Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A day in our life

This was Tuesday, July 7.  Collins is 2.5 and Brooks is 10 months.

7:10am- Everyone is still sleeping so I jump in the shower.  I get the coffee started and Brooks wakes up about 7:40.  I change his diaper and feed him a bottle
so so happy when he wakes up

8:15am- Collins wakes up and Derek's out of the shower so he goes in to get her.  Me and Brooks follow behind him and she wants to hold baby Brooks. Her and Brooks wrestle around for a bit on her bed before she's ready for breakfast.  She requests eggs so I scramble some up for both of them and they chow down on that and some fruit while me and Derek drink our coffee and unload the dishwasher.

8:45am-  Derek works from home a lot but this morning he had some things to do.  Once he leaves, me and the kids head to the basement to play in the playroom.  I run upstairs to get them clothes since they're playing nicely and I get them dressed downstairs.

9:30am- I lay Brooks down for his morning nap and let Collins play on my phone while I finish getting ready.  She plays on it for a little while before she's ready to eat a snack. We brush her teeth and do her hair after she's done eating.

10:10am- Brooks wakes up right as I am getting ready to go wake him up.  I change his diaper and we are out the door to a playdate. 

10:20-12:30- We hang out and eat lunch at Steph's house.  Ashley and her girls are there as well so Collins got to play with all her friends.  I was busy keeping Brooks out of things and feeding him a bottle that I didn't take any pictures. 

1:00pm- Home from Steph's and I change Brooks diaper and put a diaper on Collins before laying them down for a nap.  Brooks goes right to sleep and Collins doesn't fall asleep at all.  I have to go in there a couple times before I tell her the door isn't opening up again until naptime is over. 

2:00pm- Brooks is up early from nap so I let Collins out of her room as well.  It's not very hot today so I strap them into the stroller and walk to the park.  We play for a bit before walking back home and having a snack and playing in the backyard while daddy mows.  Brooks drinks a bottle when we come inside.

3:15pm- The kids are driving me nuts so to Target we go.  Derek goes to Lowe's to get weed spray so I take both hulligans with me.  They do great at Target and we make it out with the formula we needed and not much else.  For once! Miss No Nap falls asleep on the way home from Target.

5:00pm- Me and Collins get our suits on and head to the first day of swim lessons.  It was supposed to start Monday but we were in the basement due to a tornado warning.  It's only in the lower 70s and sprinkling off and on but the swim lesson hotline says classes are still going to take place.  I contemplate making Derek take her but leave him home with Brooks and to cook dinner instead.  He lucks out when my mom shows up and takes care of Brooks while he is grilling.   

6:15pm-  We are home from swim lessons and Derek pulls the pizza off the grill.  Brooks couldn't make it past our usual 5:45pm dinner time and eats before we get back.  I give him some puffs to keep him occupied while we eat.  Collins tells nana and daddy about swim lessons and how she's too advanced for the class :).  She can't be bumped up into the next class since she isn't 3 so we'll just have to stick it out. 

6:45pm- I get the kids in the bath and after I get Brooks washed and out of the tub, Derek comes in and washes Collins and gets her pajamas on.  Collins gets her hair brushed and Brooks' gets his teeth brushed. Derek feeds Brooks a bottle and he's asleep by 7:15.  Collins has a little snack and plays on my phone till about 7:45 and then we brush her teeth, read some books, pray and into bed she goes. She pulls a few "I need to give so and so a kiss." "I need to pee" before she falls asleep about 8:30.  Me and Derek watch TV/spend time on our phones before heading up to watch TV in bed about 9pm

Sorry about the flash.. She's a hard sleeper

10:00pm- I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 10 but Derek usually turns the TV off about 10 and falls asleep. 

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