Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Brooks at 9 months

My baby boy is 9 months. As close as he is to becoming a toddler, it feels he's been in this baby stage for awhile.  I think I'm being paid back for being robbed of infanthood with Collins.  She was full on walking by now and Brooks wants nothing to do with even crawling.  I love it. 


Stats| 18lbs 3oz (10%), 27 1/4 in tall (10.25%) and 17.5 in head (25-50%).  Poor kid is a shrimp. I'm hoping he hits a big growth spurt so he's not a shorty going into school.  He's all over in the clothes department.  3-6 month shorts, 6-9 month pants and 9-12 months for one pieces and shirts.  We just bought a box of size 4 diapers which is crazy cause that's the same size Collins wears at bedtime but they are proving to be too big on him.  I was sick of poop going up his back and staining his clothes and his pajamas being wet in the morning because I hate changing him in the middle of the night, but they look a bit ridiculous on his tiny body.

easier to keep him still outside

Eating| We dropped his last nursing session recently so he's completely on formula and table foods. Bittersweet. He has four, 6oz bottles throughout the day and one in the middle of the night. I don't think there's been a food he's turned down. He basically eats whatever Collins is eating.  I've given up on baby food, he would rather shove food in his mouth by the fist full.  Almost every meal requires an outfit change. 

Sleeping| Goes to bed between 7-7:30pm and wakes around 7am with one middle of the night feeding. When we are home for morning nap, it's usually about an hour and then he takes a 2 hour afternoon nap. We haven't had to lower his mattress yet but he has recently learned to pull down his crib bumper to peek out. It's the first thing he does when he wakes up, pulls it down and just waits for us to walk into his room.  I love being greeted by his grinning face peeking out of his crib.

raise your hand if you think moms the best
Play| Rolling around like crazy.  He can get around so quick by barrel rolling.  Getting up on all 4's but not getting anywhere yet.  He can pull to his knees and prefers to be standing. At all times.  I don't know how I don't have buff arms from the amount I hold him and how acrobatic he is.  He loves putting blankets over his face and playing peekaboo, using his feet to play with toys and playing wherever sister is. He's a big mama's boy so he felt bad for Derek and learned how to say "dada" first.  Collins and Derek are trying their best to get him to say "sissy" next over "mama." Jerks.

Health| He could use a couple more pounds which is crazy to me because he's a bottomless pit and has rolls to show it.  Our pediatrician wasn't concerned just wants us to try and get him to drink more ounces and maybe add a snack in. He's popping teething like crazy.  4.5 on the top and 2 on the bottom with 2 more starting to come up.  We've lost 2 amber teething bracelets that I put on his ankle so I think I'll have to cave and let him wear a necklace.  I swear by these beads cause he was cranky for a couple days when we were without them.

Likes| You should see his rapid leg kicking when he's heading into the bath.  He also enjoys walking when you hold his hands, walks, and although it seems repetitive, he absolutely adores his sister.  Always looking around for her and laughing at everything she does.  Derek ran an errand with Collins and it was just me and Brooks at home, he was like a lost puppy.  He wouldn't stop looking around for her and was being so still and weird.  It was like he was just waiting for her to pop up and scare him like she likes to do.  It was sad how lost he was without her around. Diaper changes are impossible when he's either trying to eat his toes or rip his diaper off.  He can't be without a shirt or he unfastens his diaper.  Pretty sure he is too young to be doing that. 


Dislikes| Being startled, being spoon fed, me being close by and not holding him and working on crawling.

Brooks, you have a contagious smile and blue eyes that don't go unnoticed.  I'm so in love with you and so thankful you made us a family of 4.  Can we please work on saying "mama" though?

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