Thursday, March 13, 2014

Go away fevers

We've been battling fevers off and on over here. They started 2 weeks ago when she had a low grade fever (99-100) for 3 days. 

Well Tuesday she woke up from nap and it was 102.6.  They say anything over 100 isn't from teething so I took her in. They were concerned since she had so many fevers recently and agreed it wouldn't be from teeth (not Tuesdays anyway).  Her ears and throat looked good and when she asked if her urine had been strong I remembered that it had been!  5 min later and chugging of water, 2 nurses came in to put a catheter in her and check her urine. They said it wasn't painful but she would probably cry from the pressure of it and being held down.  Yep, she was pissed! They quickly got what they needed and left the room for her to snuggle with me. The results came back quickly and all looked good. They'll still send it in and we'll have better results Friday.  So everything was ruled out and it must just be a viral thing. She still had 100+ fever yesterday but we are fever free today! If it comes back today or tomorrow, we have to go back in for lab work. So happy my baby is feeling better today and praying the sickies stay away. She's had a cold for 2 weeks now so she needs a break. I assume the worst when they say they want to do lab work so I've been stressing out. Hopefully this warm weather and a trip to Manhattan will be good for us all!

I should have known when I had to rock her to sleep she would wake up with a fever 

Rosy fever cheeks 

Cooling off from the fever and painting in the tub 

Fever free and snuggling with mommy this morning 

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