Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 on Friday

Back at it this week for 5 on Friday. I can't seem to finish a post so I'll just dump it all into one. Linking up with a couple favorite blogs:

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1. Baby's in leotards. Nothing cuter. Collins started gymnastics with her bestie this week. She did amazing! I was hesitant to do a morning mommy and me class because of Brooks but he quietly watched from his car seat so hopefully we can stay in this class. It will be great to having something to do 1 morning a week this winter. 

2. Her binky "broke."  Ok not really. I cut the tips off but I told her that her teeth broke them. She's potty trained and in a big girl bed, it was time for the binky to go. She seemed ok with it until we left the room and then she freaked. And I thought the cry it out method was rough when she was a baby. This might have been even harder cause now she can talk and yell for us. Broke our hearts but the crying is getting less and less. She'll thank me later when her teeth aren't all whack. 

3.  This mama is sssooo thankful that the baby is finally happy. He has rarely been crying and just lights up when someone looks at him. Please stick around, happy Brooks. 

4.  Little miss turns 2 in a week. Fastest 2 years of my life. She already thinks she's two but is so excited for her doggy party. Too bad I've really been slacking on the planning. Hopefully I don't disappoint her. 

5.  I can't put the tree up till after her party but we've busted out the decorations in other ways. We love our ho ho ho cups. 

Happy Friday! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow so we'll be staying inside, probably in pajamas all weekend. 

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