Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Long family vacay

Trying to get up to date on posts so let me take you back to middle of June:
This year was our 6th year "camping" with my dads side of the family and we are adding family members like crazy. 3 of us were pregnant this year so you can guess what next year will look like. Baby heaven! 

We got there on Sunday and after unpacking, headed straight to the beach. The green algae warning had been lifted so we were thankful to be able to get into the lake. After only about 30 min, it started pouring. It was quite the show seeing us all scramble for chairs, towels, coolers and kids. We got back to the cabins just in time before a terenchel down pour started. We snacked until the rain stopped and then let the kids play outside while the grills were started for dinner. Some of us adults snuck away for a before dark boat ride and then made it back to tuck very tired kids into bed.  The pregnant girls headed to bed early and most of the others stayed up. 
No black out curtains make for an earlier then usual wake up call. Since our cabin was mostly still sleeping, the ones that were awake headed to the adult cabin. Cartoons and a big, yummy breakfast fueled us up and everyone started waking up and getting around for the day. We loaded up the boat and heading out onto the lake. We pulled up to a different beach from the day before and saw what we believe was the green algae we had been warned about. After trying another spot and still seeing algae, me and Collins ditched the water for lunch and naps at the cabin. The others went to the middle of the lake where the water was cleaner but being in the middle of the lake with a 1 year old who thinks she can swim and hates being held, plus a working dad, didn't seem fun to me. Some of the family was at the cabin and my cousin who is a kid at heart, ran into town for baby pools, slip n slides and a sprinkler. They were a huge hit (for the adults and kids) that afternoon and evening. It sprinkled off and on but that didn't stop the kids from having fun. Derek had to work in Wichita that day but made it back in time for the fish fry.  We had smores for dessert and everyone called it an early night.

We slept a little later on our last morning and then had a big breakfast followed by packing up and heading out. We decided that 2 nights just isn't enough and hope to add another night next year. It's so nice to get away for a couple days and see family that we don't get to see but a couple times a year, some only once a year. 
We had so much fun as always and Collins was in heaven being outside 90% of the day, playing with cousins and eating all day long. Another Long family vacay in the books. Until next year! 

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