Thursday, October 23, 2014

23 months

My baby is almost 2?! It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise with the way she's been acting lately. Woah that girl is learning how to push my buttons. I'm a little scared for the "terrible twos."  

Aside from the listening only when you want and throwing some legit tantrums, you are still a miniature mommy. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I do with Brooks, you are sure to do with your babies. I give Brooks his medicine, you take the dropper and give medicine to your baby. I wipe his mouth with the burp cloth, that burp cloth is no longer mine to use. Brooks isn't in his car seat? Free game for your baby doll. A baby doll is with you 90% of the time and when one isn't, it's because I made you leave it in the car or house. Your such a good mommy to your babies and Brooks. You give him his pacifier when he cries and I'm busy and yell "eyes!" the second you see him wake up. And then it's "hi baby." Over and over.

You are my shadow. I love you child but for the love of God, you do not need to follow me around all day long. 

Me- "I'm going upstairs to grab a diaper."
Collins- "me!"
Me- "Stay down here, I'm gonna go turn on the oven." 
Collins- "Me!"
Me- "We are going to play with your friends today."
Collins- (I respond with yes or no after each one) "Me? Baby? Mommy? Daddy?"

She's been back to calling Derek "Dick" this past week. I love it. 

Seems like forever since we've been to the doctor for you. Not that it's a bad thing but I'm anxious to hear your stats. According to my measurements you are 24.5 pounds and 31 inches.

Some 12-18 month pants fit your short legs but 18-24 month ones are good too. 18-24 month for shirts and size 6 shoe. 

 The biggest milestone this month? Your potty trained!! You are a rockstar and  did so good with it. You are in underwear all day besides nap and bed time and even then you usually wake up dry. We are having some issues with getting you to poop on the potty but I have no doubt that will come. Hopefully soon!

You've been a great eater lately. Some of your favorites include sausage, scrambled eggs, apples, peas, cheez it's, veggie straws, pizza and cheese. Everything is better when served with a dip. We just stopped buying whole milk because I think you get plenty of calories from your ever growing appetite. You haven't been a huge milk drinker lately but you love your dairy foods. 

Sleep has been a little interrupted since potty training. You would cry at bed and nap time and wake up once in the middle of the night. I think it was all due to having to go to the bathroom and not wanting to go in your diaper. Now we take you potty before you go to sleep and that has been helping. Occasionally you will play in your bed for a good 30 min before falling asleep at night. It's been around 8:30pm that you fall asleep and wake up around 7:30-8am. Napping 1.5-2 hours around 12:45. 

When you aren't playing with your babies your usually looking at pictures on my phone or taking pictures of your babies with my phone. I delete about 60 pics a day of ones you took. You also like cooking in your play kitchen and pretending to make mommy coffee with your baby keurig. You have a better coffee maker then I do! You love shutting the lid and turning on mommy'a real coffee pot as well. We don't dare give Brooks a bath without you taking one with him and your not letting anyone walk out the door with him. Glad you still love him even through his crying and constantly needing my attention. 
You have quite the personality and I wouldn't change it for the world. Your a little girl with a big heart and I love you every second of every day. 

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