Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Brooks at one year!

Happy birthday my sweet and adorable baby boy (a week and a half late).  You are always on the go, fighting with your sister or getting into things you shouldn't.  So, when you sleep, I usually just want to enjoy the stillness. We had a Mexican themed fiesta for your first birthday and I think it turned out super adorable (more on that later. Maybe).  I can't believe a year has already went by! Here's what your up to at a year
 Birthday breakfast.  Sissy sang to him all day

Stats| 19lbs 11oz (7%), 29in (25%). He may be a year but he definitely doesn't look it. He's just a little guy.  He's still fitting into 9-12 month clothes and we've started to collect some size 4 shoes. They're a little big but since your not walking, they work. No new teeth this month so still has a total of 8. They've been swollen lately and pediatrician thought some were on the way. 
The only way to keep him still for a pic, turn camera around.  Not cocky at all

Eating| We've dropped all but the bedtime bottle and until he'll drink whole milk or we run out of formula, he'll  get that 6oz bottle. He despises whole or soy milk. Wether it's warm or cold. Our pediatrician gave us some recommendations that we are going to try. He doesn't even like Collins' chocolate milk. Must take after his mom and dad, we hate milk. Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks. He eats so so much. At least 2 helpings at every meal. 

Sleeping| 12+ hours every night. Occasionally  he'll wake up between 5-6am so I'll give him a bottle and he'll sleep till 8-9am!! 7:15pm-7:30am is the usual though. We skip a morning nap if he sleeps late so he has anywhere from 1-2 naps ranging from 1-3 hours. When people ask if we are ready for another baby I say heck no! We are finally getting some good sleep in this house! 

Playing| The fighting!! Already!! Brooks knows just what to do to make his sister mad and boy does she scream and get bad. I'm always telling them to share and be nice. We have a lot of girl toys but if there's a ball in sight, he's gonna get it. He'll drive his trucks around and make car sounds which is about the cutest things ever. He loves playing with things he shouldn't- cupboards, toilet water, dog food (I've lost count of how many times I've pulled dog food out of his mouth),  and anything sister has. We were facetiming Derek and he asked Brooks to blow him a kiss and he did it! I had no idea he could do it. 

Health|  Healthy as can be. They did an eye screen at his appt and he passed with flying colors. I held off on the blood draw since he got 4 shots but we'll get his levels checked next week (required at 1 year).

Likes| His mama's constant attention, dancing, food, climbing stairs, climbing the fireplace, climbing, climbing and climbing.  He's enjoying having the freedom to crawl around at the park and go down the slides. I'm pretty sure we've been to our neighborhood park every day this week and he loves crawling through a tunnel on the play system. He's been an awesome house hunter this past month. We've spent lots of time in the car, driving around neighborhoods  and inside random houses and he's been great. 

Dislikes| diaper changes, walking by the park and not getting to play, waiting on food, being told no, his sister not sharing and when mama leaves. We've had our first taste of seperation anxiety this month. It's only happened a couple times but it breaks my heart to leave to the sound of him crying.

Words| mama and dada for a couple months now, woah, hi and I think he says sis.

Other then your "witching hour" which is about 4pm to dinner time at 5:45pm, your a happy dude. You can be clingy but I try to remind myself that it won't be long before your running around and not needing me. You'll go to anyone and you have the cutest wave ever.  You've taken 7 steps so I think you'll get this walking thing down this month.  I'm  so thankful that your mine and love you to pieces. 
11/21/2015: Birthday shenanigans.  You played with the balloons for several days

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