Thursday, July 24, 2014

20 months

My cute little spitfire,

I am in total denial that you are nearing the age of two and that this is the last month of you being our "baby." I have kept it together but this month is going to be an emotional one for your mama (and now I am crying). You have made these past 20 months the absolute best months of our lives.

Coming in at a whopping 24 pounds and some inches tall.  You've packed on the pounds this month but I don't think you've gotten taller. You still seem so small to me but you have a personality to make up for it. Always wanting the attention and you get a rise when people laugh at you. You've started to do this old lady walk where you hunch over and it cracks me up. The more I laugh, the more you do it.   We try not to laugh when you do something you shouldn't (like throw your napkin across the table at daddy) but everything you do is so damn cute, it's hard not too. Still wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diaper and a size 5 shoe but I think we need to get some 6's.

Your still a pretty good eater and a great sleeper.  You will now accept hot dogs and we are working on sandwiches.  Those 2 foods alone make lunch so much easier. You've learned to set your plate next to the sink when your done eating thanks to watching cousin Aiden do it.  You can hardly reach to get it up there but get super pissed if I try and help.  Your still loving your big girl bed and cuddle up to your pillow around 8pm and we don't hear a peep from you until at least 7:15am.  I can guarantee that the word eat will come out of your mouth in less then 5 min. of you being awake. So demanding first thing in the morning.  Naps are about 1.5-2 hours.

You are finally picking up on your vocabulary.  Other people have a hard time knowing what your saying but I can usually figure it out.  Most words start with an N so if people know that much, it's a little easier.  Nat=cat, neys=keys, neyes=eyes, nayney=baby.   I've heard you say on numerous occasions "weh (where) zozo at?" and when I asked you were Elsie was, you said "side" (outside). The way you say Zozo for Zoe is the cutest.   You've also said nose, dodie (doggy) and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting. Huh? is becoming less heard and "wa that?" is replacing it. Your always asking what things are but I know your just learning about the world so I don't mind answering it all day long.

We really need to get you in for your first haircut.  Your rocking a pretty sweet mullet AND rat tail.  The back of your hair is curly though so their not too noticeable unless your hair is wet.  I just don't want to not be able to do your piggytails! You LOVE getting your hair done.  I plop you on the counter and let you play in the water and brush your teeth while I do it.  No outfit is complete without a bow and you'll make sure of it.  The bow usually gets pulled out at home but you know it has to stay in when we're in public. 

Your molars are finally coming in! 3 have popped through giving you a total of 11 teeth now.  I think your still behind on the teeth department but that makes me feel better about not having your weaned from your binky at bedtime or naptime yet.  Soon, it's going to happen soon!

You "count" 1-2-3 but it's more just sounds then actual words.  You "count" before you jump into the pool and when your playing hide and seek.  You'll either squint your eyes closed or hide your eyes when your counting at hide and seek but your not all that great at actually hiding or seeking.  It's pretty comical to watch though.

I think you have gills cause you are such a fish in the water. There's no such thing as too deep to you and you will just keep walking until you go completely under.  You can almost go under water on your own. You'll stand and squat down and get your mouth and nose under but not quite your eyes.  You lean your head back to get your hair wet in the pool and love floating on your back. Especially when you have a floatie on and can do it yourself. You've learned how to support yourself in a puddle jumper and swam across the pool completely on your own with one on.  I know someone who isn't going to be happy when summer is over and we can no longer go swimming. 

I could go on and on about you. I started to do things you dislike but I really couldn't think of much.  Besides cars or trucks coming too close and being helped when you don't want it, your pretty easy going.  We're working on listening and not taking off when I ask you to come here.

We love you baby girl and even when the new baby comes, your still gonna be our baby.

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