Tuesday, March 25, 2014

17 weeks

I failed at taking a 17 week pic.  This is today at exactly 18 weeks.

How far along: 17 weeks (3/18/14)
Size of baby:  5 inches from head to butt and 5 ounces.  About the size of an onion.

Feeling: Couple cramp growing pains but that's expected this time in pregnancy. Baby growing=everything in my belly being stretched. Still having some headaches here and there but not compared to last week. 

Weight gain: Excited to get an accurate answer at my appt this week but I am guessing around 5-8 lbs. 

Gender: 3 more days!!! Everything points to girl but my instinct is saying boy. I did a couple old wives tale tests a couple posts back so check those out. 
Cravings: Fruit and sub sandwiches still. Oranges are my choice of fruit this week. I never buy them because I despise peeling them but I'm eating them like crazy right now. I could really go for one right now...

Best moment this week: Anytime I show Collins my belly and tell her a baby is in there, she gives it a kiss. We cleaned out the storage room and I got super excited seeing the baby swing, car seat, etc. Now I want to know what gender to start buying clothes for!!
Movement: Quite a bit more this week. Still nothing strong enough to catch me off guard but felt it a couple times when laying down. 

Sleep: Well it's no longer comfortable to sleep on my stomach. I don't mind sleeping on my sides but sometimes it's nice to have another option. I often times wake up and catch myself sleeping on my back. So comfortable but not ok anymore in pregnancy. So switching back and forth between my 2 sides is all I got. And 1-2 bathroom trips.   

Maternity clothes: Yeppers. Only wore maternity jeans this week and still wearing maternity and non maternity tops. 
Milestones: The baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. 

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