Sunday, March 30, 2014

18 weeks

 It's a...

My camera is out of batteries so I am cheating and using last weeks pic.  I was 18 weeks in it anyway so it works.
 How far along: 18 weeks (3/25/14)
Size of baby:  5 1/2 inches and almost 7 ounces. About the size of a bell pepper.   He actually weighed in at 8oz so I guess he's on the bigger side

Feeling: I had a really good week.  No headaches and had a decent amount of energy.  I think I was just anxious for the end of the week to see what the baby's gender was. 

Weight gain: I have been way off.  I was guessing 5-8lb weight gain and I weighed in at almost 3 lbs more then I started at.  Doctor wants me to have gained 2+ lbs by my next appointment.  She said the same thing when I was pregnant with Collins so I guess I'm just slow at gaining weight in the beginning.  It will be coming, no doubt about that. 

Gender: BOY!! I was somewhat shocked but not entirely.  He was showing off his goods like crazy so we are 100% sure it's a boy.  No name yet but we have a decent list going.
Cravings: Same old same old.  Fruit and sub sandwiches get me every time.  I got our first watermelon of the season today and it was delicious!

Best moment this week: Finding out the gender and shopping for the little guy.  Boys aren't quite as fun as girls but I had no problem finding him some cute things.  So different to buy for a summer baby after having a winter baby. 
Movement: Oh yes.  Much more noticeable now and he showed us all his moves at the sonogram.  He liked having his hand up by his face and at one point, had a foot up by his head as well.  He looked completely healthy and we couldn't be more thankful.   

Sleep: Not the greatest.  Just can't get comfortable and have had to use the restroom usually twice a night. 

Maternity clothes: Here and there.  I was able to wear non maternity jeans this week but wear maternity ones as well.  Same with shirts.  I have officially busted the maternity Tupperware back out.   
Milestones: Blood vessels are visible through  thin skin and his ears are in their final position. 

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