Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brooks at 5 months

 This boy has completely stolen my heart.  Every time I look at him I just want to smother him in kisses and eat his cheeks. He's just so easy to please and constantly smiling. I would have never believed you that he'd turn out this great 3 months ago.  Now I'm just going to need to bottle him up and keep him like this forever. 
Stats| We were just at his 4 month appt a couple weeks ago so I'm assuming he hasn't gained much.  Maybe closer to 15lbs now and probably still 25 in.  Mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes but the 6-9 month ones are washed and I made a few 9 month purchases today. Gulp. Size 2 diaper seems to still be fitting.  If you want to buy diapers in bulk, go with #2's.  I think babies are in this size the longest.   

Eating| Milk only for this guy.  Rice, oatmeal (even banana flavored), sweet potatotes and squash are disgusting according to him.  Bite goes in, horrible face, spits it out.  Repeat.  And if you keep trying to shove it down his throat, he WILL puke.  He nurses roughly 7 times during the day/night and drinks 4oz when he has a bottle.

Sleeping| The sleeping needed to change and the 4 month sleep regression is our "this baby has to learn to put himself to sleep."  We did it with Collins too.  We waited till after our travels for Christmas and dove in the week after.  There wasn't much training to do though, he has done so great with being swaddled, sang twinkle twinkle little star and then into the crib he goes.  He'll rub his head back and forth for a bit (forever gonna have a bald spot) and then off to dreamland.  Occassionally we have to go in and give him his binky or re swaddled throughout the night.  The breaking of the swaddle is where we are having issues now.  We are down to 1 arm in and 1 arm out but he hates being swaddled and usually gets the other arm out.  But he can't sleep with both arms free so it's a vicious cycle we are trying to break.  He sleeps 7:30pm-7am usually waking around 1:30am and 5:30am.  I probably go in and give him his pacifier 1-2/night as well.  Ideal sleeping? No.  But so much better then the past. 2, 1-1.5 hour naps and a 30 min. evening nap.

 Play| He rolls stomach to back and is sssooo close to rolling back to stomach.  He'll kick his legs into the air and roll to the side and really arch his back in attempt to roll over.  I love when he puts his tiny little feet in the air and grabs them.  I am a-ok with him not rolling over.  Makes things a lot easier on me when I know he isn't going anywhere.  He can sit for a couple seconds on his own and is a jumping machine.  He's starting to figure out how to jump in his jumper and he cracks up when Collins jumps around trying to get him to jump.  He grabs everything within reach (including sisters hair and although she doesn't like it, she doesn't get upset with him), and puts everything in his mouth. Omg the drool! We need a new Amber teething necklace for his ankle stat.  I am a total believer that it helped Collins.  She never drooled. 

Health| Most sensitive skin ever.  Absolutely no smells for him or he will break out with eczema.  

Likes| Finally a silent passenger in the car!!! Pushing himself up to the top of his crib.  I can have his feet touching the bumper and within 2 minutes he'll have his head to the top of the crib.  Just by kicking and pushing with his feet.  Loves bath time, his mommy, daddy and sister.

Dislikes| Sudden noises, solids, he's had a couple instances where he's pouted his bottom lip and cried with my mom and Amber.  I think we're treading the stranger danger phase even though he's around other people almost every day. 

Brooks, you melt me into a puddle every day.  Your smile is contagious and I adore when you get bashful and hide your face in my neck.  You're such a good sport about your sister always being in your face. You don't mind when we get bored and try headbands on you (ssshhh, don't tell daddy but you make a cute girl).  You have mommy's blue eyes even though you look just like daddy.  Maybe one day your hair will come in but I'll keep kissing that bald head until it does.  You really are the best, bubba.  Hugs and Kisses!

Day he came home vs. 5 months

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A day in our life

January 7, 2015

1:34am  change and nurse Brooks. He's back asleep before I lay him down and I quickly fall back asleep once my head hits my pillow. 

5:55am  Brooks is back up with a dirty diaper. Change him and he eats a little before he's ready to go back asleep. He coughs a little waking him up and he wiggles out of the sleep sack. I go back in and swaddle him and leave. I crawl back in bed and I see on the monitor that his arm is back out. I curse the swaddle and go wrap him up again. He tries to get out again but falls asleep. Me too. 

7:00am I just dozed off and I hear Derek get out of bed and in the shower. I go back to sleep and he makes coffee (we're both newly coffee drinkers) and slips out of the house about 7:45am.

7:50am I hear Brooks talking over the monitor. As I walk into his room, I hear Collins. She always requests that "baby brooks" lays in her bed when she wakes up. It lasts all of 2 min. before she's begging to eat. French toast (frozen kind, I'm all about quick in the mornings), peach and milk for her, coffee for me Brooks hangs out in his seat.

8:20am I get the kiddos dressed and then put Brooks in the pack n play in our room and Collins on our bed with some books and cartoons and I take a quick shower. Brooks joins sister on the bed to play while I do my make up and get dressed. 

8:50am nurse Brooks and then we head downstairs so they can play in the playroom while I do my hair in the bathroom down there. Brooks is ready for a nap at about 9:30 so I let him sleep in my arms before I have to get him in his car seat. 

9:45am get Collins some dry cereal to eat in the car and we are out the door for our weekly play date. I swear we've only been here a few times but I think we went the last time I did a day in the life too. Ha!  We meet at the indoor swing set place which is normally nice and toasty in the winter but the thermostat said 54 today. Yeah, we didn't last long before heading home. Brooks got a little nap in the ergo and Collins got to play with friends so it could have been worse. Not to mention it was in the single digits outside so it felt slightly warmer then being out there. 

11:15am My always hungry child has been begging to eat (again) so I make her a pb&j sandwich, pretzels, blueberries and milk. Derek comes home for lunch and we have leftover soup. 

11:40am change and nurse Brooks and then back downstairs to play before nap. 

12:30pm lay Brooks down in his crib for nap and he's asleep very quickly. I play a little with Collins before she goes down at 12:45. 

I should finish the cleaning I started yesterday but the couch is calling my name. I start this post and then Instagram, facebook, shopping etc take my attention till I hear Brooks. 

2:40pm longest nap in a long time for Brooks! Collins is up right after him and as always, requests to eat. Cheez it's, fruit snack and water for her while I nurse and then change Brooks. They play and I vacuum and mop the kitchen real quick and then join them to play till daddy gets home at 4:30. 

5:00pm lay Brooks in his crib for nap and start making chicken tacos for dinner. Collins helps wash the bottles and has an appetizer of chips and salsa while we are cooking. Brooks takes his normal 40 min. nap and then sits in his rock n play while we eat dinner. Collins eats really good so she's rewarded with a couple skittles (she's on a purple kick and is ecstatic when she gets 2 of them. She's also obsessed with having 2 of things. Easily pleased this girl) and then downstairs to play with daddy and watch tv. 

her new "maybe if I close my eyes, I won't have to take these last 2 bites."

6:30 not even an hour since dinner and Collins is hungry again. She won't stop begging if you tell her no so I give her a cereal bar. 

7pm bath time! Collins helps me wash Brooks and then Derek takes over washing her while I put lotion and pajamas on Brooks. We all gather in Collins room while she gets lotion and pajamas on. She's hungry again! I attempt to not give in but she throws a fit. Gotta love 2 year olds. I give her a cutie and make Brooks' bedtime bottle. We give him a bottle to ensure he's nice and full for bed and he also gets his probiotic in it. 

7:40pm Collins chooses Derek to brush her teeth, read her a book and get her in bed so I feed Brooks his bottle and get him in bed.  Collins comes in 5 times to give us kisses. It's ridiculous how long she stalls at bedtime. Kisses for daddy, mommy, Brooks, Elsie (the dog), going potty, washing her hands, on and on. 

8:15pm both kids are asleep and me and Derek watch tv and spend time on our phones. 

9pm I pump and then we head to bed to watch tv. I'm exhausted and he has an early morning so the tv is off and we go to sleep at 9:45pm. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooks at 4 months

This was written on December 21 when he turned 4 months but his appointment got pushed back till after the new year so I didn't have his stats.  Quite a bit has changed since I wrote this but I'll save it for his 5 month post. 

 (crappy pic because I can't get my camera to turn on. Rest of pics taken by aunt Amy)
Stats| 14 lbs 9oz (50%), 25in (50%).  He's an average fella all the way around. Still in a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month clothes. 
Eating| Like a newborn. Ok, not that much but he has definitely regressed in the sleeping and eating. Eating every 3 hours, night and day. 3-4oz when he takes a bottle.  

Sleeping| I had hoped it was just a growth spurt but about a month later, sleep is still sucking. On a good night he will go to bed about 7:30pm and do a 5 hour stretch which would be nice if I too went to bed at 7:30. Then it's every 2-3 hours. This is right when we sleep trained Collins because she did this exact thing.  I dread doing it but mama needs more then 3 hour stretches of sleep. We've also resorted to letting him sleep on his stomach. We're desperate for sleep and that seems to be his favorite. 

Play| something is always in his mouth whether it be a toy or his fingers. He really enjoys laying on the floor and watching sister. We got out the excersaucer and he'll stand in it for a little while before getting bored. He hasn't really figured out how to play with the toys on it so I'm sure he'll like it more once he figures that out. 

Health| We've been off the reflux medicine for almost a month now. The side effects of the medicine were worse then the reflux itself so I stopped giving it to him. He's struggling a little with #2 so I've had to help him out a couple times to get things going. We started him on a powder probiotic after I heard from Vanessa that it helped her little boy with gas and sleep.  I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but they say to give it a couple days. The cradle cap cleared up but we have to stay on top of his prescriptions or it flares back up. Both my kids have super sensitive skin and he has started to get eczema. Mostly on his back so we're gonna try a prescription to get it cleared up.   
Likes| chewing on his fingers or anything that comes near his mouth, laying in mommy and daddy's bed, bath time with Collins, standing up, watching sister run around, telling stories, laughing and kisses. If you get near his face, there's a good chance he'll try to give you an open mouth kiss. More like eat your face but we'll call it a kiss. 

Dislikes| me sneezing when I'm feeding him, solids and the car. Omg this kid and the car. He does fine in his car seat at restaurants but the second you click it in the car, he is ticked. He's recently had a strong opinion on how you rock him. He prefers you to stand until he's somewhat asleep and then you can sit. 
Despite your crappy sleeping, you are the best little guy to be around. You have the biggest smile and as long as your not tired or hungry, your pretty easy to please. Your mommy's baby boy and I could just eat you up I love you so.