Monday, May 19, 2014

25 Weeks


How far along: 25 Weeks (5/13/14)

Size of baby:  Around 13 1/2 inches and a pound a half. About the size of a rutabaga.  Start packing on the pounds baby!!

Feeling: So much better. I still had a little cough during the night at the beginning of the week but I think it has finally went away.  I did have a headache or 2 nothing too bad.  I possibly had a Braxton hick contraction today. I hadn't drank much water so that's probably what brought it on.  I never had any with Collins so I'm not even positive I had one. I had some pain, lets just say that.

Weight gain: I honestly haven't weighed myself this week and it's just too far for me to go do right now.  I would guess around 11 pounds. My appetite is definitely coming back and the belly is getting quite large.

Gender: BOY!!  Poor kid still doesn't have a 100% for sure name. I'll give you a hint, it starts with D if we use the one we have been talking about.

Cravings:  Sugary things.  Donuts, popsicles, etc. Let's hope I pass my glucose test next week.

Best moment this week: We got Collins a toddler bed so operation nursery and Collins big girl room are going to be underway.  I found a dresser on Craigslist this weekend that I am hoping we can go pick up and I can paint for the nursery. 

Movement: Oh yes.  I know I just said last week that I thought he was still pretty low but I have felt him up much higher this week. It's crazy that he is almost his length he will be at birth but still has a lot of weight to gain.

Sleep: Decent. Derek was out of town almost the whole week so I never sleep good when I am alone but luckily Amy and the kids came for the weekend and Paxton and Harper took turns sleeping with me.  And still peeing 1-3 times a night.

Maternity clothes: Stupid Kansas weather. Last week it was in the 80s and this week it was in the 60s. Had to bust out the maternity jeans and long sleeve shirts again.

Milestones: Starting to exchange the long lean look for some baby fat. As this happens, the wrinkled skin will smooth out and he will start looking more like a newborn.  He might be growing hair and if you could see it, you'd be able to discern its color and texture. 

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