Tuesday, March 11, 2014

15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks (3/4/14)
Size of baby:4 inches from head to butt and 2 1/2 oz.  About the size of an apple. 

Feeling: Quite a few headaches this week. They go away with Tylenol but when the medicine wears off, the headache comes back. All I want to do when I have a headache is sleep so there wasn't a whole lot of energy this week. 

Weight gain: roughly 5lbs. There is definitely a belly nowadays and it showed up way quicker then it did the first time around. Just hoping I can stay under the 30lb weight gain mark. And that it comes off easily like it did with Collins. Wishful thinking. 

Gender: Leaning more towards boy this week. The free sonogram place we went to at 6 weeks called and said they'd love to get another look at the baby but I can't convince Derek. I'm dying to know the gender and although they said they won't straight up tell us what it is at this place, they'll tell us what they look for. Um duh! Ain't nobody gonna miss a penis between the legs. Derek wants to wait till our sono at the end of the month so for know, March 28 is the big gender day. 
Cravings: fooood! Something always sounds amazing. Soft pretzel (Targets are gross), ice cream, ravioli, etc. Not crazy into sweets like I was with Collins so let's hope I pass the glucose test. I have to force myself to eat breakfast most days and I'm totally slacking on the water intake. Between being pregnant and breastfeeding, I'm so sick of water. 

Best moment this week: My belly has definitely popped this week. Which is good and bad. Bad cause it seems early but good cause the baby is growing and hopefully healthy. I listened to the heart beat one day (150s) and had Collins listen too. She had no clue what it was but I told her there was a baby in there and she look confused and then pointed to her belly. Not for many many years girlfriend. 
Movement: A little 1 day. Can't wait till their stronger and more noticeable. 

Sleep: There was 1 night I went all night without using the restroom!! Usually it's around midnight though. And I'm already annoyed with my pregnancy pillow. I love it but man it makes switching sides in the middle of the night a pain!  

Maternity clothes: With the belly as a mentioned above comes maternity clothes. I've worn the bellaband a few times over my jeans and have worn 2 maternity shirts. Their still big but their long sleeve so I want to get some wear out of them before it gets too warm out. And let's face it, my shirts are getting tight.  
Milestones: Eyelids are still shut but it can sense light and even though there isn't  much to taste, taste buds are forming.

Cutest big sister ever!!

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