Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All schools day

You can always be sure to find us at the All Schools Day on the first Friday of May. Derek grew up being part of it and now we make it a tradition to go.

Collins was a baby last year for it but she had an absolute blast this year. I was scared she wouldn't sit still for the parade but she did so good sitting on the blanket with her cousins or on somebody's lap. My sister Amy has met us for it the past 2 years since it's only about an hour from El Dorado. Collins was in heaven with almost all of her cousins. 

We walked to the park after the parade for lunch and the bounce houses. Collins was upset she wasn't quite big enough for them but walked around and watched her cousins do them instead. Next year she'll join the fun. 

And if that all wasn't enough, we headed to the carnival next. Derek's sister and her family had already been earlier in the week so just Amy and the kids came with us.  It was already 2pm so we let the kids ride a handful of rides, I got my funnel cake and we called it a day. 

I wasn't positive that Collins was going to be big enough for the rides but they had 2 I was pretty confident she would sit through. We were all on the fence on how she would react once they started but with Harper by her side, she had the best time of her life. She started laughing as soon as the first ride started (which was kind of fast) and cried when it was time to get off. She rode a second, much slower ride, with Harper and then we watched Pax kill it at a few games. 

Amy went back to El dorado and we forced our sugar high baby into a nap. We ended the day at Derek's sisters house with a bunch of kiddos and adults enjoying the beautiful weather.  Collins was a permanent passenger in the jeep. I kind of wanted to put a helmet on her but her cousins are pro drivers and didn't throw her out of it. And when it was time to go back to memo and papa's, she was daddies DD. Kidding!! 

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