Sunday, December 28, 2014

A very merry Christmas

 Santa came, the decorations are down and Christmas is officially over. I think me and Collins both cried when the tree came down. The house is back to its boring self. Before I completely move on from Christmas, here's how we celebrated. 

 Our best Christmas present arrived in August and it was so special to celebrate his first Christmas. 

This was the first year we didn't go to Derek's parents on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. I just wanted to stay home for Christmas morning this year and not worry about packing our presents and worrying about Santa getting her big present there. My mom came over on Xmas eve and we had tacos and then her and I took Collins to a few places to look at lights. Collins is obsessed with lights and all the blow up yard figures. Brooks doesn't do well in the car and since me and mom are just as obsessed as Collins with Christmas lights, Derek got the boot. We did our traditional 1 present (always pajamas) when we got back and then the kids put their new, matching pajamas on, set out milk and cookies for Santa and went to bed. 

Unfortunately, Collins woke up at 3:30am throwing up. She did it again at 4:30am and I just knew we were gonna have to call off our Christmas plans. 

Derek slept the rest of the night with her so when Brooks woke up a little before her, I brought him downstairs and we waited in anticipation for Collins to wake up. She was ecstatic when she came down the stairs and saw what Santa brought. I was surprised she didn't go straight for "baby boo boo," the only thing she asked for. Instead, she went straight for her new kitchen. 
We enjoyed Santas toys, dumped out our stockings and opened presents. She was acting like her normal self so after attempting to rest a little, we headed to my brothers house. 

We spent Christmas Day with my family and then left the day after Christmas to spend a couple days with Derek's family. Collins never threw up again but she didn't have an appetite for 4 days. She had so much fun with all her cousins and family. 

It was the best feeling to experience Christmas through my kiddos eyes. Collins really got into it this year and I'm sure each year is just going to get better and better. 

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