Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween weekend

I hosted a play date the morning of Halloween.  Basically it consisted of kids in costumes for all of 15 minutes and Halloween shaped macaroni and cheese and jack o lantern faces drawn on mandarin orange cups. But hey, the kids got to play and the moms got to chat so whatever.
After Aiden got out of school, we headed to papa Long's in Manhattan.  Amy was there with the kids and my dad had pizza ready for us when we got there.  We quickly ate and got the kids in costumes before heading out to trick or treat.  We made a pit stop at my grandma and grandpa's and then walked a neighborhood for maybe an hour before it got too cold.  It didn't take Collins long to learn that if she said trick or treat, she got candy.  She was eager to go from one house to another, eating candy along the way. 
The main reason we went to Manhattan was for Paxton's birthday.  He is a smart boy and chose to go to a k-state game instead of have a birthday party.  We started his day with Varsity Donuts.  Some of the kids took naps and then we headed up early to do some tailgating.  It was a little chilly so when Brooks wasn't asleep and covered in the carrier, we were chilling in the car.  And Collins favorite thing to do is play in cars so that's where she chose to stay too.  Except to eat, which she did a lot of. Papa, the kids and myself left before the game started.  We had purchased tickets for me and Collins but when I saw the forecast a couple days before we left, I knew there was no way I was staying in the cold with both kids.  So we built a fire at papa's and watched in the warmth. 
Always a great time when we get to be with family. 

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