Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brooks at 2 months

Stats| 11 lbs 14oz (50%) and 22.5 in (35%). We've got another shortie on our hands. 

 Eating| Every 2-3 hours during the day. He'll take a bottle but will only drink maybe 2oz from it. He prefers it straight from the source. 

Sleeping| We are slowly getting into a little routine. It's hard being the second child and being toted around to activities for sister. Some days he takes good naps and other days I feel like he hardly slept all day. I've been trying to keep him up after 7pm and getting into a bath, play, eat and sleep routine. His last feeding is around 8:30-9pm and then he sleeps till at least 1:30am. He wakes anywhere from 1-2 times a night. He has recently started napping in his crib and once we get a second monitor, we are going to move him in there at night. He's a light sleeper so I think (hope) he'll sleep better once he's in his room with the sound machine.
Play| He loves laying on his play mat on the floor or talking to people. I wouldn't say it's with purpose but he can reach and hang on to his hanging toys. The swing and bouncy seat are only cool for about 5 min and then he wants nothing to do with them. Unless he's sleeping, then he'll sleep soundly in his swing.  He's full of smiles and coos when he wakes up and sissy can almost always get a smile out of him. Loves kicking his legs and flapping his arms.  Made these pics very hard to take with all his movement.


 Health| He got a great bill of health from his pediatrician.  She said he should be growing out of his fussy/colic soon. He has his good and bad days so I'm hopeful he'll be a better baby for good soon. Still on reflux medicine for his silent reflux. 
Likes| Talking, watching tv, bath time, eating and watching sister
Dislikes| Getting out of the bath, having a dirty diaper, his reflux medicine, his binky (for the most part) and not being held.
 Even if your a little fussy, your great big smiles and coos make up for it.  We love you so much baby boy.   

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