Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 years old

photos taken by the ever so loving sister, Amy with The Studio El Dorado. 
"The days are long but the years are short." I heard this quote this week and it couldn't be more correct.  2 years gone in the blink of an eye.  Hold me.
At 2 years, you are FINALLY free from your binky. It's been about 3 weeks now and I wish I could say it was easy but it was pretty brutal. Still is. You have cried at almost every nap and bedtime since we took it away. You don't ask for it anymore but your not happy to go to bed either. I've been so tempted to give them back. But they "broke" (I cut the nipples off) and we threw them away. On the plus side, you are 100% potty trained. You no longer hold #2 for days or put up a battle when we know you have to poop. Accidents are few and far between and you must check out the bathroom in every public place.  Drives me crazy when you say you have to go and I lug you and your brother to the germ infested bathroom to have you not even go a drop.
In other big girl news, we recently moved you into a new (to you) queen bed . Well, we thought it was a full but turns out, it's a queen. The toddler bed just wasn't big enough for you and your 10 babies and 500 stuffed animals you take to bed. We put flannel sheets on your bed and mommy and daddy have a hard time not sleeping with you. It's SO comfy!
You got away with no shots and only the flu mist at your 2 year appt. Weighed in at 23 lbs and 12oz (12%) and 32.5 in (25%). Small gal. Wearing 18-24 month clothes, size 6 shoe and size 5 diaper at bed time. You almost always wake up dry but I'm not ready to go 100% underwear. Changing sheets in the middle of the night doesn't sound pleasing. 
Your pretty shy so people won't believe me but you are talking so much more. Your doing way better repeating words and are constantly saying 2+ word sentences. You call Brooks "book" or "bubba" and Elsie is "nene."  You are a huge helper with Brooks. You give him his binky, turn on his swing or just talk to him if he's crying and I'm not right there. "Hi bubba, hi!" comes from your mouth a lot. 
Your still baby obsessed. Pointing each baby out you see in public and ALWAYS having one with you.  You have an old onesie on one of your favorite babies and you can snap the buttons on the onesie. You did it for no less then an hour the first day you learned how to snap them. You see me taking a lot of pics with my phone and now you always take my phone and take pictures of your babies and stuffed animals. Your also obsessed with dogs, which was the theme for your 2nd birthday party. 

 Pretty soon we are gonna have to give you an allowance. You love to unload the dish washer, throw away diapers, mop, fold laundry, etc. Folding consists of you shaking out every piece of clothing and then laying them flat on the couch. You did a whole pile of laundry one day when I was feeding Brooks.  I just laughed as you were shaking out the wrinkles of our socks. 
Favorite moments: we taught you to  put your hand on your heart for the national anthem and after it was over and it went to commercial, another song came on a commercial and you immediately stopped what you were doing and put your hand on your heart. You say excuse me after you burp or toot and I kept hearing you say it one day. Turns out you had the hiccups and thought you needed to say it after each one. 
Needless to say, you make us laugh daily. We are so proud of the polite, mostly well behaved little girl that you are. Now please take this next year easy on your mom. I can't handle a terrible 2 year old and a baby. Love you bunches. 

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