Monday, October 26, 2015

Brooks at 14 months

At 14 months, Brooks is a boy through and through.  He is wild! Into everything, thinks the word no is hilarious, runs faster if I'm coming for him, hates sitting still, has a sixth sense for open toilets that he can get his hands into and eats as much as a teenager. 
Became a full time walker about a week after his first birthday and hasn't slowed down since.
For the most part he sleeps 12+ hours at night but we also have sleepless nights here and there too.  When he has a good nights sleep, he only takes 1 nap but occasionally has a morning nap or a car cat nap.
He does a really good job mimicking animal sounds, says mama, dada, hi, I think he was saying Elsie (eh see) today and maybe a couple other words that I can't recall. 
Likes: being outside (like obsessed), riding in his wagon, baths, clapping and people clapping for him if he does something good, food, mommy, reading books (like actually sits still and listens) and balls.
Dislikes: anyone being outside without him, when mommy leaves (sometimes), his sister smothering him and not getting his way.
He's definitely harder toddler then Collins was but he can be the sweetest thing too.  He's always trying to get a laugh out of people and has a fake laugh that you can't help but not laugh at. His smile melts me to a puddle and I truly can't imagine life without him.
Brooks, your crazy but I love you just the way you are. xoxo

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