Wednesday, May 28, 2014

18 months

This morning we went in for C bug's 18 month visit.  18 months seems so much younger then 1.5 years so I refuse to tell her age in years.  She did amazing (as always) at her visit but we did find out that she has a heart murmur.  They scale it on a level from 1-6, 6 being the worst and she was a 1/2.  She said if she hadn't laid so still when she was listening to her heart, she might have missed it.  Derek had one and had to have surgery so we went ahead and got a referral to see a cardiologist.  Had Derek not had a history of it, they would have just monitored it.  Her oxygen levels were perfect at 98 so it isn't much of a concern at all.  Their super common and most grow out of them.  We'll get her checked out just to be safe and go from there.

Little bit weighed in at 21.8 lbs (11%) and was 31 inches tall (30%).  Wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diaper and 5 in shoes. We're gonna push milk a little more throughout the day to try and get her some extra calories.  She is non stop so she just quickly burns off all the food she outs  She was introduced to fruit snacks this month and goes straight for them if you leave the pantry door open.  She is also going through a big pepperoni stage.  Some kids like ham or turkey, mine will only eat pepperonis.  And no bananas or raspberries for this girl.  Any other fruit she will gladly eat.  A perfect meal in her opinion would be cheese quesadilla, fries, blueberries and juice. We don't even buy juice because she just chugs it.

Sleeping has been hit or miss.  For the most part she sleeps from about 7:45pm-7:30am.  We had a rough 2 weeks this month with her waking about 10 of the 14 nights for HOURS at night.  We never found a reason but she is back to sleeping through the night give or take 1 night a week. She's fought bedtime a little the past week but usually just needs a couple extra minutes of cuddles and then she goes down without a peep.  She naps at about 12:45 for 1.5-2 hours. We went to an aquarium this month where she got a stuffed seal so it sleeps with her as well as her build a bear zebra she made and Minnie mouse that daddy brought home from a trip to Orlando.  Let's pray she doesn't come super attached to all 3.  We bought a toddler bed this month and are going to make the transition probably within the month.  Baby brother is going to use her crib and she's a monkey that I foresee climbing out of the crib any day now. 

She is SO independent.  She walks down the stairs now either holding someone's hand of the railing, obsessed with shoes and taking them off and on, can spit out her toothpaste, always wants to wash her hands and tries to change her own diaper and wipe herself with a wipe.  If she knew how to talk, I would think we would be ready for potty training.  If she doesn't get her way, watch out, a fit is sure to come.  Know what she does when she's mad? Rips her bow out.  Yep, she knows how to get under mommies skin.  She HATES time out and getting into trouble.  She can scrape her knees without a tear but if she gets her feelings hurt, the tears start rolling.  She grabbed my face at the doctors office today and laid a big kiss on me.  Turned me and the doctor into a puddle.  And her kisses come with sound now.  I just love hearing the mmmmuah when she gives or blows a kiss.

They only asked if she could say 5-10 words at her visit so I guess she's off the hook in the vocabulary department.  I'd say she can say 10-15 words.  Even if she can't speak them, she can point out animals, objects, food and some shapes from  a book.  She can follow directions and does so 90% of the time. 

Collins, you melt my heart on a daily basis.  You've started to call me mommy instead of mama sometimes and it gets me every single time.  You know exactly what to do to get a smile out of someone and love having all the attention on you.  I wish I could bottle this stage up because it might be one of my favorites. Love you baby girl, forever and always. 

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