Wednesday, May 14, 2014

24 weeks

You'll have to forgive me, no belly shot. BUT I realized I never posted my sonogram pics so lets look at the cute fella instead. These were from the day we found out the gender (3/28/14). I was bummed she only printed 4 pics because he was being active and cute but oh well. Here's baby boy Lorson...
We both laughed because we have this almost identical pic of Collins

Peace dude

100% boy

 How far along: 24weeks (5/6/14)

Size of baby:  he's gained about 4oz this week putting him over a pound and about 12 inches long. About the size of a ear of corn. 

Feeling: I broke down and bought an inhaler and it helped a ton in just a day. I haven't been as out of breath and tired but my cough is still lingering around. I had a lot of headaches and body aches this week but I blame them on the cough. 

Weight gain: Scale varies from 9-10lb. I made sure to eat 3 meals all week but other then that, I didn't have much of an appetite. 

Gender: BOY!!  

Cravings: Well we went to a carnival so I had to have a funnel cake. And I wanted cotton candy as well but talked myself out of it. Sweets have been sounding great and meat has sounded awful. 

Best moment this week: celebrating my first Mother's Day as a mommy of 2. I'm sure next year it will sink in even more. 

Movement: As I type. Sometimes I have to give him a little nudge to make sure he's still ok in there but he's still mostly active in the evenings. He seems so much lower then Collins was. It probably won't be long before I feel him up in my chest and ribs. 

Sleep: Collins has luckily been sleeping through the night again but I still wake up having coughing attacks.  Drinking water to help the coughing results in multiple bathroom trips. 

Maternity clothes: It was in the 80s this week so I wore lots of comfy shorts and tanks. Love my non maternity linen shorts from old navy.  Totally see through but keep me from being super hot. Not to purchase more. 

Milestones: baby has a pretty lean figure but will start filling out from here on out. His brain is growing rapidly and his taste buds are developing as well. His lungs are developing branches as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help air sacs in the lungs inflate once he enters the world. His skin is thin and translucent, but that will change soon. 

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