Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toddler bed transition

With a baby due in August and a monkey as a child, it was time to transition Collins out of her crib. I was dreading it because she was sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 1.5-2 hour naps. Once we got back from our weekend at the lake, it was time to bite the bullet. She was so excited once it was put together and would just lay on her pillow. She had never used a pillow before so I think that was her favorite part.  We did the same routine as we always do before bed, put her in her new bed, shut the door and left. She started crying and I realized I hadn't given her her binky. I purposefully hid it that day thinking she might just forget about them with the newness of the bed but I wasn't going to push the no binky if she wanted them. I went back in and gave them to her and then walked back out. We didn't hear a peep till her normal wake up time. 

First night (didn't have bedding yet)

I was most nervous for nap time since Aiden would be here and I thought she'd get out of bed and want to play. Nope! Right to sleep and slept her normal time. And when she woke up that morning and from nap, she just sat in her bed and yelled "mommy!"  till I came in. I think it was the 2nd nap that she got out of bed when she woke up and I went in, put her back in bed and told her she needs to stay in bed till mommy or daddy comes. I left the room just to see what she would do and she stayed in bed so I went and ls told her good job and got her up. 

On the 4th night, I happened to wake up just in time to see her slowly fall off the bed head first. I rushed down to her room and she was just laying on the floor. It was too dark to tell for sure but I think she was still sleeping. It's a very short fall and she landed on carpet so she probably had no idea. But when I put her back in bed and tried to leave, she screamed. I sat beside her bed and rubbed her back for 45 min and she would wake up and cry every time I left. She wouldn't let Derek rub her back or rock her so after 1.5 hours, I gave in and rocked her. I carefully put her back in her bed and slipped out of her room with a success and we didn't hear from her till 9am the next morning. She woke up and cried the next 2 nights but I was able to just cover her back up and tell her to go night night and leave. 

It's now been 2 weeks and she is doing awesome! Sleeping what she used to, if not even more and hasn't been waking up in the middle of the night. She loves reading books on her bed and goes in there throughout the day just to sit on it. 

We put a pool noodle under her water proof mattress pad so she doesn't fall off. It has rails but she's a crazy sleeper and I was losing a lot of sleep always watching the monitor to see if she had fallen off. Her crib is up in brothers room and now we have to get rid of the binky. Something I am REALLY dreading. She's only had it for naps and bedtime for a good year now but she refuses to fall asleep without them. And I give in way too easily. I should probably just leave for a weekend and make daddy do it :)

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