Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Pattys

With her fevers gone, we were able to go to Manhattan last weekend. We rarely get back there anymore so I was super excited to go and praying she would feel better so we could! Daddy had a boys weekend at home as well as all the other daddies but my sisters, kids and nana had a fun filled weekend planned at papa's.  

We left Friday when Amber got off work, grabbed a quick dinner and were on our way. 

Amy had to shoot pictures Saturday morning so they didn't make it Friday night. The kids played with papa and we figured out our plans for the next day before heading to bed.

Aiden had a 7:45am hair cut, him and Amber see EARLY birds so I set my alarm, woke up Collins and we all headed to his hair appt. which was around the corner from a very yummy donut shop.

I forced Collins into a morning nap while I got ready and then had to wake her again so we could meet Amy and the kids for lunch before the parade. 

The kids did great (except for Collins who just wanted to chase after the dogs and the horses that were in the parade) but we were sweating and convinced them to leave after 30 min by bribing them with ice cream. 

We ended the afternoon and evening by playing on papa's deck, eating Willies (duh) and visiting with some friends before calling it a day. 

We stuck around till Sunday afternoon and these 2 were asleep before we got on the interstate. Such a fun weekend back home. Makes me want to move back :)

And on actual St. Pattys day, we hosted a little play date with some friends. Unfortunately some of them were sick but always a good time catching up wigh Ashley and letting Collins play with Elsie and Ryann. 

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