Monday, May 26, 2014

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks (5/20/14)

Size of baby:  14 inches and 1 2/3 pounds. About the size of a scallion.

Feeling: It's been a bit of an emotional week. On 2 different occasions the tears started rolling. No reasons and their not easy to stop. Poor Derek :) Couple headaches here and there.  I don't know if I'm more out of shape this pregnancy or if my asthma is still bothering me a little bit but I am easily out of breath. Not so bad that I need to take my inhaler but Derek usually has to push Collins in the stroller up the hills on our nightly walks. 

Weight gain: um my scale just said 16 pounds.  I'm gonna blame the holiday weekend and that it's the end of the day.  Let's pray that's down about 5 pounds by my appointment in the morning. 

Gender: BOY!!  

Cravings: S'mores, had a bowl of peanut butter captain crunch every morning this week and not gonna lie, I really wanted some alcohol this Memorial weekend. Not drinking during the summertime is rough. 

Best moment this week: Listening to Collins try and say his name. 

Movement: At this point of the pregnancy, I'd be concerned if I didn't feel movement. Some movement up high sometimes way low. I'm guessing he is head down and anxious to get measurements tomorrow. 

Sleep: Having a bit of a hard time getting comfortable. I think it's time to bust the pregnancy pillow back out. I can't believe I haven't yet but I usually forget until I am in bed and then I'm way too lazy to get up and get it. Some leg cramping and multiple bathroom trips aren't helping the situation either. 

Maternity clothes: For the most part. Busted out the maternity swim suits this weekend too. I have a non maternity tankini that I wore but it's getting a bit too short. Nobody needs to see this pale belly. 

Milestones: Network of nerves in his ears are better developed so he may be able to hear not only my voice, but noises around me and other people.  Inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. These breathing movements are essential for the development of the lungs. Sorry fella but I have to share that your testicles are beginning to descend into your scrotum. Oh the joys of having a boy :)

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