Friday, December 4, 2015

5 on Friday

Better late than never! I've had a hard time getting this to upload so here we go...

1.  Last weekend I took Collins to her first movie! We met my mom, sister and nephew to see The Peanut movie. For a kid who can't even sit through a tv show, she did pretty good. Her candy was gone before the movie started but she ate her popcorn and sat in her chair or someone's lap, the whole time. 

2. Christmas through a child's eyes is truly magical. This was the first year we did the whole Elf on a Shelf and even Brooks looks for Jolly as soon as he  wakes up. They both get so so excited when we tell them we are going to go drive around and look at Christmas lights and Santa is pretty much the best person ever according to them. It may be a different story when it comes to sitting on his lap though. 

3.  Midget #1 AND #2 had well visits this week. Other then them both literally rolling around naked on the germy floor, they did well. Both are 25% or less in weight and height but that's no surprise. Only one of them cried during shots, I'll let you guess who that was. 

4.  I saw this and it couldn't be more true. Gotta love Amazon. 

5. We're dropping the kids off with grandma and grandpa tomorrow and going on a date to the Garth Brooks concert. I'm am so excited. I'm going to be singing so freaking loud 😀

Have a great weekend! 

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