I'm never going to get to hold him.

Beef is still a no go but she doesn't turn down much else. She informed me that she had broccoli at school and liked it so I had to start buying some of that. Oops! She isn't afraid of spicy foods and will always pick salt and vinegar chips. Chips in general are her thing. Takes after me. Not much of a breakfast eater but you better believe she'll eat all she's required to at lunch and dinner to get a sweet treat.

Naps are officially a thing of the past. She'll stay in her room for an hour till her clock turns green. Some nights she's so tired at 7:30 that she doesn't even want to read a book and would rather just go to sleep. She sleeps till about 7:30-8:30am. Speaking of sleep, she's moving to the guest room so the baby can have her room and she is SO excited. She gets her own bathroom and we've already informed daddy that he'll be cleaning the gross bathroom her brothers will share.

Collins, you are the best little girl in the world.  You bring us so much joy and laughter and we are so thankful your all ours.  Love you forever and always.