Friday, October 17, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Collins is potty trained!!! It's been almost 2 weeks since we started the process and I am ssoo happy with how great she did. The potty accidents stopped less then a week from when we started but we are having #2 issues. She won't go on potty has been holding it in for 3 days now. And she has cried once  in the middle of the night, every night since we started. I think because she has to go potty so I suppose the bedtime diaper needs to go and we'll have to buck up and leave her bedroom door open so she can go. Waking up with her beside my bed really freaks me out. 

2.  I watched my nephew 2 days this week while his school was closed and we had so much fun with him. My sister rocks and brought us this goody bag for watching him. This new coffee lover is giddy for my giant coffee mug and Collins went to bed with her cat ears on. 

3. It wouldn't be October without countless trips to the pumpkin patch. We made our 2nd trip yesterday and besides the 500 students, bees galore and cold (paid) lunches, the kids had s great time. How cute is Collins and her friends in their matching leggings? I die every time I look at this pic. 

4.  Little man is finally getting over being a fussy/colicky baby. I'd hate to jinx myself since most people say it lasts about 3 months and he isn't quite to 2 months, buuuut he has been so smiley and chatty lately. His smiles and voice melt me to a puddle. Please stick around happy baby. My blood pressure would appreciate it. 

5. It's Friday, baby is currently sleeping on my chest and sister is napping. Cleaning can wait cause babies don't keep. 

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  1. Good job in potty training- I'm super impressed!!! I would love for my little man to pick it up to not have to buy diapers for 2 but I think he's awhile off. Such adorable kids!!!